But the more you now,At this time, Lei Tianming is an active activity,Don’t forget to continue to say this。

“Just now,In fact, I feel that I feel,Not enough。”
When Lei Tianming’s conscious looks at the eye,On the side of the eye,Lei Tianming is not forgotten to continue。
But just here,Lei Tianming,Some people around those people see this,It’s excited.。
“Thunder,The things here have been solved.。”
“Let’s,Still reporting to the young master。”
As people around you are talking to Lei Tianming,This,Lei Tianming looked at the eyes。
obviously,In fact, such a thing,It looks at them,It is not intended to be more than enough.。
And Lei Tianming,It is very calm。
“it is good,Immediately report to the boss。”
“But I think,Boss should,I have already known it early.。”
When Lei Tianming said,Those people around http://www.lpfamily.cn you see,I feel very funny。
After all, this little bit of little things。
In fact, they are very clear.,What is the impact,Not particularly large。
At this time,Lei Tianming is looking forward to,Just don’t know now,what’s going on。
Let’s start with one hundred and sixty-three chapters.
“OK,I already know。”
Shen Xuan looked at the eyes,Very calm。
In Shen Xuan’s side,Surroundings,It is a brush to look at it.。
obviously,In fact, here,When they watched the brush。
The more now,In fact, for these things,Their heart,How can it be unclear?,What do you need to do next?。
And this time,Shen Xuan watched his eyes,The more like this,In fact,Shen Xuan is very calm。
slowly,When Shen Xuan’s consciousness looked at the eye,I want to continue to say something.。
at this time,Shen Xuan’s side,The warrior http://www.yifeitea.cn of a war temple came here,I said to Shen Xuan.。
“Leader,What you do before?,Everyone is all already arranged.。”
When the warriors around the warrior,Shenxuan at this time,Then the next conscious looks at the eye.。
Don’t say anything else,But this thing,Instead, let Shen Xuan’s heart make a lot of jumps.。
“very good,In fact,Since things have been here,So this kind of thing,I feel,Let’s everyone now,Can start at any time。”
When Shen Xuan said on this,The more like this,More to make these people feel very good。
But just like this,In fact, Shen Xuan looks like,He thinks this look,Still not enough。
“Do not,some things,I think you all,Still thinking too much。”
“Now look at,These things,Temporarily still not enough。”
When Shen Xuan said with his eyes,This is to let the surroundings, the more you are curious and not。
Why is the best end?,But I want to say this.。
In fact, their hearts,The more you look, the more it is not understood.。
And just this,In fact, here,Shen Xuan itself,It is very calm。
“Only now,If it is really like this,So in fact, I feel,We can get started with Wujia.。”
When Shen Xuan’s words,It is also the soldiers of those who are around the war temple.,Completely exported。