Springs fast jump between trees,Come onto the temple。

One flying bird in the sky。
“Pocket,I have received a message,Spring has received the task of the fire temple”A musical flashes,Half said halfway。
“Oh,Still very fate”I turn over my face to show a smile.,But in his eyes, it exudes cold light.。
“he’s mine”A some cold voice sounded。
Look at the place from the voice,And standing there is a big sakura。
Sasukes are significantly higher,Under the body wearing a http://www.jgyynk.cn pure white dress,A deep blue pants。
The back of the kimono is a small Yuxi Bo family.,Deep gray arm covers his forearm to extend to palm。
Waist cloth is a purple rope belt,The back is still inserted with a straight knife of a purple scabbard。
He is looking forward to the pocket,Looking at the sun, it is a bit dull sun.。
“certainly,However, the big Snake Pills said it is to live.”Do you still carry a smile on your face?。
“Do you want to order me?,pocket”Sasuke suddenly turned back,A black scorpion is cold staring at the pocket。
“No no,I just remind you,If you have an unexpected big snake pill, you will be very unhappy.”Say a big face。
“Oh,I will have an inch,If he is unjust, I will kill.,That is not my business”
Finish,Sasuke disappeared in the original place。
“Step up,I want to give him a grand http://www.jzessz.cn welcome ceremony.”
Pocket support eye mirror,The look instantly becomes cold。
Spring is a long time,Finally arrived in the temple。
The fire temple covers a large area,It is also the largest temple in the country of fire.。
There are two huge gods in the door.,One left one right,Ereasting on both sides of the door,It looks very majestic。
Under the leader of the road,Spring through the cloister,Come to a Buddhist Hall,I saw the host of the fire temple.,Land。
Land landing is serious,Robe,A piece of cloth written on the waist。
Nothing is not too big,It should be in more than 30 years。
He used to guard one of them,Spring can also perceive a touch of Chakra fluctuations。
However, the legendary land has mastered the Talent of Xianban.,I heard that it is related to natural energy.,But if you don’t know if you?。
His teacher has the inheritance of Xianke,Springs are not curious about this。
It’s just that his own Chakra is not huge.,Can’t cultivate Xianke,Even if the reincarnation of the eye can store Chakra,That is not in the body of the spring.。
Therefore, Xianke became the option for Spring.,Only ways to restore physical potential after watching,I will consider Xianke。
“Hello master,I am on the wooden leaves,Demonstration to investigate the causes of neighboring ninja”Spring。
“Hello,I am a temple of fire.”Land landed handshey。
“Landland master,Can you talk about the specific situation?,I really start investigation.”
Spring is still trying to know the task.。
“It’s late now,Spring, I have to endure with me.,Let’s talk on our road”Landed。
“OK”Spring does not refuse,He also wants to know if there is a space in the temple of the fire.。
Zhai Tang is a very good place to get information。
“Just recently,The surroundings around our fire are harassed by Ninja,Although we also have a certain power,But not good at investigation,So I invite the spring.”The land laid with the spring。
Spring is shocked。
Will not be a horse bar,Even if this person is not this time.?