Buron and dreams,Even if you are very uncomfortable,But I have to give up the intention of the continued pursuit.。

And at this time,Due to this wave of operation,And once again blown a pot。
“This wave,IGThe process of handling the double group is too perfect.。actuallyJDGHave been good enough,butIGThe processing of the double group is indeed impeccable。”
Miller directly sighs,This wave process is indeed, as he said。
noJDGCan’t do it.,ButIGTreatment is too line。
The doll is also followed.,Rapida picked up。
“In fact, this wave,JDGOriginally, it is very chance,Buron is a bit too anxious.,If you are not so urgent,The result is still two。”
Long hair point head,First agreed,But then he said his opinion。
“It is indeed the case,But this is http://www.fxccmy.cn alsoIGDouble group,in particularqgOn the basis of perfect processing,Will let the results of the road become like this。”
Illustrate the words of everyone,Pass microphone,Also conveyed to the countless audience after the screen。
“Oh shit,Classic renewal is coming,How do I feel that this scene is so familiar??”
“Hold,Me too,This scene is beforeIGIs there anything happened in the game??”
“I think so,Dream backS8Ah, this is。”
“Ha ha ha ha,A dream backS8,I am dizzy.。”
“Take care of him unfamiliar,After watching the operation, it will be,Palace treasure this wave of blood fucking!”
“That is indeed,This is undeniable,Especially the beginning of the dreamR,He is not the first time,I thought that Guo Bao responded slowly.。”
“Hahaha,Me too,As a result, the green hair was shown.,It is estimated that people are stupid.。”
“Ha ha ha ha,JDGBe too urgent,This wave is downgankFailure green hair at least 50%。”
“That is indeed,But the flying in Casa also couldn’t understand.,It’s not so broken.?”
“brother,CashaRno problem,Just face the palaceEflash,She responds slowly。”
“Of course,ThisEflash,I want to react every time.,It is indeed a less likely thing.。”
“really,flyRno problem,Just because of the Palace Tai Shi,It is too much to have problems.。”
In this wavegankAfter the end,The situation is more intensified on the field。
Chapter 216 Forward
In this wave of dreamgankAfter failure,The first small dragon on the field,also beenIGDirect income in the capsule。
JDGBe in touch withWEas well asFPXIn the competition,The reason http://www.wchats.cn why it is able to win。
They rely on,In fact, it is not the top rhythm of the former mid-mid-mid-mid-term.。It is the exquisite treatment of a group battle in the middle and late,Operation decision。
Even so,They are in those games,It’s very dangerous to hit the middle and late stages.。
Even one degree,JDGIt is necessary to be killed by the rhythm of the two teams.。
It’s hard to rely on a sigh of relief,JDGI went to this step today.。
so,In this game,JDGI don’t want to think about the previous game.,So passive。
They want to play rhythms in the early stage,Then control the situation firmly in your own hands.,Thus win the game。