This is not Chen Erniu?Zhao Hong was shocked,Hurriedly turned on the light in the room,She turned her head for a moment,Almost yelled,I saw Wang Youcai looking at her with a smile。

“Aren’t you in jail?How come out?“Zhao Hongqiang suppressed his beating heart,Asked surprised。
Wang Youcai does not wait for Zhao Hong to greet,Sat down on the chair first,Then he smiled and said:“It’s not easy,I want to go in,I’ll go in,Don’t http://www.iotsecu.cnwant to stay,Just say hello“
Zhao Hongyi listen,Also got a rough idea,Feelings, this guy was made by family members,He was so embarrassed to come here to buy things,Zhao Hong thought of this,There was a feeling of disgust in my heart。
As the saying goes,Smiley,Since everyone is here,No matter what he does,She has to ask before talking,So Zhao Hong smiled and said:“Congratulations!“
“No need to congratulate,I came to you to talk to you about something“Wang Youcai said,Two lustful eyes glanced hard on Zhao Hong’s tall chest。
When I saw Wang Youcai’s eyes,Zhao Hong couldn’t help but change his face and asked:“what’s up?“
“Look!You didn’t accept me before,Because of Xia Jian,This kid is better than me,But isn’t he a murderer now??You should give up!“Wang Youcai smiled again。
Did this guy go to jail and be stupid?,Hehe twice when he speaks。Zhao Hong hated Wang Youcai’s brows and said:“Do you think too much,I never said to marry Xia Jian,Even if Xia Jianzhen became a murderer,I, Zhao Hong, won’t marry you Wang Youcai,You just die this heart!”
“Alright!Who don’t know if you think about it,Tell you the truth,According to internal sources,Xia Jian is chasing death,Not long,He will be caught back,It’s not a peanut thing yet”That’s it for Wang Youcai,Can’t help but laugh。
Zhao Hong said coldly:“Are you stupid in jail?!Xia Jian’s matter is not conclusive at all,Even judge him,It’s just a defense,Not to be shot,I said what are you proud of?“
“You can’t wait for him!You’ll be really old if you wait any longer“Wang Youcai was anxious,I said this by the way。
Women are most taboo when others say she is old,Zhao Hong is no exception,I saw her staring and roaring:“Get out”
First0517chapter Love her Zhao Hong!You don’t be so horizontal,Look at you who are almost thirty now,If a woman can’t marry at the age of 30,,What an old man”Wang Youcai stood up,Said coldly。
This sentence pierced into Zhao Hong’s heart like a knife,Wang Youcai is right,She will be thirty years old once this year is over。If someone else says this,,She can barely accept,But from Wang Youcai’s mouth,She was very uncomfortable to serve。