But if this is the case,http://www.afgrd.cnXia Jian felt a little uncomfortable,If this is in case the planting is unsuccessful,Or something unexpected happened to him,Didn’t these three women’s investment be in vain?

Just when Xia Jianzheng was thinking about this issue,Chen Xia stood up,She gently patted Xia Jian on the shoulder and said:“rest early!Tomorrow we sign the contract,After I go back to Shenzhen,The money went to the cooperative’s account immediately”
Chen Xia finished,Walk towards Xiajian’s original bedroom。She walks very nicely,And with a little chic。Xia Jian looked at this woman’s back,I’m a bit stuck。
“I went to sleep too,I’m exhausted today”Ruth cried tired,Twisted his butt and left。
Alice did not leave,She moved the stool towards Xia Jian,Waiting closer,Then he lowered his voice and asked:“Did you put Chen Xia to sleep last night??How weird her http://www.meitebangong.cn performance today,Let People can’t guess!”
Xia Jian did not speak,Just glared at Alice。He dare not speak,If Zhao Hong heard this,,Her jealous jar turned over,These people don’t think about having breakfast tomorrow morning。
“Humph!No way,You must come to my room to chat with me tonight,Only then is fair,Otherwise I’ll go outside and say,Say you have a leg with Chen Xia”Although Alice has a smile on her face,But what she said was quite threatening。
Xia Jian snorted coldly:“Is it interesting to make such a joke?”
First1591chapter Someone who shouldn’t come
The warm sun shines in the entire courtyard。Xia Jian who fell asleep late at night,Yawned and pushed open the door。
The strange thing is that the doors of the rooms where these three women sleep are all closed tightly。Xia Jian glanced at his watch,I found it was almost nine o’clock。I lost sleep,Are these three women the same as him。
Xia Jian went to the toilet,Packed myself up,Then I stood in the yard and shouted:“Got up,The sun is on the bottom”Xia Jian’s voice is loud,No matter how deep a doze is, he can definitely wake up,But it is strange that there is no movement in the three rooms。
Xia Jian was taken aback,He thought something happened,He rushed to the door of the room where he was sleeping,Twist your hand on the lock,The door opened。But the quilt on the bed is neatly folded,There is no shadow of Chen Xia。
Xia Jian ran three rooms in one go,Almost the same in every room。This is weird,Could it be that they went back secretly?It’s not necessary!
When Xia Jian was about to call them,My phone rang。Xia Jian saw that Zhao Hong came from the phone,He is busy,Without waiting for Xia Jian to speak,Just listen to Zhao Hong rushing to say:“Breakfast in the pot for you,Several of us are playing in the market,Today you can move freely,See you tonight”
Xia Jiangang wanted to ask how they got to the market,Zhao Hong has hung up the phone。Xia Jian couldn’t help cursing:“Stinky girl,Play with me”

“The secret mission given by the emperor。”

“That wish all the generals all the best。”
When I left, I didn’t pay attention to Chen Mimo and Hu Daoli.。
Back to Command,Rui Rui said to Su Wenqian:“Wen Qian,I http://www.nastsdzsw.cn will take people to Xi’an.,Shanghai this is the opportunity to kill Chen Mai and Wang Shi’an with the pool city.。”
“Killed Wang Shi’an?”Wang Shi’an is now a regional general of the military.,Although it is a temporary generation,That is also the school officer,
“Correct,This person is the scourge of the military,If not him,Chen Mo Group will not be caught by the Japanese,Just don’t let people know that you kill。”Rui sharply,
Sanjoufeng makes Fujihara,Fujihara is from the United States and Fujiwai, Baihui followed the Zhongdao,Saito Conglang also has Zao Bugen,They are in Nanjing with Qingyuan Xuexue.,畑 畑 六 has received the notice of Yunren,Know that the three ends of You Feng want to perform a secret mission。
“Three tails,Are you hurt??”
“Already,commander,After I left, Shanghai has……”
“Three-tailed,I have sent people to take your work.,You will be relieved to complete the task handed over to your emperor.。”畑 畑 六 now found that San Tailo is more suitable for some special actions。
“What supplies need to lead directly,I have already said greetings.。”
“commander,Because I have a radio station is very inconvenient,Is there anything I need to help the intelligence agency along the way?。”
“no problem,You are not strange to intelligence courses,I have already said greetings.。”
Rui is also the opportunity to master the contact stations of some daily intelligence agencies.,But these liaison stations are certainly unable to move,Rui Rui to Intelligence Courses to get Addresses and Contact,After that, I took a boat to Wuhan to go to Xi’an.。
“boss,Contact them??”Qingyuan Xiangxue asked,
“Contact,They have already started working,We rushed over as soon as possible。”San Yousyu Fengtai station contacts the treasure team,I also contacted Fu Yingxue.,Treasure map is actually an ancient tomb,Fu Ying Xue took people with people in Yan’an.。
therefore,Four families and those devil experts will find a holiday,Rui Rui is to master a few Japanese intelligence stations,After that, Fu Yingxue will find a chance to destroy the treasure team.。
When I went to the location, I didn’t find ancient tombs yet.,Rui Rui can not have a lot,Let the devil experts find,I have been looking for more than half a month.,In mid-March, I found ancient tombs on the treasure map.,There is no in the result。
“It turns out that the so-called Tibet location is an ancient tomb.,However, it should be a tomb of this ancient tomb.。”An expert said,
“Unfortunately, I was stolen.,How do we say it with the emperor??”
“Yes,The emperor can be very expected,This is disappointed。”
Three tails Yousfeng will report to Yiren when the treasure team is,Tell this side,Results received back is to let these experts continue to stay in China to find treasures.,Let the three tails to keep in touch with the treasure team。
Rui Rui and Tan Lin bring the Qingyuan Xiangxue to Shanghai,I have already known this result.,But this is definitely going to go.,And the news of the ghost this treasure team has gave Fu Yingxue.,She will find a suitable opportunity to destroy http://www.gsp12580.cn them all。
Shanghai,Lin Nan has not succeeded several times of assassination Chen Moquity,His behavior has increased difficulty to other people’s assassination.,Because Chen Mo Group is now like a bird of shock,Where is it?,Even。
NS794chapter One more difficult than one
Su Wenqian and the two super killers in Chi Tiecheng have not found opportunities.,Wang Shi’an is more difficult,Because this bastard is not going out at all in the office.,What dirty lives are all Lin Nan and Gu Shen,He will only say the result at the meeting.,Specific scheme strategy he never gives,It’s really worth the fish king。
Lin Nan has finally seen the pastoral souls.,Ask:“Does the nine brothers still have no news??”
“Nine brothers are very busy,But he let me tell you,Chen Mo Group’s things you don’t have to intervene,The jellyfish assassination http://www.hgbaoyuantang.cn group and the killing action group will find a way to solve him.。。”Su Wenqian said,
“But I still want to pay attention to it.!”Lin Nanfort hared traitors,Especially the people who respect and even worship。
“This is the order of nine brothers,You have killed him many times without success.,Instead, I almost take myself in.,It’s all you let Chen Moqun every day, such as the enemy.,Let us also find opportunities。”
“We can design him。”Lin Nan said,
“You want to make a bait?”
“Correct,If the Chen Miman knows where I am?,He will have to bring people,So you have the opportunity.?”Lin Nan said,

Zhu Yolian reacted from the shock,She sees that the robbery is so easy to die.。

It’s really incredible。
Forest sounds have more?
Come over and ask:
“Do we have to leave now??”
“Let it go!”
Lin Yong put into the belly of Chen Yuqing in the belly,ask:
Chen Yuqing lightly shook his head:
Then everyone spacked,Go to the country。
When they are half an hour,There is a heartbeat in the peak of the infant, and I dare to come over.。
Seeing the god of the South Segasia is here,How to be shocked?
But no one dare to move this body。
Lin’s strong, http://www.sbkjj.cn they can also feel well in thousands of miles.。
I am afraid that this ferrifee has anger throughout the South Segments.。
at the same time,This incident is transmitted to the National Purchase of the South Segments。
He walked around in the main hall.。
Five Yuan Yingfeng also looks good。
Daruto,This is where they are unexpected.。
Otherwise, it will not rank troops.。
“His Majesty。”
“What is the idea??”
“The rumor and the royal family of the big dooms,Their life and death will not care。”
“Don’t forget,Lin ring can be a gust,But his site can resist the three rivers.。”
in this way,Everyone suddenly realized。
Lin Ren is to mend!
I didn’t expect the gust of the merits to be so strong.。
It seems to master what special secrets。
But although they are curious,But don’t dare http://www.sushidelivery.cn to spy。
“From now on, the country is starting to go to the forest。”
Yuan Baby Peak Pupu:
“If Lin rang consent,In this way, you can swallow yourself.,Even the surrounding three countries,After all, the guardian of the Third Country is not as good as the Guardian of our South Front.。”
The Emperor of the South Segments was really moved.,If the forest is a constant merit,Then there is no more cooperation with the South Festival.。
“Let the Prince go to the country to choose the general treasure to go to the big treasure。”
Those Yuan Yuefeng strong people heard that the Prince went to the country to pick a general treasure, and then taking http://www.btsushi.cn a cool gas into the lungs.。
The national treasury in the South Sega is more than just gold and silver jewels.,These are not critical,Important is treasure。
There are many robbery that will be moved there.。


As a hand of a city,He is still understanding the majorities of these provinces.,Especially like a conver,Evil Dragon helps such top forces。
“So just,Secretary,The body of the comrades is there。”Lin Feng pointed to the dark tree in the distance。
Take a corpse under the tree,It is the body that crashes to the Heaven and south,Head is exploded,God is also difficult to save。
“Young……”Trend to the secretary to this corpse,He respected his body low。
Lin Feng sighed a sigh,Life is so fragile。
Then he sit on the ground on the ground.,The real gas consumed is too sharp.。
Until the night, cold and two tigers,Lin Feng stands up and looks at the two people.:“How to deal with?”
“Big brother,Have it all,As long as no one is leaking,This thing can not find out one week。”Two tigers nodded。
“That’s good。”Lin Feng Road:“Huang Mao,Give you Second Uncle,Let him pick secretary from the road,Don’t hide this here。”
“Ok。”Huang Ji nodded,I immediately took my mobile phone to my second uncle.,According to Lin Feng’s instructions,The things here have not hidden。
Huang Fengyu listens to this matter,Anxious,Go on:“Boy,Give your phone to the secretary。”
“OK!”Huang Mao immediately went to Tiannan。
“Secretary,I second uncle。”Huang Haixi。
I heard it from Tiannan to stand up.,His eye is humid,Following the yellow teach:“Uncle you?”
“My second uncle is yellow windy。”Huang Meiyu。
“it is good!”Tempened from Huang Mao’s hands from Huang Mao.。
After he talked about a few games to the woods and Huang Fengyu,This turned over and handed over the phone to Huang Road.:“It turns out that you are a yellow family.,not bad,Follow your big brother。”
“Secretary。”At this time, the night cold figure has also left and apologized.:“sorry,Zhongzhou Police Station。”
“You are the night home?”Looking at night to the sky, the cold is confused,This girl is like a student.,But look at this tone and the power,Not as average person。
This makes him remembering a big lady at night.,The rumor is now in the police of the police officers in Zhongzhou.。
“Secretary,I am a cold cold.。”Night Cooky。
“it is good,it is good,Today’s things are not the problem of warning,But my enemy http://www.xinlanmumen.cn is too poisonous.。”Sigh in the sky:“Fortunately, you come,Otherwise I have no life.。”
“Secretary,How to deal with this car?”Night Qing Dynasty words pointed to the Datang Auto Road。
“Self-destructive。”Jingjing quiet,I immediately reached out and took out a micro-remote control with blood gave night cold.。
“Well,Two tigers,Huang Mao,You have to get on the train with the book.,In addition, people take the body away.,I deal with what I have。”Night Qing Han Tong Yellow Mao and Er Tiger Road。
“OK。”Two tigers and yellow Mao are left to the Heaven,At the same time, people took away the body of the driver.,Then, wolf also leaving people。
Lin Feng’s figure stands up,Come to the night cold。
“How to destroy?”Lin Feng stared at Datang Auto,This car quality is really hard.。
“This is the latest Datang car,Self-http://www.justadidas.cndestruction system in each car。”Night Cooky:“System open,This car exploded。”

“The estimate of the assassination of Lin Feng that day is this death,Do not,It should be his avatar,Both people now account,We are not suitable for intervene.。”Cangwei laughs and laughs。

“This is also,Everything is troubled by our site.。”Pine noda:“correct,How do you see the so-called swearing??”
“I am still more optimistic about this market.。”Cangyou explained:“Democratic extension is not available,However?Halding Dasheng of the emperor?Diwei class?Even pseudoons,When the spirit is weak。”
“I also think about it.。”Pine noda:“They may not be able to pay,However, they always have Laozi.?”
“Ha ha,good,old,This is the same。”Cangwei laughs and laughs:“There are still many people in the gods.,And the key is that this thing is not in ten times.。”
“Recirculation,Profit rolling!”Cangzo is full of smile:“This time I can pick it up.。”
“good,Besides700for many years,Big Great Island Island,I have a grasp of this to make my merits.!”Cang, there is no two hands, proudly smiling:“I will take it myself.3000Big god gold dollar!”
“Worthless,How much price can you sell??”Cang pine smell 神:“Is it a bit too much??”
“not much!”
Cangnie has directly taken a single single:“I am calculating a bill.,For example, the temple is condensed out of the emperor,It is not necessary to buy a home.,But their old people have money,Directly hold this shovel gun to kill a half-steps。”
“More than one,This shot can use ten times!”Cangzine explanation:“Basically, you can earn a few tasks.。”
“good,It is exactly a stable sale that is not compensated.。”Cangwei laughs and laughs:“Let’s talk about people who don’t have a background.,But they should have friends.?Or two or three people buy one together,This shot is used,Also earn。”
“You are very accurate.。”Cocons smile。
“There are a lot of people such as the four major killers.,Save them first,Let them kill,For example, make a thousand poles,Some of the Dasheng of the Emperor,Half-step god。”Cangyou explained:“This is more sought after。”
“At that time, you can steadily upgrade the price.。”Cocons laughing:“And also propaganda,More people buying this more,Two of them,Prices soar!”
“This truth,Key how to promote,More people bought,We must learn limited,Let them buy。”Cangyou is full of smile:“Maybe our money is more than the money。”
“Now the problem is Lin Feng, if it is supplied to other houses??”Cocons suddenly。
“This is also the only place to worry。”Cang, I thought about it.:“so,This thing is coming back to him.,Details http://www.simier-shop.cn of specific cooperation must be clearly understood,Solve anything。”
“fair enough。”Pine noda:“Our big island is the best sales platform in the sky.,I think he will sign us an exclusive sales agreement.。”
“Eventuality,The 12th of the gods is buying here,Sell,Their road is also wide。”Cangyou shakes:“Can’t be slightly broken。”
“I know this.。”Cangzine 言 微 点:“We are also trying to help him find,It is better to sell it.,I always feel that he is never given to the family.。”
“This nature,Inquire about the news,The two of the people of others were detained in Tianlun.,I want to be atonestry, I must go to the devil abyss to find Northern God A。”Unhealthy road:“This ocean is 80% and this task is related。”
“Do you want to test the wind??”Pine road。
“No need to test,I don’t know this.,Trial is not good。”Cangyou http://www.hzdh-mobilehome.cn explained。
“OK then。”Pine noda。
“Besides,You go to the North Mo Shenge,This token is given to him.。”Cang, I took out a token.。
“Big god!”
Cang pine looked at this token slightly color。
This goddess is a token released by Dabao,This token is very expensive,It is the sound of the identity of Great Taoizhi.。
And people who hold the gods,Can spend on Great Island3Billion Golden Yuan,Of course, this big god gold must be on,Similar to the lower bound credit card,Otherwise, it will be traveled by the Great Island.,Blacklist。
Of course, the god island will be careful when it releases these token.,Generally, it is a great force.,Status respected,And itself has this claimant,In short, the conditions are more demanding。
Even,God,Some of the senolants such as the Mozu may not have。
“This person must http://www.ozmilk.cn make a good time,Send past,In addition, some people help will re-clean the Milay Codon.。”Cangwei laughs and laughs。
The calm son heard the voice and went away.。
Nantian Island West 10 million miles,A touch space appears,The owner of this shadow is the death,This is tense this,It’s like a bird of shooting.,In order to get rid of Lin Feng。
He covers the breath of the body,Differentiate the breath of the body to injection into those,Then let those who have escaped around。
“Go back to the temple,The things here are given to others!”Dirty mutter,His big hand tears the space again。


Blue Xin received money,Slowly put the phone back to the table。
“It means that it means。”
Lu Haocheng does not feel,He wants to express his love to her.。
“otherwise,Turn a red envelope every day,Some people say that the red envelope can also cure the wounds of the soul.,Before I did wrong,In the future, I have http://www.qqhld.cn to give my wife.。”
Lu Haocheng said,I have a relative in her white cheeks.,Said smile。
Blue Xin is a bit speechless,Waiting for Lu Hao Cheng’s slow and long,Time over half an hour。
Removal,Lu Haocheng went out,Lan Xin leaned on the sofa to see the news。
Blue Xin pays attention to WeChat,The other party has been adding her。
Song Ni,This name is leaving in her mind。
Think about it,She added a friend。
Sure enough, Song Ni。
Blue Xin Miss,Thank you, add my WeChat.,I am afraid that you don’t pick up,I want to say and sorry you.,Yesterday is the night, I am too impulsive.。
Blue Xinyi,For this woman,She will not believe in a word.,She will sincerely apologize is almost zero。
Blue Xin Miss,I know that you will not believe what I said.,I really feel very sorry.。
Blue Xin has no news。
Clear http://www.sjywzx.cn scorpion maps complex emotions。
The next day is weekend,Blue Xin and Ningfifei Tri to see An Can。
Lan Xin did not let Luhao success ,This weekend Lu Haochong has work。
Blue Xin drives to Ning Feifei,Just went to her door,Ning Feifei is just coming out from the inside.。
Ning Feifei smiled and opened the door。
Blue Xindao:“Today is no traffic jam on weekends.。”
Blue Xin looked at her in his hand to make a few small clothes,“I don’t buy a gift,Take some apple。”
Ning Feifei has some uncomfortable opening:“Bamboo,I am not unwilling to think about empty hands.,I went to buy a few small baby clothes.。”
“hehe”Blue Xin laughs, “Let it go,An else calls me,I want to talk to her in the past.。”
Ning Feifei thinks Su Sei Ming,The mood is also very heavy,“Blue,Aming will wake http://www.libaidi.cn up.?”
Lan Xin nodded,“We always believe that there is a miracle.。”
That is the only hope of Anshi.。

Form a horrible blood color light,Cut the summer。

Summer response is very simple,There is no more fancy and tricks.。
Snake knife is between flash,Silent and http://www.jiuxiyangsheng.cn interests through heavy blood light,Collapse a bloody。
At the same time,Wrist is turning。
The sharp blade in the hand of the Roller is broken.,The whole person is more like a lightning strike,Fly out。
But she is not a common man.,Quickly smash the half-cut edge,At the same time, with the help of backward,It’s like a bird-like flashing.。
She wants to retreat。
Summer is certainly impossible to give her opportunity,Semi-cut blade,Quickly rush。
At this time。
Summer face sudden change。
Because he found that Luo La in the retreat was also very incomparable.。
Stick to the summer。
And the summer heart is also floating the shadow of death.。
He wants to do not want to,Mop,Let’s go back to a knife。
Knife skyrocket,Out of the knife,Timed on white matters and dazzling。
Just when http://www.dtrlt.cn a knife is cut out,He knows that it is empty.。
Follow,The Yu Lang in the corner of the eyes saw a residual shadow to flash to the front,A palm shot on the shoulders of the summer。
Summer feels left arms such as lightning strikes,Torn pain spread。
His eyes flashed cold light,Fast breeding,Twist,Forward one step forward。
Bombard!This step is,It’s like a mountain shake,A taraminated crack occurring throughout the ground,Then, it is a bomb, which is generally cracked.。
Next second。
Summer right shoulders have rely on the people of sneak attack。
Octopus!晃 天 天,Foot and earthquake。
This is different from the collapse。
Dangerous instinct below,Let the summer out of the unparalleled power。
Flame!Rushed between,The coming people have been hit.,The sound of the body of the body。
And summer is also back,Pale,Mouth angle。
His eyes blooms cold light,Look down on。
Look down。

Because he heard people say,Secretary Wang who originally worked in Pingyang Town was transferred to Donglin Township。Secretary Wang and Chen Erniu because of their work,The two of them are quite familiar。

Secretary Wang who just returned from the city,The whole person seems to fall apart。He lay on the bed without saying a word,Liu Zimin came to him twice,He didn’t even open the door。
suddenly,After a knock on the door,Someone yelled softly:“Secretary Wang!I’m Chen Erniu from Xiping Village,I have something to do with you”
When Secretary Wang heard the three words in Xiping Village,The lying person has sat up。When he heard that the person who came to him was Chen Erniu,He was anxious and ran over without wearing his shoes。
Open the door and take a look,No one http://www.guanyinhong.cnelse is standing at the door,It’s really Chen Erniu。Secretary Wang asked excitedly:“Erniu!How did you come?”
“I have something to do with you”Chen Erniu said,Walked in by myself,Went straight into Secretary Wang’s bedroom。
Secretary Wang was taken aback,And quickly closed the door again,Only then went back to his bedroom。He greeted Chen Erniu and sat on the edge of the bed,And made him a cup of tea,Received Chen Erniu’s hand。
“Erniu!You are such a rare visitor,What’s up with me?”Secretary Wang is also a straight man,Never speak around the corner。
Chen Erniu glanced out the window,Lowered his voice and said:“I came because of Xia Jian”
“I thought about it as soon as you walked in,But Erniu!Xia Jian’s things seem a bit big this time,At least go through the entire investigation procedure”Secretary Wang smiled slightly,Said slightly awkward。
Chen Erniu snorted coldly:“After leaving the entire investigation procedure,That day lily is cold。I don’t care how big it is,I just ask you one sentence,Do you help or not?”
“See what you said,My relationship with Xia Jian,Not worse than you and his。But this matter,By my ability,Really can’t get in”Secretary Wang said helplessly。
Chen Erniu smiled and said:“We are preparing to jointly list the government。What kind of person is Xia Jian,Everyone knows,So we are not afraid to make things worse”
http://www.mychalk.cn Joint name?You mean let me sign!”Secretary Wang has to ask a little bit puzzled。

Mandatory implementation of the http://www.baobaofan.cn court,Let people in the village are completely scared.。

Direct greenhouse mortgage without compensation,Land mortgage,Property mortgage,Of course, this period is given to a transition opportunity.。
There is no repayment in half a month.,Will be posted directly。
Li Hui is sitting in the office of the town party committee,Drinking tea, I will calmly listen to Shen Tian Si’s words.。
“Xiao Li,You feel some of you this time.?”
“Hey-hey,Shen Da Ge also felt me?”
Shen Tiansi looked at Li Hui’s losses,Can’t help but。
“no,I feel that I feel,Will not let the leaders in the county cooperate with this action,I am from your personal emotion.,After all, one of your villages.,Two-thirds are sinned by you,And this time, it is snowing.。”
“That brother should know the origin of those vegetable greenhouses,You should also http://www.leaderyoung.cn know the benefits of the contract,They sell to me to compete for vegetables,I lost more than they.,The most important thing is that they should not surround my house for three days and three nights.,Still throwing bricks inside,But there is a bit of feelings and don’t do this.,They are ruthless,Can’t blame my heart。”
I heard Li Hui Feng said this.,Shen Tian Si also didn’t say more,Asked directly:“Then what do you want to do next??”
“Still old,Greenhouse continues,However, the contract will be relieved by them,In the future, who is willing to sell? Who is selling?,I do not care,At the same time, you will prepare a vegetable greenhouse in Taohua Village.,Since people in their own village want to make big money,Then let them earn it.,The vegetable greenhouse of the peach flower village is,I am ready to develop the mountain field.。”
Originally, I’m happy to see the Skys, which Li Hui Feng Development Mountain.,But now he has some other ideas.。
“Lee brother,Since Taoyao Village can get a large shed,Then you say that other villages can be?”
“Hey-hey,This is theoretical,But now I haven’t thought about how to get it.,But Shen Da has assured,Our whole town will get better and better,And do not have to get vegetable greenhouses。”
Li Hui has its own plan,But he is not prepared now.,After all, things in your village have not been solved.。
But Shen Tianzi is coming。
What are you doing??
Say listen,As long as you can,I am definitely supporting you.。”
“Idea is,But I am going to solve the things in the village first.,Waiting for things in the village to solve,I will discuss how to get it with Shen Da Ge.。”
Shen Tianzi heard this,Also very happy。
Although this lotus village’s greenhouse is getting striking,But he followed Li Hui with the wind.,The county leaders are also highly evaluated that his approach is very good.,It is the contradiction in the village, there is no treatment.,How much is it?,Otherwise, he feels that this is definitely a meritorious thing on the way of promoting the road.。
And he is also clear,Li Hui is far more important than the villagers of Lotus Village.,I am not welcome.,People throughout the village are not as good as Li Hui。
Otherwise, Lianhua Village has already been rich.。
Think here,He also made a decision,That is to help Li Ping as soon as possible.。
Chapter 594 Circulation
“Hey-hey,Lee brother,You will wait here first.,I am going to call a call.。”
soon,Shen Tian Si also hit the phone。
Not long,Things are basically determined。
After all, Li Hui has always taken the initiative.,And still win。
When Shen Tian Si came back again,Smile。
“Lee brother,Tell your plan now.,Your business I want to solve the next few days.。”
“Forehead,Shen Da Ge,The call you just called is to help me.?”
Shen Tiansi heard this laugh:“Not to help you,But to help us,After all, I encountered you from the beginning.,Or you make a shed,River,I will do your boldness when I don’t have your boldness.,I have already bundled you together.,You have a good fortune for me.,The premise is that you make a fortune, we have made a fortune with all the villagers.,So this time helps you also help yourself.。”
“I can now say planning.?”

“If he has a meeting to find us,We immediately go to the special service headquarters.,After all, a director is dead.,Still going to condolences。”The bright building guess is Rui Rui will come back,Just I didn’t expect to come back so fast.,And I have an incident that affects such a big.,Killing this code is really not white。

Kill the god,Xi Sail life heard this news immediately let the seventeenth mix of the army to help the gendarmerie block the whole city,Rumor、Song Jian and Tang Rui’s photo posted the whole city。
The seventeenth mixed into the leader, the head of the leader, Nashan Shiji is personally commanded.,Because he knew that as long as he seized this rum,That is absolutely worth a victory.。
All intelligence departments are moving,Shanggong Hall is no exception,Xiaoyu to Bai Lang is a personally arranged,I have been busy to live.,His office phone has not been broken。
six thirty,There is also a call.,Xiaoyi to Pick up the phone in Bailiang:“I am a small day!”
“Xiao Daji!Don’t be innocent?”
“Long pool!”Xiaoyi to listen to it is a rude voice phone almost throw away,
“Hahaha……It seems that Xiaoyu did not forget my old friend.。”
“Ritual,What do you want to do?”Xiaoyi is also thinking that it is very nervous to kill himself.,He is afraid that he is also killed。
“Ha ha,It’s all old friends.,Furthermore, Your Shangfu is established and my credit.,I just want to ask,Do you want to die or want to live?。”
Xiao Japan makes the trust to check the phone?,He asked for a delay time:“Who can live?,Ritual,What do you want to do?”
“I want to die, I am all you.,No matter where you hide,I promise to kill you within a month.!You dare not gamble?”
“Ritual!Don’t deceive too much!”
“If you don’t want to die,We can cooperate to do some business,You think about it.,I will give you another more。”Rui Rui said on the phone。
“Overall,The phone is a public telephone in the concession.。”
“French Concession!”Xiaoyi to Bai Lang know that I want to have a comprehensive search in the legal rental. I can’t do it.,But he believes that killing is really killing himself within a month.。
Forty minutes later,Xiaoli received a rumbled call again to Bailiang:“Xiao Daji,Want to clear??”
“What do you want to cooperate with me??”
“I know that you like money this person.,I can meet you this.!And I will never harm the interests of the Japanese countries.!”
“You mean to do business with me?”
“I know you very much.,You are more suitable for a businessman,I need something you can help me.。”
“It must be strategic materials!”
“Small day,We know each other,The main purpose of the establishment of your Shangli is to contain the headquarters of the agent.,I have helped you remove Bi Zhongliang.,Next you want to remove anyone, I will help you!”
Xiaoyi wants to think,Decided to temporarily promise,This may have a chance to remove this kill.,Ask:“How do I contact you??”
“You don’t have to contact me.,I will send people to you.,Xiao Daji!If you are not honest,Fujita Fangzheng and Tianzhong Zhengxian are your example,goodbye。”
Qi Rui knows that Xiaolan will definitely promise,He itself is a military dealer,In order to make money, he does not care about the buyer of the weapon.。
Rui Rui found Tang Ling 叮 嘱 他 事 事,One of them is to let him inform Chen Mountain.,Chen Xia’s eyes will definitely cure,She will soon return to Shanghai.,How to discuss how to save her。
Regardless of the strictness of the devil,Ruiru has a way to leave Shanghai,Chongqing still has a secret traffic line,Then, the building is the General Administration of Customs.,Water water, you can arrange。
Killing the gods and killed two Dasu and 76th,This news was also promoted by the boss,Plus the propoy of the underground party,The people have more evil spirits,I really said that he is true, and the gods are punished.。
http://www.cqfjy.cn This is rumored,Because so, there will be more anti-Japanese people to vote from the independent group.,The ritual skills may not only command small-scale combat,Then he believes that the little devil knows where the team knows the team.,Must be encircled。
NS629chapter Third cavalry team
Three days later,Hangzhou West Lake Brochway,Rui Rui let Fu Ying Xue and in Man Li to find Xue Min,After picking up, I will leave Hangzhou to Huangshan.。
“Are you not a jellyfish assassination group??”Ouyang Lan has seen Su Qian,It is the explosives manufactured together with him.,Completed the fried bridge task,
“Ouyang girl is good,My name is Su Qian,I was really a member of the jellyfish assassination group.,But I am free person,Killing God is my nine brother,It is also my master,I will intend to kill the devil with the http://www.xiaokuifushi.cn nine brother.。”Su Qian followed the lotus, this is not closed.,Who is smiling?。