I saw this golden boxing still in the air.,And his wrist is tightly buckled with one hand.。

Gold boxing roar,Another punch,Brought a snoring。
Summer is just just gently,But did not let http://www.paulblack.cn go,Still buckle each other wrist。
The gold boxing is again yet,The legs of the legs are connected,It is still easy to avoid by the summer.。
On the way again,He still holds his wife’s wrist。
This is soaked in the eyes of everyone.。
Since you can’t get the other party,Come down and play.,How is it still in the air?,No effort,How to play?
They don’t know,Not the gold boxing, don’t want to come down,In fact, he does not come at all.。
He is opposite this high-thin thin youth single-handed wrist,Just like him in the air。
The heart is full of stormy waves。
Just when he tried to continue,Suddenly,Step forward,Round another arm,Five fingers。
A punch。
噼噼啪 鸣 音 不 于。
When this boxing bombards in the chest of the box。
Everyone sees,This boxing is the strong http://www.fzscg.cn muscle of the upper body,It’s like a general,Creeping with the thoracic part。
Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa……
At the same time,His body is also issued in the 噼 噼,Followed by a scream。
It’s just that this is only a half syllable.。
Fladder,He was thrown on the ground by the summer like a garbage.。
He is very‘Comfortable’Attitude lying there,Just look at your eyes,Full face is not credible。
Ordinary people don’t understand what is going on。
But people who have a little insight will be clearly clear,I am afraid that the bones of this golden boxer are broken.。
The face of the Western strongman standing next to Zhang Jiu is not condensed。
And the people in the second floor are also facing each other.,Everything is seen in the eyes of each other and jealous。
They can’t see the doorway,But this golden boxing is moving in the ground, but also shows a lot of problems.。
This is a fierce golden boxing,It was actually killed by a punch.。
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