Chapter two hundred and seventy one Find an excuse
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Shen Ruoxi“Vicious”Drop a sentence,Turned around and got into the car!
“Is not!This is why I’m back!You and your sister are in shape,Why don’t you let me go!Who did I provoke?!”
Bai Qingsong protested in a low voice,Then helplessly turned around and got into his car……
Half an hour later,Under the leadership of Bai Qingsong,Shen Ruoxi and the others came to a boss’s ice cream shop again。
“Oh my God,I never knew there was such a big ice cream shop in this city!Too unexpected!”Shen Ruoxue get out of the car,Screamed in surprise!Her clear and sweet voice and unparalleled beauty,Immediately attracted the attention of countless passersby!Then Liu Xiaoyun appeared beside her,As a result, these two are outstanding,Huarong
Moon appearance,After the allure of the little beauty stood together,Turning back on the road is 100%!
“Remember this place,We can come by ourselves in the future。”
Liu Xiaoyun reminds Shen Ruoxue。
“Yep,Ok,You remember。”
Shen Ruoxue nodded immediately。
“Why i remember?Don’t you remember?”
Liu Xiaoyun asked unconvincedly。
“I am responsible for eating,You are responsible for remembering,This is called reasonable distribution,understand?”
Shen Ruoxue answered confidently。

When Qin Liang and Yanzi separated,Qin Liang does not have today’s status and achievements in the dragon soul,So the two people at the time,There is no way,Have no ability to change anything,So in fact, neither of them is wrong,The wrong thing is god!

Qin Liang let out another long sigh。
“All right,Don’t talk about it,No matter what,Now we are finally reunited again,and……And if nothing happens,Maybe we will never be separated again,to me,This is already a good ending。”
The swallow sighed。
“I just feel wronged。”
Qin Liang said helplessly。
“It’s ok,I willingly。”
Yanzi answered helplessly。
“do you know?I have your help by my side now,Like a tiger with wings,Ha ha。”
Qin Liang deliberately changed the subject,So as to resolve the sad atmosphere just now。
“You are not a tiger,You are a lion!”
Swallow crying happily,Feel better,You can speak naughty at this moment。

It’s been more than 20 days since I came back from Kangzhou,Ding Yi knows that Dad loves him,I also know that my father insisted on asking her to participate in the calligraphy exhibition with him.,Although Dad and her never talked about Jiang Fan,But I must have known about Jiang Fan’s side news,This can be felt from my dad’s look and words,She doesn’t know how dad knew,For a father who is always worried about her and Jiang Fan,To keep abreast of Jiang Fan’s movements,Not difficult at all。

Jiang Fan,When did you think of this name,Will make her sad,Even though she hated him,Blame him,But I really want to miss him,It’s not easy。Dad once said,No eternal love,Then,She really hopes the time before her will pass quickly,Hurry into the back time,because,missing someone,It turned out to be so painful,Forget a person,It’s so difficult again。
That day,Dad took her back to Lang Zhu,He said he wouldn’t let her go back,And dad said,He also said this to Wen Qingxuan,Wen Qingxuan also expressed his full support and help to her。But she always feels like this,Somewhat empty,after all,Kangzhou has her youth、love,Also has her pain and sorrow,Jiang Fan bid farewell to Kangzhou with a poem,Then,Did you escape back in obscurity??but,Not so,What can we do?at the moment,The section chief doesn’t know his situation yet,If he knew,What would you think?
Ding Yi came to the bed,I took out the Jinan Daily from under my pillow,Holding a newspaper,Sat on the sun lounger on the balcony,Against the text on it,Watched over and over again,Watching,Until the tears come out,She buckled the newspaper resolutely,Closed eyes…….
sometimes,I know that I shed tears at a glance,But she still wants to watch,She hopes her tears will drain like this,There is no sorrow after draining,I don’t think about those past events anymore,You can forget what you need to forget。
memory,Is a river,A river made of tears,If you don’t want to be overwhelmed,Don’t remember。Who said this,She can’t remember,In short,She thinks it is right,Very simple,Also very real。
then,She wiped away her tears resolutely,Stand up,Stuffed that newspaper into the bookcase,She decided not to put it under her pillow,Put it in the bookcase,Locked,Never take it out again。
Just when she decided to lock it,I accidentally saw the picture of her and the puppy on the bookcase,It was taken in Jiang Fan’s office,He took them,She is worried,Took it down,Staring at my pure smile,It was really pure at that time,I don’t know that a man likes himself silently。She and puppy,At this moment, the eyes are all staring at the front lens,The lens is in a pair of big hands,that person,It was captured from the camera that she and the puppy smiled for a moment。I remember the pink hairpin on my head,Did Jiang Fan pin him on his hair?,that time,I am still a simple deer in his eyes……
“The photo is just a broken shell of life,The years have passed,I swallowed the melon seeds one by one,Everyone knows the taste,The only thing left for everyone to see is the wolfish black and white melon seed shell。”This is what Zhang Ailing said,Precise and cold。Zhang Ailing also said:“A person always walks a strange road,Look at strange scenery,Listening to strange songs,And then at some inadvertent moment,You will find,Things that I tried so hard to forget are really forgotten。”
How much she hopes she can do this now,This is for her right now,How difficult is it?but,difficult,Have to do,He has left her after all,So that her thoughts can’t cling to his clothes,He left abruptly,If she keeps on learning this way,Then she’s only haggard to death……
She put the photo frame together with the Jinan Daily,Into the bookcase together,She decided to take the strange road she had to walk,See the strange scenery that I have to see,Listen to the strange song that I have to listen to,then,At some inadvertent moment,And never think of him!
After locking the drawers in this bookcase,She picked up the Lang Zhu Daily that her father gave her again,She decided to sign up for the competition,Decided to start over……
The case of Ge Erhei is still under investigation and evidence collection,The series of people and events surrounding this case have not yet settled,Peng Changyi is still busy with the county party committee and the government。
Peng Changyi is a little irritable these days,The restlessness is not because of his busyness and his tiredness,The reason for his anxiety is that he has not been able to contact Ding Yi recently。Jiang Fan’s house in Gujie was subletted out by the original tenant a few days ago,The rent is raised by 100 yuan every month,The main purpose of Peng Changyi looking for Ding Yi is to accomplish what Jiang Fan assigned,Handling the transfer procedures of the Gujie real estate,Then give her the newly received rent for the second half of the year。of course,There is another important reason,Even he is a little worried about Ding Yi,I can’t contact for days,What happened to Ding Yi?
this day,Peng Changyi who just finished the meeting of team members,After returning from the county party committee,Just want to go home and see,I always feel that something is going on in my heart,So I called Ding Yi again,Still shutdown。
He is a little angry,“Snapped”Dropped the phone on the base,Xin said what happened to these two people?It’s hard for Chengdu to learn how to play missing?Got angry at the phone,He called Lin Yan again,Ask if Lin Yan has contacted Ding Yi recently,Lin Yan said he was busy recently,I haven’t contacted Ding Yi for a while,I called Ding Yi the other day but couldn’t get through,I didn’t fight again。
He called Xiao Xu again,Xiao Xu said he hadn’t seen Ding Yi for a long time,Ding Yi’s phone keeps turning off,He is also thinking about it。
No one knows the whereabouts of Ding Yi,It seems,Only call Li Li,Peng Changyi remembered that Li Li wanted to use Ding Yi’s relationship to walk the mayor’s back door,Later, I heard Ding Yi say,Li Li has always blamed Jiang Fan for not helping him,Spread the grievances against Jiang Fan on Ding Yi,Very crowded out to Ding Yi。at the moment,Ding Yi must be a hotly discussed character,Ask Li Li about Ding Yi’s whereabouts,Think about the reason in advance,Peng Changyi is not afraid that Li Li will criticize him,He is worried that Ding Yi will be criticized。
After he found an unassailable excuse,I called Li Li’s phone。Li Li took a long time to connect,Speak slowly:

Shu Qing smiled,Said:“Deny certain views of mom,Won’t affect the relationship between mother and daughter。Please note,I said no,Instead of slander。”

Peng Changyi smiled,Say:“This is not easy to define,Deny her,Many times it’s about facts。I really can’t do it。take it easy,I find,This kid is relying on me more and more,Especially after her mother remarried,I look forward to seeing me every week,Ha ha,at this point,I am a little dependent on her now,Even though she is so old,When I was,I woke up naturally in the middle of the night,Will definitely go to her room to see her,Not at ease without a glance,Lest she have a dream or something,I’m not around。Once I really caught up,When i went in,She is sobbing,After i wake her up,Crying while holding me。I asked what dream,She said she dreamed that grandpa was dead,I say dreaming is anti-dream,Guess what she said,She said that she dreamed of father crying with grandpa,Dad is crying,Grandpa is dead,Dad is dead too,Mom has Lao Kang,No one wants her……That time,I have been sitting next to her,Hold her hand,Until she fell asleep,I just left。Ugh——This is the insecurity that our family brings to children,I find,Since then,My daughter is more dependent on me,And following me is really good,Very sensible,do not know why,Play with her mother when you get home,So her mother always said that I provoke their relationship。”
Shu Qing’s eyes are red when she listens,She feels that Peng Changyi has an iron-blood and tender side,She looked at Peng Changyi with tenderness,Said:“You said that Nana had a big dream in the middle of the night,I have experienced this night countless times。When I was brought by my adoptive parents,,Dreaming and crying almost every day,Find mom,Find dad……Fortunately, every time my adoptive parents are by my side,Will be like you,Pat me to sleep,Over time,I don’t dream anymore at night,Sleeping with them in the same bed is particularly safe。and so,You can go to your daughter’s room in the middle of the night,To know,For daughter,How happy it is,at this point,You are a qualified father。”
“Ha ha。”Peng Changyi smiled embarrassedly。
Shu Qing said again:“1928AmericanJANE GUPublished a book,《Psychological care for babies and children》,In this book,He advocated a behavior-correcting child rearing system,Which is widely spread by people‘Cry or hug,Hug without crying’Crying immunity,Follow this method,It can indeed be trained to seldom cry、Child who saves mother’s effort。Can you imagine a young child,Crying in the middle of the night,And the parents don’t hold each other??”
Peng Changyi shook his head repeatedly,Said:“Chinese parents can’t do it,Too cruel。”
“Yes,and so,There are very few people suffering from schizophrenia in our country。”Shu Qing continued:“Psychoanalytic psychology thinks,The relationship between parents and children in childhood determines the destiny of a child’s life。Mother-child relationship is the top priority,Determine the child’s most basic sense of security and presence。The background color of life is happiness or misfortune,3Laid before the age of。As a psychologist,A large number of cases are broken personality caused by the failure of the mother-child relationship,The pain is beyond words,Very difficult and long-term self-growth to repair。so,Parenting,Love and freedom are always the answer。”
“Ha ha,This is what her mother did better,The child slept with us since childhood,Until we moved to a new house,She asked to sleep alone,We just separated。”
“Yes,Chinese parents are like this,After the publication of the American parenting expert’s book I just mentioned,Once all the rage in the United States,Children who have been trimmed by crying immunity,Later, sleep disturbance,Personality disorder or even schizophrenia。After paying the happiness price of a generation of American children,This method was finally deeply reflected and rejected by Europe and the United States,John the founder of this method·Watson was also named one of the most hated people in Americans。”
Peng Changyi said:“Yes,Cry or hug,Hug without crying,Is against nature,Certainly not conducive to the child’s psychological development。”
Shu Qing said:“you are right,The reason why I am so close to my adoptive parents,So dependent on them emotionally,This is related to their caring for me when they were young,I have nightmares in the middle of the night,I woke up and found it in their arms,Instead of being alone in a small dark room,Crying,Is a kind of expression of praying for love,And this time when your parents are far away from you and even watch you crying indifferently regardless of you,Over time,You grew up in such an environment,What kind of personality?This is calledJANE GUOf American experts think,Treat children with respect,But to get rid of emotional factors,So as not to develop the habit of relying on parents。This book changed the parenting practice of American children,Whole generation of children,Including his own children,All grew up in this style of parenting practice。His painful eldest son Reina betrayed him and studied psychoanalysis,Become a psychoanalyst。Maybe it’s because of the scarcity of childhood emotional trauma that is too serious,Psychoanalysis failed to save Reina。Rainer committed suicide many times,He committed suicide in his thirties。The two children of his ex-wife also have a bad life,Daughter committed suicide multiple times,Son has been wandering,Rely on Watson’s charity to live。Advocate and practice‘Behaviorist infant training’ofJANE GUfamily,The tragedy also continues in the third generation:In the memory of Watson’s granddaughter,Mother is silent and irritable,Secret alcoholism,And tried to commit suicide many times,She is also an alcohol addict herself,And considered suicide many times。and so,You can go to your daughter’s room in the middle of the night,Even if she falls asleep,Also sensible,She is safe。”
Peng Changyi said in surprise:“How do you know everything,I thought you always understood philosophy,I didn’t expect you to know so much?Even understand parenting?”
Shu Qing smiled,Said:“I usually work more loosely,but me,Almost no other hobbies except reading,The so-called knowledge I know,All the books told me。”
Peng Changyi said:“It’s true,I have had this experience recently,Reading,Indeed rich knowledge,And it can improve the ability to analyze and solve problems。”
They talked all the way,Got off the highway,Entered Langzhu City。
Shu Qing asked suddenly:“Do you just meet old friends empty-handed?”
Peng Changyi said:“What if you are not empty-handed,They also don’t invite me to a wedding wine。I don’t want to express it on one occasion.。”

Peng Changyi said:“Yes,Think about it,When I was in Sanyuan, I lived in Haihou Logistics Base,Have everything,What tools do soldiers have in the field,I have a barbecue that the soldiers don’t have,Kerosene charcoal fire、Pots and pans or something,Everything is complete,Just didn’t play a role。”

Ding Yi said longingly:“Then wait someday to have time,They all come back,How about we come here specifically for camping and barbecue?Let us also see your eighteen weapons。”
“That’s no problem,It’s just not possible,Will be very busy in the second half of the year,Say again,It’s not easy for us to get together。”
“What’s not easy,Xiao Shu is back,Our two,How impossible?”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“Of course I like crazy,It’s just not easy to get together,If you don’t believe me, let me say this,Guaranteed to be difficult to get together。”
Ding Yi looked at him,Don’t understand why he said that。
At this moment,I thought about Ding Yi’s call,She looked down,Laughed,Said:“Section Chief,It’s Secretary Wei,He may know we are here?”
Peng Changyi said:“Tell him,It’s ok,I was looking for him。”
Ding Yi got the acquiescence of Peng Changyi before answering the call,Just listen to Wei Keqin:“Anchor Ding,Is it true that the reporters from our station are taking pictures in Wusehai??”
Ding Yi said with a smile:“Yes,how do you know?”
Wei Keqin says:“Our County Party Committee Propaganda Department just received a call from the person in charge of the Wise Sea Control District,Said the reporters from the TV station are recording here,To make sure,I just called anchor Ding。”
Ding Yi said:“Yes,I am still here。”
“what,Anchor Ding came in person,Why don’t you tell us,such,At noon, I invite you to dinner at the county committee guest house。”
“Ha ha,We came early,I’m here after four o’clock,In addition,Give you a surprise,Mayor Peng is here too,Also in the sea of five colors。”
“what,Really?I have invited so many times,Finally came,We also visited privately。”
Ding Yi said:“We also met by chance。”
Wei Keqin says:“You are waiting for me,I will pick you up right away to the county。”
Ding Yi hold the phone,Said:“Secretary Wei is coming?”
Peng Changyi nodded,Did not speak。

After Jiang Fan got off the bus,Seeing that Ding Yi did not move,Walk over to where Ding Yi is sitting,Pull the car door,Go Latin One’s hand。

Ding avoided his hand consciously,Jiang Fan stretched out his arms,Hug her,Got her off the car。Then lock the car,Took her arm and walked towards the alley。
Ding Yi broke him away,Whispered:“Sorry,I am going to work。”
Jiang Fan said:“You can’t work today!”
“what are you doing,I still have a job!”Ding Yi is afraid to speak loudly in the alley,But this is gnashing his teeth。
“Your job is to read the mail,go。”Talking,Walked in with her arm again。
Ding Yi is afraid of being seen by neighbors,And threw her hand away angrily,Walked ahead of him。
Come to the door,She took out the key,Just about to open the door,Jiang Fan took the key,Jiang Fan opened the door,Locked the door heavily,Strode towards the North House。Come to the door of the house,Opened the door with another key,Go in,The first task is to turn on the air conditioner。
Ding Yi and behind him,Reluctantly entered the house,After entering the house,She doesn’t do what she should do,Seemed a little overwhelmed。
Jiang Fan blew for a while at the air outlet,Nothing happened to Ding,Just turned around,Said:“turn on computer。”
The computer is upstairs,Ding Yi doesn’t want to go upstairs,She said calmly:“I do have something this afternoon,Yangxin’s feature film must be finished this week,and so,I’ll read the mail tonight,If you don’t want to go,Just stay here alone,Don’t forget to close the door when you go out……”
She said,Twist and walk outward。
Say it’s too late,Jiang Fan takes long legs,Just two steps to her,Took her arm,Ding Yi is not prepared,Staggered,Fell into his arms……
Jiang Fan pushes again,I pulled her into my arms,I can’t help but hug her and kiss……
Ding Yi struggled hard,Don’t let his lips touch him,She struggled to break him away,Gave him a resentful look,Turn around and leave。