Liao Wenjie puts the beads of a spider stroke,give a thumbs up:“sharp,In the 20th year, it was practiced by you into a golden body.,Unlike me,I will not die in less than a year.。”

He takes a deep breath,I read a few Buddhas.,This only presses the thoughts who want to get out.。
“Fahai,I am serious,Twenty years……wrong,Twenty year is so far,You are sure to be shorter when you practice gold.,This top-level,Really let me envy and hate。”
This sentence is the truth,People know,Liao Wenjie is very clear that you can practice the reason for the golden body.。
The first is the start of this Unit,And 蜈蚣 精普 披 多 多 端,He kills Pudu Cihang,The above people will be a reward,In the Cihang House,I sent him to him.。
Here is a small causality of white clouds.,If you come to the palm, there is no white pass.,Survey is also especially fast。
In addition, it is the golden gold at the system.,No system,Single is a few decades who are not bad.,The magical power of the law is even more far away.,No big firing,May be practiced for a lifetime。
Qualification is as he is still,The law is only ten years,Even more short time is practiced in Jin Jigong.……
Liao Wenjie has reason to suspect,This goods is actually who who is reincarnation,Come to the world,Dram。
If you don’t make a mistake,Young、Little white snake is his hardship,pass,Practice road,but,Heart magic interference,In this life, no inhummity。
Listening to Liao Wenjie,Really sell self-selling speech,Fahai continuously read the Buddha,Have reason to suspect,His magic is not spider essence,But Liao Wenjie。
First saw,He takes people,Good and evil do not divide Liao Wenjie as the devil。Despite awake,Didn’t lead to the magic bar,It also species a seed。
Spider estrole,He and Liao Wenjie have divergence on the problem of demon,There is no Liao Wenjie Dharma.,Magic, this germination。
Decorated 20 years of King Kong is not bad,Contrast the push to practice the golden body,Heart microic acid,Surprisingly, I didn’t cut off the seven emotions.,It’s just a greedy idea than ordinary people.,Magic breakdown。
A set of combined fists,Fahai, three hits,Although the flesh is safe,The mind is deeply sensible。
Besides,This is three punches.,I shouldn’t have any more next.?
Sky thunder,heavily clouded,Black pressure is like iron block,Wind coil is gloomy,Make the law sea,His mood now is the same as God。
Morning sunrise,Spring breeze is suitable for morning transport,After the appearance of Liao Wenjie,Increasingly black,I can’t see the sun,Villain,Blow, he will fall at any time。
Flash rowing thousands of miles,Thunder fracture,The rain flipped under the blown roll of the storm,Put the law。
Liao Wenjie set red umbrella,Ask if the law is a total,The latter shook his head,Preparing to thank you,Suddenly,Outstanding amazing killing。
“Liao brother,The front bamboo forest has a monster,Take me……”
No waiting,Liao Wenjie holds his shoulder,Shakehead:“Not urgent,Let’s take a look again,Similarly a pit,You won’t think of it three times today.?”
Reason,Let’s take a look again。
Nice point,Head rain,Liao Wenjie with red umbrella around and shoulders,Soon, deep into the bamboo forest,Found the demon source。
One green one white giant is entrenched in the bamboo forest,Red long talk throughout,It seems like the flame bloom in the night,Four 黄 黄 放,Lantern is like a hemp。
The law is looking into two snake demon causing,Only one thing,Fortunately, Liao Wenjie stopped,Otherwise, he is likely to be within one day.,Complete three links in the same pit。
Bamboo forest rainstorm,But can’t stop the eyes of the law,He is very clear,A beautiful village in the bamboo forest is produced,Shutdown is ruthless,Two snake demon, the body is shining, it is difficult to get it。