Old and shocked voice,Make sure your judgment is not wrong,Smile really exists!
“Chiba Xianglong!”
Too late to think,Zanglong instantly turned into a blue dragon in the form of fragments and appeared behind him,And because of the bamboo forest around,Qianye Xianglong can use the power of nature,Forming a blue dragon ten times larger than itself!
No need to look at each other’s location,Totally instinctive reaction,The strength of the five-stage body is blessed by Longteng,Instantly increase several times!
Plus the power of Zanglong itself,This trick can instantly rush into all martial arts below the holy realm.!
With ease,After the blue dragon appeared, an arm behind his back appeared,Stretch out your fingers and gently point to Qinglong’s forehead!
What seemed to be a huge green dragon turned into a sky full of bamboo leaves,Things are not over yet,Zanglong’s body still exists,So the attack is not over yet!
This double attack also shocked the opponent,Waved his hand again to block Zanglong’s attack!
Not over yet,Xia Chenglong did not stand still after the show,The body quickly appeared behind the opponent,Hands together,One month slashing photos,Slash over without a word!
Too fast,Almost no talking time,The other party turned his head and took a look after getting rid of Zanglong,Shake your shoulder,Directly destroy the effect of Moon Slash!

“Ha ha,Why don’t you come here today??”

Xia Jihan said:“Problems?”
“Lao Zhao said I beg you。”Liu Mei said。
“What do you want?”Xia Jihan smiled,She was thinking about seeing Zhao Gang in the bookstore just now,I’m sure that Zhao told Liu Mei about her early pregnancy guide when she got home.,Then Liu Mei is thinking of her vomiting at her house yesterday,I must ask if I am pregnant。
“Old Zhao bought a small home video camera from the speaker counter in the bookstore,He won’t make,Want you to teach him,Then video the baby,I tell you,My son will laugh,Is giggling,Have you ever heard of children who are more than 20 days old laugh?Guarantee no,So hurry up,Record the laughter and smile for us。”
First259chapter There is not much time left for her
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Xia Jihan understands,Today is the weekend,Zhao Gang is not at work,That’s why there is such a leisurely feeling。 She deliberately said:“I really don’t want to go to your house,I still want to throw up when I think of your shit。”
“Haha,You will be like this in the future,Are you pregnant??”Liu Mei finally said what she wanted to know。
“You scared me,I went to the hospital for an examination early in the morning,Not pregnant at all,You,Feeling pregnant,Seeing anyone sick, I think they are pregnant,Nervousness。Humph——”
Liu Mei laughed again,Said:“Are you in a hurry?”
“Screw you。I’ll be there soon。”Talking and hung up。
I can’t tell anyone about pregnancy,Can’t even show his feet。
She glanced at the tin box,Suddenly changed my mind。
Zhao Gang studied early childhood education when his children were young,I also bought a camera to record the child’s growth,These are all supported by money,Thinking of raising this child independently in the future,She doesn’t want to return the money,for the kids,For the children’s future education,She decided to keep the money。
also,If you don’t accept the money,What trick Guan Zhengfang will use,Embarrass her。Thought of here,She put the money in one of her paper bags,She wants this money to be deposited in her bank card。

Qin Liang turned around and left。

Half an hour later,A girl with long black hair like a waterfall appeared in front of Qin Liang。
Although Shen Ruoxi is also a young girl,But her clothes are for this girl,Still a bit too big。
But the grown-up shirt did not hide the young girl’s beautiful white legs。
Also because the clothes don’t fit,So the little girl only wore Shen Ruoxi’s shirt and a pair of shorts……This invisibly made Qin Liang’s eyes cheap。
“I have a hasty!This temptation is too great, right……”
Looking at the beautiful legs in front of me,Qin Liang’s heartbeat accelerated involuntarily。
“People’s living standards have really improved……”
Qin Liang said to himself。
“Uncle what did you say?”
The girl who had walked in front of Qin Liang asked stupidly,Innocent and pure, she certainly would not think of the true meaning of Qin Liang’s words。
“It’s nothing……That one,You finished the bath。”Qin Liang changed the subject,Isn’t this nonsense,Can you come out without taking a shower。
“Yep,I feel so comfortable now,but,I still can’t remember where my home is,What is the phone number of my parents,Just think about these,My head hurts。”

He is protected by soft armor,So the impact of that punch just now was not as strong as expected,It was Nangonghan’s foot that really made his blood churn。

It can be seen from here,Shengde Academy is really something,If you wait for these guys to grow up,It must be a group of powerful combat power。
of course,These are not what he needs to care about,As long as anyone blocks him from entering the inner courtyard,Then must fall。
Xia Chenglong cracked and smiled,Zang Long appeared from his hand,Slowly, a thin layer of white ice appeared on the black and blue earth sword,Weird and powerful。
Now that everyone has shown the aura of ice attributes,Then he will use ice attributes to meet the geniuses of Shengde Academy for a while。
“New student second class monitor,Zhao Chenglong asks the senior。”
Nangonghan’s gloomy face,The kick just now didn’t make the opponent lose their combat effectiveness,But become extremely ferocious,Such opponents reminded him of those little monsters in the same class。
Chapter Two Hundred and Ninety Four Darkness
As a top student,They also have their own pride,So there will be no changes in the next battle。
Nangonghan hands-on,The friends around me have been waiting,The warriors of the two big bodies move at the same time,Began to madly suppress Xia Chenglong。
Their hands wear special gloves,I can live with the sharp Zanglong,So the scene that appears in the eyes of the world at this moment is,Three quick changes。
Forward and backward,Xia Chenglong is retreating,Use the form of fighting and retreating to resolve the tricky attack from two angles。
Nangong Han and his companions are marching,I want to force Xia Chenglong to the point where he cannot retreat,This is an imposing pressure,Nothing too fancy。
“Bang bang bang!”
Zanglong’s blade collided with his fist and sparked,Attack like this,He will be driven to desperation sooner or later,Will be attacked by one party in the end。
Grit your teeth,Catch the reaction force and jump high,Reverse directly and sacrifice the Zanglong like a hidden weapon,Rowed hard towards Nangonghan。
“not good,Gangzi,Be careful!”Nangonghan immediately noticed something was wrong,Hurriedly shouted。
Since Xia Chenglong has already shot,Then what happened next has been expected,The moment Zang Long throws it out,Have gone to another person。

Guan Yao walked to his mother,Say:“Do you have any leftovers left?,Your other son is still hungry。”

Mom said:“You really didn’t eat?”
Guan Yao patted his chest and said:“I’ve long been close to my heart。”
Mother panicked,Say:“Nothing left,Auntie is unwell today,I will do it for you。”
Guan Yao quickly said:“Gotta,I’ll go eat out,Don’t disturb your old man。”Turning his head and winking at Guan Hao:“Secretary Guan,For the sake of my mother’s old age,I give you a chance,Invite me to dinner?”
Mother listened,Say quickly:“Please what please,I will do it for you。”
Guan Yao hurriedly stopped her mother and said:“mom,Raise your hand,Let him please me once,My new Audi,Let your baby boy go old without even touching it,Shouldn’t he invite me?”
“No way,I have nothing to say with your brother。”Guan’s tone is firm。
“I’ll tell you no?”Guan Yao said。
“How do you know what i said to him?”Guan’s mother told Guan Yao。
“I don’t know your thoughts?Aunt Zhang’s daughter came back from abroad?,But also single。”Guan Yao said indifferently。
“Brat,How did you know?”Mama Guan said warmly。
“Don’t care how i know,Anyway, I raise my hands against,That postdoctoral lady,Whole idiot,Suitable for scientific research,Suitable to be a subject leader,But not suitable for my sister-in-law。”Guan Yao said seriously。
Mama Guan slapped Guan Yao,Turned to look at Guan Hao。

Although the girl looks very‘young’,But his personality is quite outgoing,I saw Du Jueming,Took the initiative to introduce myself。

“Hello,You are the cassia that Xu Xu always mentioned?My name is Yu Wen,Obvious,Tomb School Disciple。”
Du Jueming politely paid back,It means it’s time to start,Otherwise, the mission will fail if you are slaughtered.。
The second woman nodded in agreement,The three went down to Zhongnan Mountain together,Rushed to Chang’an city carriage。
In the carriage,Xu Xuxu took the initiative to bring up the ins and outs of this mission。
The enemy facing this mission is a disciple of the Tomb Sect——Li Mochou,And her new disciple Hong Lingbo,But not long after Hong Lingbo became a teacher,Average strength,Does not cause any threat,The thing to pay attention to is this Li Mochou!
Li Mochou was originally a three-generation disciple of the Tomb School,But because he could not accept the many rules of the Tomb School, he couldn’t help but leave the tomb,Name of the Tomb School,That’s exactly what was passed on。
Li Mochou is actually a hard man,Ben is in love with Lu Zhanyuan, the owner of Jiangnan Lujiazhuang,As a result, Lu Zhanyuan empathized with He Yuanjun again,Li Mochou’s temperament changed drastically after this major blow,Become the notorious female devil in the arena,Person——Fairy Chilian!
The day when Lu Zhanyuan and He Yuanjun were married,Li Mochou once put down his harsh words,Ten years later, everyone in Lujiazhuang will be killed!
And now the ten-year period has come,The head of the ancient tomb faction in order to prevent Li Mochou from killing evil again,Specially awarded the division mission,To stop Li Mochou’s killing!
“Tut.This matter,Really ruthless。”
After listening to Xu Xuxu’s narration,,Du Jueming couldn’t help shaking his head,This massacre,It really has nothing to do with Xu Xuxu。

“Hand over the person who killed Master Shao,marry me,Qianqian will come back safely。”

Zhang Hai thinks this transaction is reasonable,Even a little complacent about making such a perfect decision。
Hear the man,Zhao Shaojiu didn’t show any emotions,But stand up from the sofa,Look at each other,Shook his head。
“very sorry,Can’t do what you said。”Zhao Shaojiu refused politely:“Not as good as this,How about we bet?”
interesting,Getting more interesting,Zhang Hai was just to humiliate each other at first,Now have new ideas,Maybe marry a woman home slowly**Also a good choice。
Thinking about the eyes showing lustful eyes,Unconsciously licked his lips。
“Miss Zhao, please tell!”
“let’s play a game,Like cats and mice。”
Bincheng said that small novels are not big or big,She’s betting on whether she can find Qianqian。
This is a fun game,So Zhang Hai is very interested in agreeing。
“Since it is a game,I hope there is a result。”Zhang Hai smiled:“Give you three days,If you can find the little girl,What I said just now is fart,If not found,I also hope Miss Zhao will not miss the appointment。”
“you can go now!”
Zhao Shaojiu doesn’t have much time to talk to such people,Direct chasing orders。

“Don’t believe it?Look at!”

Qin Liang got rid of Murongshan’s hand,Ran straight out of the ward,Open the window in the corridor,Pop up the window,Just jump down!
Shen Ruoxi,Murong Shan and Zhao Tuo were shocked!This is the sixth floor!
The swallow that happened to buy snacks,Liu Xiaoyun and Shen Ruoxue just walked into the corridor,I happened to see this scene……
“Qin Liang!”
Shen Ruoxi and Murong Shan finally reacted at the same time!The two yelled in unison,Rushed to the window one after another,Zhao Tuo immediately followed!
Yanzi and the others immediately knew that an accident had happened,Immediately all rushed at the fastest speed……
Everyone a probe,But saw Qin Liang lay one hand on the window sill,I’m looking at everyone with a blank face!
“What’s the situation?master?”
Yanzi asked nervously……
“I don’t want to live anymore!You all ignore me,Don’t believe me!”
Qin Liang said it seriously……Actually he was just a prank,When he was bored two days ago,Have seen the situation outside this window,I also tested the strength of the windowsill with my hands,And I saw a raindrop sticking out on the fourth floor,That’s why he dared to be such a fool……
“Are you crazy? You,Come up to me!I count to three,You won’t come up,I just jumped down from another window!Don’t believe you try it!One!”
Shen Ruoxi is really angry……
Turns out she“One”Just finished counting,Qin Liang climbed up!
“Is there something wrong with you!”
Shen Ruoxi punched Qin Liang on the chest!

No need for the elders to issue tasks,They should understand what they mean in college。

Go in and go out!
A very simple test,Just go from the cliff to the other side,Then walk in is victory。
Xia Chenglong arrived at the scene last,Students around automatically make a way,Let this freshman genius stand with the junior monsters。
“Long brother!”Zhang Shengyi called out first。
He is carrying all the long-cherished wishes of the new life,It looked a little heavy after coming in,After all, there are too many things on my back。
Zhang Shengyi scratched his head,Very embarrassing。
As the brother of Xia Chenglong,I came here because of his help along the way,I thought I could help,Unexpectedly。
The cliff is far from the other shore,So far away that I don’t even have the thought of thinking。
Everyone is thinking,Especially the early students,Their mood is about to collapse,How did this special code pass,Is it possible for them to cultivate until they reach the holy realm??
Xia Chenglong is also thinking,Before he can arrive in no time,But now……
Just a cliff has rejected many colleges,This is the screening of realm,Essentially no errors。

Shen Ruoxi said lightly。

Shen Ruoxue didn’t move,This girl didn’t intentionally embarrass Shen Ruoxi,But her own face is not good,Her self-esteem is super strong!
“Koyuki,Your sister is talking to you。”
Chen Hao said in a low voice。
Shen Ruoxue’s body moved,The cup in my hand is raised a little bit。Obviously,Her heart is shaking。
After all, Shen Ruoxue and Shen Ruoxi’s relationship is quite deep!After jumping into the river,Stirred by cold water,Coupled with the cold of the late autumn night along the way“freeze”Half dead,The grievances in her heart have almost disappeared long ago,The only thing she can’t let go of now,It’s her face。
“snow,Do you want me to keep waiting for you with ginger soup like this??but it does not matter,The last time you injured your ass and lay on the bed and couldn’t move,Sister, I also wait to feed you every day,Feed you water。”
Shen Ruoxi said lightly。
Shen Ruoxue’s body trembled!She really knew what Shen Ruoxi was talking about……After she was beaten up by Liu Xiaoyun and her men,Almost“Disabled”Up,First, brother-in-law Qin Liangyi took care of her for two months.,Then Shen Ruoxi came……
In those few months,It’s the sisters who have the sweetest relationship,The most dependent,When inseparable,At that time, the most common sentence Shen Ruoxue said was;I have a sister who loves me most in the world,With a brother-in-law who treated me best in the world!
“Koyuki,I’ve always been the sister who loves you most in the world。”
Shen Ruoxi said bitterly,Just finished,Tears fell……
“Wakayu,You must not cry anymore!I have been crying for over an hour just now,Look at how your eyes are crying!”
Chen Hao immediately said something in time,of course,This sentence is still deliberately said to Shen Ruoxue……
I heard Chen Hao say this,Shen Ruoxue raised her head instinctively,Looked at my sister,really,What she saw were Shen Ruoxi’s originally beautiful pair,Canruo star eyes,Has swollen into two little peaches at this moment……And she’s still crying,Tears are constantly flowing down。
In an instant,All the good time with my sister before,It appeared in Shen Ruoxue’s mind like a movie,From small to large,Sister’s love for herself,All kinds of care,All clearly appeared in front of Shen Ruoxue’s eyes。
“sister……Don’t cry anymore,You won’t be pretty if you cry。”
Almost without thinking,Shen Ruoxue said this to Shen Ruoxi!