Some old blood spray。

Immediately, I watched the summer.,Stand up and walk forward。
at the same time。
Ear home。
A statue is standing。
The face of the statue is very vague,The whole is deep and the air is deep and atmospheric.。
If it is a look,Will find,Originally in the surface of the statue,Actually engraved rice grain size pattern with symbols。
Dense,Extremely complicated。
These symbols are like water waves,Some like a shape。
Some represent the pattern of five lines。
There is also a position of gossip。
The statue of the characters except the blurred face,His clothes,Hair,Boots, etc.,All consists of dense numbers。
This statue,It is engraved with the five elements of gossip and Qimen.。
The more you concentrate,More felt extraordinary。
Underground,Make people’s sights could not be blurred。
It seems that it has been integrated into this world.。
It is almost returned in the morning.‘reason’,Just look at your eyes,There is a rhythm that can’t be said。
At this moment。
Just in the front of the statue,Establish a loose black dress、Woman with a mask。
She looks up at the statue,Long time。
as if,She also became a statue。
After a moment,Her own state,It turned out to be exactly the same as the statue.,Like ancient anges, I am here.。
嗖嗖 嗖嗖。
At this time,Four residuals are flashing。
They look at the black woman standing in front,Look at each other,The face is shocked and doubts。
They are the guards of the ear.,Every strength is strong。
However, I don’t know when the black woman is coming.。
Exactly,It is now the time period of their daily cultivation.。
“who are you……”
One of them immediately。
Speech,The black woman suddenly turned back to the sleeve。
Four parsley face,Each is low and drink。