Received Qin Liang’s reply,Yanzi greeted Yang Zhi immediately,Then the two got out of the car,Walked into the supermarket ahead of time。

After a while,Qin Liang appeared on the side of the road,He stood there for a while,Then I lit a cigarette,Started to smoke slowly。At the same time I looked around casually。
The men that the group had seen several times were still standing apart on the side of the road not far away,Qin Liang already knows that they are Xiaodie’s bodyguards。
Although I did not see the swallows,But Qin Liang knew;They must be there。
Half smoked,Qin Liang crossed the road in no hurry,Walked into the supermarket across the street。He wandered slowly to the underground level,Then I looked around with great interest,Finally stopped in front of the shelves selling various wines,Began to choose carefully。
A young couple also came to choose wine,And are still discussing something in a low voice,The man is tall and rough,Good health,Slim female figure,Beautiful。
Of course this couple is Yang Zhi and Yanzi posing……
“Those men are sure to be bodyguards。”
When I walked to Qin Liang’s side,,The swallow seems to have fancy a bottle of red wine,Then reached out and picked it up,Look carefully at the label on the bottle,Of course she didn’t look at Qin Liang,But his mouth was whispering to Qin Liang。
“Going to a place in a while,You secretly follow,Not compelled,Don’t expose yourself,You are in charge of on-site command,Everything is adaptable。”
Qin Liang didn’t look at the swallows either,Just turning around and leaving,Pretend to wipe your mouth,Then he said a few words quietly……
After two simple words,Still pretending to not know each other,Until Qin Liang left first。
“It seems the master is not picking up girls,He is really looking for clues to the dealer,Hehe……”
After Yanzi thought about it,Suddenly I feel better!Then he took Yang Zhi’s arm happily。

“Then what are we going to do?Should I go back to see him right now??”

Meizi seeks the opinions of Qin Liang and Yang Shiyun。
“Let’s go meet him,Bring Xiaoyun。”
Qin Liang didn’t wait for Yang Shiyun to answer,Made a decision first,Of course he knows;The clues Li Hai will confess,Must be very very important!For Yang Shiyun and Meizi,This will be a rare opportunity in a thousand years!It is possible that the two of them can solve several major and important cases in a row!
“I’ll call Xiaoyun out and talk to her alone,Tell Sister Ruoxi about the situation,Don’t say in front of Xiao Yu’er!”
Yang Shiyun nodded immediately and agreed……
“OK,Act now!You go call Xiaoyun,I’m going to call Ruoxi。”
Qin Liang waved his hand and said,It’s a final decision。
Liu Xiaoyunian and Shen Ruoxue just now,Li Qiaoer,Li Yaxin ran out together and bought a lot of snacks for Xiao Yuer,We are feeding Xiao Yu’er snacks with Shen Ruoxue right now。
“Xiaoyun,Let Xiaoxue feed Yuer,You come out with me first,I have something to tell you。”
Yang Shiyun walked to Xiao Yu’er’s bed,First he smiled at Xiao Yuer,Then he put his mouth to Liu Xiaoyun’s ear and whispered to her
The other side,Qin Liang also quietly called Shen Ruoxi out of the ward……
“Wakayu,Now the four of us have to rush back to the city bureau detention center to see Li Hai,I’ll leave it to you first,Take good care of Yuer,and also;Don’t let Yu’er know about the four of us going to see Li Hai now。”
Back to the corridor,Qin Liang said straight to Shen Ruoxi。

“Watch him,Don’t give him a chance to catch the ball。”

This is Feng Yuanchang’s instructions to Wang Guangwei himself on the sidelines。
So this is the situation Hu Lai is facing now——No matter how he runs,There is another Wang Guangwei around。
After he ran to the position, he wanted to receive the captain’s pass,As a result, I saw Wang Guangwei next to him,Chu Yifan passed the football to Luo Kai。
Luo Kai has no better way,Surrounded by the crowd, he can only pass the football out again,Make a big cross,To winger Tang Yuan。
See Tang Yuan holding the ball,Hu Lai immediately ran forward。
Tang Yuan’s pass was also sent subsequently,But before Hu Lai jumped up to grab some points,The football was headed out by Wang Guangwei。
“what,Why does Wang Guangwei keep following the 14th?……”Classmate Xia Wu in the stands aimed at what happened just now,Issued my own question。
“Just,I didn’t think there was anything amazing about the 14th,It seems to be a shot after playing?”
“It was Luo Kai who scored our goal.,Why didn’t the Wang team defend Luo Kai,To defend the 14th?”
“Eh, do you think it’s because the 14th made fun of our captain?,So the captain got on with him?”
“Can’t it?Isn’t that just arrogant??Let the most threatening Luo Kai not defend,Run to guard one……Just one shot?”

And at this moment,Liu Rushi’s injury is almost healed,I learned from Liu Xiaoyun that Qin Liang was injured because of the rescue,She took the initiative to take care of Qin Liang with Liu Xiaoyun,This made Qin Liang who didn’t want to be hospitalized,Because I want her to take care of,But stayed in the hospital for a few more days。

Shen Ruoxi wanted to go to the hospital to accompany Qin Liang,But because I was kidnapped just now,For safety reasons,The police asked her and Shen Ruoxue not to go anywhere for now,She also specially arranged several detectives to live in her home,Implemented a 24-hour protection measure for her and Shen Ruoxue。
Time goes by day by day,Liu Rushi and her mother were finally discharged from the hospital,At Qin Liang’s sincere request again,Liu Rushi finally agreed to Qin Liang,Worked as a fashion designer in Ouya Company。
Zhao Lu also returned to work at the company,She already knew from the police that Qin Liang led someone to save herself,But I don’t know about Qin Liang’s injury,And still don’t know Qin Liang’s true identity in the company。
Qin Liang spent a few days in the hospital,Although the injury did not heal,But there is nothing serious anymore,So I went home。
After this thrilling kidnapping case,The relationship between Qin Liang and Shen Ruoxi is stronger, let alone,The relationship between Shen Ruoxi and Liu Xiaoyun has also changed dramatically,Shen Ruoxi is grateful to Liu Xiaoyun,I have really treated her as my own sister。
Time passes slowly,Everything is back on track。
Qin Liang finally started to work at the company again。
Chen Hao is used to Qin Liang’s sudden disappearance and sudden appearance,So see him back again,I don’t feel any fuss anymore。
And Qin Liang’s first day back to work,He didn’t play around with Chen Hao uncharacteristically,It turns out that there is something in his heart,He’s going to see Zhao Lu first……
I had dinner with Chen Hao in the cafeteria at noon,Qin Liang went directly to the logistics department to find Zhao Lu。
To the small building where the logistics department is located,Qin Liang pushed the door in,It was the logistics minister who disgusted him first appeared in front of him。

“Nimei!Ran to the beach to sleep……”

Qin Liang is angry and funny,Reached out and slapped Shen Ruoxi’s ass。
“Boss,You are so embarrassed to say?You all went swimming,Ruoxi is a land duck,You don’t care about her,What can she do without sleeping?”
Du Shanshan raised an injustice for Shen Ruoxi。
Qin Liang was speechless,that’s true,Why are you so careless?!I know Ruoxi can’t swim,And left her in the car!
“what happened?”
Shen Ruoxi opened her eyes,Bewildered,Obviously not fully awake yet。
“Wife,I came to pick you up with Shanshan。”
Qin Liang hurriedly said。
“I do not know,I dont go,I am afraid。”
Shen Ruoxi said three in a row“Do not……”And then fall asleep again。
“Don’t sleep dear,You haven’t got enough sleep at home,And sleep on the beach?stand up,Go to sea,I’m here,There won’t be any danger。”
Qin Liang ignored Shen Ruoxi directly。
“I can’t swim……Why are you going to the sea?!What if something happens?……”
Shen Ruoxi is now sober,But still refused。
“The woolen thread,I am here,No danger,Walk around,Take Du Shanshan with you!”

“But come back to me,Is it really good for you??”

Qin Liang said seriously。
He means;If the swallow never sees herself,Then it is possible that at a certain time,Will meet a man who can be trusted for life,Then maybe she will be like Qin Liang,Build a family of her own!but now,She may be difficult to do……
With Qin Liang by his side day and night,How can swallows fall in love with others!So when I think of this,Qin Liang felt regretful,At the beginning he brought the swallow back to his side,Is it really the right decision??“I am happy now,Although there are some regrets,But isn’t life like this?How could everything be perfect,Life with shortcomings,Is the real life, isn’t it?”
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The first thousand nine hundred and sixty-four chapters I’m Lenovo
? “Do you really think so?”
Qin Liang asked anxiously。
“of course,You know i never tell lies,Not to mention talking to you。”
Swallow said for sure。
“but……I feel guilty in my heart,I always feel that I failed you,Although I never showed this idea in front of you,But that’s what I really think。”
Qin Liang said frankly。

Marin also exclaimed。

Not to mention the various envy, jealousy and hatred where Qiangzi and Marin were there,Just saying that Yang Zhi followed Shen Ruoxue back to the hotel,Reunited with Liu Xiaoyun and two other girls。
“Yang Zhige,Thank you for helping us。”
It is rare for Liu Xiaoyun to thank Yang Zhi seriously。
“Ha ha,What did you say,You are all my little sister,I should help you,no need to thank me,I’ll see you if you thank you。”
Yang Zhi said free and easy,Because of Shen Ruoxue’s personal invitation,He seemed very confident at the moment,having peace of mind。
“Ok,Don’t thank you,Brother,Let’s go。”
For the first time, Liu Xiaoyun spoke to Yang Zhi so kindly,Surprise Yang Zhi is another surprise,He thought to himself;What happened to these two girls tonight?Wasn’t it because I was scared by Swallow’s lesson just now?!
Several people walked out of the hotel together,Continue along the road just now。
“I will carry your guns,I am strong,Those who don’t feel any weight on their back。”
Yang Zhi said boldly,Because I live in a hotel,So Yanzi specially asked everyone,If you want to go out,Everyone must take it with them,Keep your weapons,So everyone is now carrying their own automatic rifles。
“Don’t,We brought you to walk with us,I didn’t make you a porter,We carry the gun by ourselves,I’ve long been used to it,I can’t feel any weight now。”
Liu Xiaoyun hurriedly refused to say。
“I really don’t need me to help you carry it?”
Yang Zhi is honest,What Liu Xiaoyun said,He didn’t even hold on……

Door opened,Liu Yong came in,Turn around and close the door carefully。

Yang Shiyun stood up hurriedly,Turn around and reach out to wipe away the tears from my face。
“Qin Liang,I already know your identity,Thank you for helping us solve the bank building case last time,There will be things we need to help you in the future,Although tell us,I’m Liu Yong, Director of Public Security of Haishang City。”
Liu Yong at the moment,Is already smiling。
“Oh,It turned out to be Director Liu,Sorry,I trouble you this time。”
Seeing that Director Liu is so polite,Qin Liang naturally can no longer pretend to be a wolf with a big tail。
“Where where,Own person,Don’t need to be so polite,Haha,Xiao Liu,Really let you talk,Close the door,This kid is still our family。”
Liu Yong is talking,Turning to smile, Duo Yang Shiyun said。
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Chapter One Hundred and Seventy Nine Bystander clear
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Bystander clear
“That’s good,Then he’s all right?”
Yang Shiyun suddenly fell to the ground with a stone in his heart。
“It’s okay,Of course it’s okay,Haha,correct,Return his gun to him。”

Peng Changyi smiled,Say patiently:“It’s ok,The more you manage,You don’t care,Let her handle it herself,It won’t mess up。obedient,See you grandpa tomorrow,Don’t talk about Lao Kang,Alright?”

“I am too lazy to talk about him,that person,Really annoying!”
Nana clicks her nose,Make an expression of disgust。
Peng Changyi“Haha”Laughed。
Sunday morning,Old Gu called Peng Changyi,Persuade him to leave early tomorrow。
Peng Changyi was puzzled,Said:“why?Is it Shu Qing coming back??”
Old Gu said in his heart,so smart,Just replied:“Yes,She waits for me to send you off,Come back with me。”
Peng Changyi heard this,Just say:“In that case,I’ll go this afternoon。”
Had lunch in my hometown,Peng Changyi and his daughter are back,He sent his daughter home directly,And repeatedly told her daughter,Don’t care about adults,Do your own study well。And then go back to the sea back residence,Took a change of clothes,After meeting with Old Gu,They are on the road。
When Peng Changyi is driving,Take old gu,Came to the door of a bookstore designated by Shu Qing,Peng Changyi got out of the car,Talk to Shu Qing:“You guys go quickly,I took the subway back to the party school。”
Talking,He took his backpack and a shopping bag from the back seat。
Shu Qing said puzzledly:“why?”
Peng Changyi said:“I’m afraid you will go back too late。”
Shu Qing said:“It doesn’t matter sooner or later,It’s not something important,come on,Get in the car,Master Gu,Send Secretary Peng to the school。”
When Peng Changyi heard that Shu Qing said,Didn’t say anything,Put the thing in his hand on the seat,Got in the car at the same time。
Old Gu sitting in the driver’s seat,Rest assured of each rearview mirror after adjustment,Seeing Peng Changyi’s obedient appearance,He smiled in his heart,Said nothing,Just drive,Drove straight to the party school。
Shu Qing, who was sitting with Peng Changyi, didn’t say anything,But turned his head out of the window,I don’t want to talk to Peng Changyi。There was a brief silence in the car。

“Humph,Since you see me like that,So let’s forget about your entry into the company’s senior management this time.,You should go back to the cafeteria to do the chores。”

“What?”Heard what Shen Ruoxi said,Qin Liang almost didn’t react,Enter the company’s senior management?Is this to mention his position??But he just transferred to the design department。
“Didn’t you hear clearly,I am going to let you into the management of the company,But I don’t think you think so much。”Shen Ruoxi smiled。
Chapter Fifty-Five How else?
? “miss you!Of course I want!Got a promotion,Why not rise。”Qin Liang said quickly,What is the work for?Isn’t it just to make money for a promotion?,Since Shen Ruoxi wants to be promoted to him,Let him enter the company management,Qin Liang must have a hundred willing。
But Qin Liang asked cautiously:“Uh,There will be no more perverted design reports for this promotion.。”Last promotion,Shen Ruoxi gave a design task that was almost impossible to complete,The promotion this time is not as simple as being transferred to the design department,But entered the company management,More money,More power,Of course is Shen Ruoxi planning to give him a more perverted task!
It seems that the last design report task really scared him,Humph,Who told you to molest the beauty in front of me,Deserve it。
Shen Ruoxi looked at Qin Liang who was nervous,Smiled:“So,I didn’t want to give you a task,Since you said,Reminds me,I really have a task I want to give you。”
“Isn’t it!No~~”Qin Liang wants to cry without tears,It turns out that this time Shen Ruoxi really just wanted to promote him.,I’m just too tight,I knew I didn’t mention the word mission,it’s good now,Shen Ruoxi is going to give him another task,Pray not to be too difficult。
“Ok,What kind of perverted task,Although sent,I won’t do it anyway。”Qin Liang smiled bitterly。
“Don’t be so nervous,I haven’t figured it out yet,I thought of it then,Talk to you again。now what,You just get promoted with peace of mind。Anyway, you are so good at design,You should be responsible for designing this one first。”
I rub,Isn’t it!Let me design!I really understand!Qin Liang didn’t know what to do,That bunch of designs,It’s just his little brother,Plus his three-inch tongue,Just fooled the company’s senior designers,Now let him be responsible for designing this one,Doesn’t that make him really embarrassed?If Qin Liang didn’t know that Shen Ruoxi had been fooled by him,He really wondered if Shen Ruoxi wanted to take revenge again with this arrangement。
Shen Ruoxi saw Qin Liang heard of her promotion,Not happy,But a frowning look。
what,This person is really strange,The promotion is still in this sad face。
“Qin Liang,Is there any difficulty?”Shen Ruoxi asked。
“what,No problem,It’s just that I don’t care about design,So can you change one?。I am afraid~~”Qin Liang said nervously。
“Nothing,You can just let Baiqing Songguan do the usual things,Other slowly learn,No one will be born。”Shen Ruoxi thought Qin Liang had any major difficulties,I didn’t expect these to be problems。
I heard Shen Ruoxi say like this,Qin Liang can’t help it,Have to bite the bullet,Who told you to lie。