“Actually nothing,Have lived here for a long time,Already used to it,Really want to take us back,We may not be able to adapt to the new life yet。”

Old Wu said frankly。
In fact, agents like them,Many of them never return to their homeland in a lifetime,And besides their superior department,No one knows they exist anymore,Don’t care about them,Still dead,All the same……
“That you……Don’t you want home?”
Qin Liang knew he shouldn’t ask such a question,But he still couldn’t help asking。
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Chapter Seven Hundred and Forty Seven Why did you kill?
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Chapter 747: Why did you kill??
“This is my home,For people like us,Stay there,Home there,As for the country……I have no idea what my country is like now……”
Old Wu said with emotion,Suddenly there was a sad look on his face。
“You don’t have TV,Newspaper??”
Qin Liang felt a little weird。
“TV can only watch things from this country,newspaper?Never report on our side。”
Old Wu is talking,I didn’t know where I reached out, I found a newspaper and handed it to Qin Liang,Qin Liang opened it and took a look,Sure enough, it’s all words he can’t understand,The only few photos are also the customs of this country。

A bit too fussy……

The next thing is simple,The police car sent Qin Liang and the others directly to the hotel where Chen Hao and them were.,With the help of uncle police,The room was arranged quickly。
Qin Liang took Yang Zhixian to the floor where Chen Hao and the others were.,coincidentally;The conference team happens to be on that floor,And on the door of the conference team,Just posted a notice of the meeting schedule。
Qin Liang carefully wrote down the meeting arrangements for the next three days,This brought Yang Zhi back to his room。“Let’s divide into groups first;First group,Yang Zhi,Hadron and Marin,Yang Zhi is the team leader。Second Group,I,Luna,Mandarin Duck and Zhao Tuo,I am the team leader。Our mission is simple;Is to protect Chen Hao,The personal safety of Liu Rushi and Sun Feifei,Especially to ensure her
We will not be harassed by people with ulterior motives,I mean everyone understands?”Once back to the room,Qin Liang first started the layout and arrangement of the action。
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Chapter Two Hundred and Twenty Three Am I talking too much
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“It’s that simple?”
Yang Zhi’s surprised question,He thought he was coming out this time“wonderful”What about the project。
“It’s that simple,But don’t take it lightly because the task is simple,For our dragon soul fighters,No simple task,Only tasks that must be completed。Do you understand?”
Qin Liang solemnly repeated it again。
“Are there any special targets that need to be guarded against?For example, a certain,Or a few people?”
Luna is the one asking the question this time,She is a professional killer,Pay attention to specific goals。
“No……The target is everyone who tries to hit their three ideas。”
Qin Liang answered with a wry smile。He has said it very implicitly,In fact, it is more accurate to say,The goal should be all the men who want to soak Chen Hao and the three of them……
“understood,Then if there is such a goal,Should we use force to stop?”

Yang Shiyun said a few words first,Then I asked the topic again。

“Their mother and daughter are fine,The little girl is sleeping in her mother’s arms,Would you like to see how the little girl is sleeping?”
Shen Ruoxi asked with a smile。
“Yeah!Let me see her!”
Yang Shiyun immediately couldn’t wait to say,Liu Xiaoyun,The sisters of Shen Ruoxue and the others immediately huffed and all stood up and ran behind Yang Shiyun.,Waiting collectively to see the rhythm of the baby!
“Why are you so excited?As if going to fight a wolf……”
Qin Liang deliberately asked in surprise。
“Brother-in-law shut up!Don’t prevent us from seeing our little niece!”
The other girls didn’t speak this time,On the contrary, Shen Ruoxue stunned Qin Liang,The importance of Qin Liang’s brother-in-law at this time,In the eyes of these girls,It’s far worse than Du Shanshan’s baby girl。
“I have a hasty!Actually made me shut up!I think your little butt is itchy again!”
Qin Liang said with a beard,But Shen Ruoxue is staring at Yang Shiyun’s mobile phone screen enthusiastically,Doesn’t seem to care what Qin Liang is talking about。
Yang Shiyun on the phone opened the video,Soon,Du Shanshan lying on the bed and the baby in her arms appeared in the camera……
“Wow!What a beautiful baby!Hello little niece!I’m your little aunt Shen Ruoxue!”Shen Ruoxue was the first to cry out loud!Many guests around who were eating turned their faces to look at her in surprise!This is how she and Yang Shiyun,Liu Xiaoyun’s sisters have super high looks,Plus there are so many people around me
,Qin Liang and five strong men are here,Others are probably afraid to avoid causing trouble,Otherwise, I guess there will be some comments from guests immediately!Then it became a pre-dinner video conference call!The girls started chirping non-stop,But fortunately, I intentionally controlled the volume of my speech,But even so,Still listen to Qin Liang“Have a headache”,if not
Reluctant to give up the seat next to Yang Shiyun,He had already sat down in the furthest empty spot……
Until the first dish is on the table,This video conference call is over!Finally, Yang Shiyun handed the phone to Qin Liang。

“Another person,You two speak the same style,Almost exactly the same,Both of them pulled very hard。”

Liu Xiaoyun said with a wry smile。
Because Li Hai has been in the hospital for more than two months,Everyone can see him every day,Occasionally talk to him,Plus Xiao Yuer’s factor,So now these girls of the Shen family are beginning to face Li Hai with a very peaceful attitude。
“Actually, I rarely talk to people before,Apart from talking to Xiao Yuer more at home,You guys also know what i do,For my own safety,So I almost never talk to anyone。”
Li Hai probably spent too much time with Yuer last night,So today I am in a surprisingly good mood,I was able to talk to Qin Liang for so long……of course,The other main reason is:Qin Liang is willing to talk to him。
“Then we are lucky,You can talk to us so much。”
Qin Liang said with a bitter smile。
“Because I don’t have any need to hide my identity now。”
Li Hai answered with a wry smile。
“That’s right。”
Qin Liang had to admit。
“correct,I forgot to ask,You have something to tell me?”
Li Hai finally remembered to ask business,He thought to himself;It’s probably because of being with Xiaoyu yesterday,So I have to be taken out of the hospital,Sent back to the detention room of the Public Security Bureau……
“It’s okay,Just drop by to see you。”
Qin Liang replied casually。
Li Hai was quite surprised,It was already done“Prepared for the worst”His,I didn’t expect to think too much this time。
“Ha ha,You must think we came to tell you,To send you back to where you came,Right?”
Qin Liang deliberately asked Li Hai。

Chapter Four Hundred and Nine Speechless

“.”Yuze and Ou Baobao are full of black lines at the same time,This is the confidence like the convulsion given by that mad mind???
“My mother is beautiful and nice,I don’t want such a good mother,I have to kneel and lick a mistress?”Yuze really doubts,Myself and these people,Not living in the same world,Otherwise, why are the values so bad?。
“My mother is not a junior!!!”Sun Xiaofei growled,Staring at Baby Ou,“Your mother is.”
Ou Baobao poured a cup of tea over,Sun Xiaofei successfully swallowed the remaining words。
“.”Yuze smiled angrily,What else to talk about,Just need to come to meet,Holding baby,“let’s go。”
“wait.”Zhang Rui held Yuze with both hands,“Listen to me first。I tell you.I still have something,To you.”
Yuze was taken aback,I just thought of it,Is Yu Zimo here with Zhang Rui?,What’s left。
Baby Ou didn’t plan to leave either,Let Yuze sit down again,Then I called the waiter in,Refers to coughing constantly from being poured by a cup of warm tea,Sun Xiaofei who keeps tears,“Tidy up for her。”
The waiter in this club,Are all professionally trained,Don’t talk about Sun Xiaofei like this,Just saw the ghost,Not necessarily fussing。Bow down,And another waiter to help force,Took Sun Xiaofei out。
Zhang Rui took a look,Wait for Sun Xiaofei to leave,Just sighed,“This kid,Was delayed by her mother.”
then,Sure enough, as Ou Zhaozhao expected,After Sun Hao found out that she was pregnant,I came to Yu Zimo。Although I didn’t doubt whether this child was his own,But Yu Zimo was already with Ou Zhaozhao,Still getting married,It’s impossible to get back with Sun Hao,Even less likely to leave behind any illegitimate children。He asked Sun Hao to perform the operation,Gave a sum of money。
Sun Hao took the money,Lied to have surgery,Go straight to my hometown。

“.”The beginning is obviously a very ordinary country story,Why did it become a country bullshit??

Baby Ou frowned,“How does this listen,This family is in vain?Could it be that they were killed by Ren Jingyang and his family??”how could it be possible,“The plot gods dare not make up like this。”
Si Guangnian laughed,What kind of god is the plot god?,“Anyway, what he said was what he heard from the old family when he was a child。Now there is such a legend there。By time,Indeed, Jing Yang and his family got the time to publish the reading notes,Not far off。I think,Join forces to kill such a thing,We dare not say,But it is certain,The reading notes of the Jingyang family,Unclean origin。This is why Yang Qianqian can pinch two famous families.”
“She must know something。”
Baby O ate grapes,“this matter,Old,Legally,The twenty-year prosecution period has passed,Even if she knows something,It’s impossible to threaten Jingyang’s family,If these two families can be threatened with a word,That’s too weak。Yang Jiawei is a figure,Jing Jiayin is strong,Don’t say Yang Qianqian,Even Yang Xiaomu,Have no such skills。”One say one,Jingyang’s family is still quite strong。
Si Guangnian thought about it,“or,In her hands,What’s the specific,evidence?”
Baby Ou smiled and shook his head,“Big brother,You do not know what I mean。Even if Yang Qianqian has evidence in her hand,,But the premise is,The law is no more,Then only moral condemnation is left,But you think,Will the Jingyang family care about others’ curses??Definitely not。They only care if the meat can be eaten in their mouths。”
“In other words,The only thing that can shake Jingyang’s family,Is the ownership of this copyright。If Yang Qianqian holds,Have something,Can change the ownership of copyright,Let the Jingyang family lose this huge benefit,This is the only key that can hold the Jingyang family。”
but,Baby Ou can’t figure it out,“The copyright of both Jingyang and Yang,No issues such as inheritance are involved,Are firmly in their hands now。What can Yang Qianqian have,It’s about reading notes,Can you change the ownership of this copyright??”
Si Guangnian is also thinking,Suddenly clap your hands,“You want to go wrong。Although it’s out of time,May not be able to trace back,but,If the case is particularly bad,Bad influence,It’s like this kind of case of destroying people for profit,As long as someone sue,High Court Special Approval,You can still try to arrest people。and,There is another situation,such as,This crime,Is continuous,Not the first time,Then,It should start from the date of the last crime.”
He tracked down Si Shoujing back then,So for the domestic law,Researched。This suddenly remembered。
Baby Ou really doesn’t know this,Nod directly,“The thing in Yang Qianqian’s hand,Useful.”
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Chapter Three Hundred and Five Tea talk

Aunt Qiao said:“Uncomfortable eating outside is expensive。”

They just walked out of the cave,I saw Du Lei in Aunt Qiao’s department,Walked in beautifully dressed,Carrying fruits in hand,Say hello to Ding Yi from afar。
After Ding Yi saw her,Said with a smile:“Leilei,You enter the house,I’ll be back soon。”
Du Lei stared at Peng Changyi and said:“One by one,Don’t introduce your friends?”
“Oh,Peng Changyi。This is Aunt Qiao’s little colleague,Du Lei。”Ding Yi introduced them。
Du Lei still looked at Peng Changyi with a smile,Said:“I heard Aunt Qiao said you are coming。”
Ding Yi reached her ear and said:“Brother Lu Yuan left in the morning,Why did you go last night?”
Du Lei punched her,Said:“Hurry up, you,Hurry and go back”After saying this, he changed his words and corrected:“You can come back soon。”Then looked at her slyly and smiled。
Ding Yi estimated that Du Lei must have misunderstood the identity of Peng Changyi,Want to explain to her,It’s inconvenient to say in front of Peng Changyi,Wave to her,Ride away。
When they get home,It’s not completely dark yet,The sky shows a beautiful red glow。
Into the Ding’s courtyard,Peng Changyi was a little surprised,I didn’t expect to be in the bustling downtown area of Langzhu,There is still such a quiet place。Wait for him to enter the house,I feel even more that the owner in this old house has a good taste in life。
Although the house is small,But it’s well arranged,And very warm,There is a kind of intimacy。From the furniture and various furnishings,All convey a trace of time。Even the thermos is made of bamboo。
Speak the truth,Everyone who steps into this hut,Will feel a kind of peace,A steadfast,A relaxed,Will throw the impetuosity outside without hesitation。

Jiang Fan said:“Ha ha,Also,Brothers say these are false。”

Peng Changyi’s topic turned to Ren Xiaoliang again,He said:“mayor,In your opinion,What is the end result of Ren Xiaoliang’s affairs??”
Jiang Fan said:“Ugh,Big deal,The final result is still to be consulted by the Kangzhou Municipal Party Committee,Zhong Mingyi won’t stand by,Because they have too many complicated relationships,I feel it is the last warning or something,Or verbal admonition,I’m sure this time he gets promoted and he is out of play。”
Peng Changyi nodded。
“Lesson。”Jiang Fan said,I leaned back on the sofa。
Peng Changyi glanced at Jiang Fan,Do not know why,He was faintly unhappy with Jiang Fan’s words,He didn’t know that Jiang Fan meant Ren Xiaoliang’s messing around was a lesson,It’s a lesson for him and Ding Yi to be fine,Anyway, from his words,Peng Changyi thinks of Ding Yi,For no reason,That’s what he thinks。
“correct,Secretary Zhai said you are here。”
“Oh?”Peng Changyi gets nervous。
“He said Peng Changyi was young,High education,Pay attention to training such cadres,More experience,Give him more burden,More political learning,Only in this way,To cultivate hard work、A good cadre who is sincere for the people,Must not relax the demands on young cadres。He intends to intensively train newly promoted cadres from cities and counties this time。”
Peng Changyi said:“Thank Secretary Zhai for your concern。”
Jiang Fan looked at him and said:“Go back and thank him。”
Peng Changyi said embarrassedly:“How can I meet Secretary Zhai??”
Jiang Fan said:“Can see,He is more interested in you,This is not like a friendship for a few watermelons。”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“Not the result you strongly recommend?”
Jiang Fan said:“Secretary Zhai said this in front of us,I can clearly see that some people are surprised and uncomfortable,So I said in time,Peng Changyi is indeed a good cadre,This is also thanks to your cultivation by Secretary Zhai。”
“Thank you so much。”Peng Changyi said。

Liu Xiaoyun continues to make a fool of yourself,Was pressed on the sofa and waved wildly, pretending to struggle hard。“Don’t call me!I can’t save you this time……I saved you,I will be the next person to be beaten up,Haha……”

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The first thousand six hundred and seven chapters The best girl
? Not only did the swallow not help,Instead, he avoided Yang Shiyun and Liu Xiaoyun,Then smiled and responded to Liu Xiaoyun’s cry for help。
“See if you and I are not young?Kill you。”
Yang Shiyun continued to slap Liu Xiaoyun’s little ass with his hands,Said harshly。
“I know it’s wrong!I won’t dare again next time,5555555555……”
Liu Xiaoyun started to pretend to cry……
“Does it really hurt??Why do I feel I didn’t hit hard at all??”
Luna watched the excitement by the side……
“Luna!You won’t have friends like this!If you do this again, I will cut off friendship with you!The boat of our friendship can be overturned as soon as it is overturned!”
Liu Xiaoyun“Cry”When struggling for help,I haven’t forgotten to threaten Luna.!
“Oh,Really hurts!I feel it now!I feel pain in my butt now!”
The talented Luna immediately changed her mouth!It’s just that she’s changed a bit of nonsense……Slap on Liu Xiaoyun’s ass,She can actually feel the pain!The ghosts don’t believe this!

Chen Hao tangled up。

“Can’t you sit together?”
Qin Liang asked directly。
“Sit together hot。”
Chen Hao replied。
“The air conditioner is turned on in this room,You still hot?Hot simple,You take off your clothes and it won’t be hot。”
Qin Liang said with a smirk。
“Not take off,I will endure the heat……”
Chen wants to laugh but dare not laugh,But still playfully。
“Then you just bear it,I’m not hot anyway,Ha ha。”
Qin Liang is talking,Brought Chen Hao, who was unwilling, to the bedside,Sit down by yourself,Then he took Chen Hao and sat on his lap forcibly。
“What do you want to do again?I want to sit by myself,I don’t want to sit on your lap。”
“You don’t want me at all, do you?”
Qin Liang asked suddenly。
“no……Think or think,I just don’t want to miss you here,I want to miss you when I get home……”
Chen Hao plucked up the courage to say。Compared with her in the past,Chen Hao has improved a lot now,She killed Qin Liang before“miss him”This is the case。