His voice fell off,Mo Xiaosheng, who was a few meters away from him, suddenly stood in front of him.,He was shocked,Before he could react,Mo Xiaosheng’s hand suddenly grabbed out like lightning,Grabbed his neck。

Nangong Yunxi trembled violently,Suddenly I felt like a hard steel bar was tied around my neck,I suddenly had difficulty breathing,He stretched out his hand and grabbed Mo Xiaosheng’s arm,Pulled it hard,But Mo Xiaosheng’s arms are like solid stone carvings。
Nangong Yunxi suddenly felt extremely difficult to breathe,Mouth suddenly opened,I really want to say to Mo Xiaosheng,But he can only open his mouth,But can’t say anything。
And Mo Xiaosheng’s face is as sinking as water,There seems to be a hint of chill and disdain in the deep eyes。
For this look,Nangong Yunxi is very familiar,Because this look is what he often shows to others,I didn’t expect Mo Xiaosheng to show it to him today!
Nangong Yunxi’s eyes opened instantly,Frightened and horrified,I don’t know if it’s because of suffocation or fear,She trembled like chaff,And his just now,The impossibility of God has become a sharp contrast!
“You can trample me to death anytime?Then you step on it now!”Mo Xiaosheng squinted,A gleam in the eyes,The voice is extremely cold。
he knows,Because of my low-key、Tolerant is too strong,So that these big families in the capital,Don’t take him seriously!
A Nangong Yunxi,Also worthy of being compared with him?
Looking at Mo Xiaosheng Senhan’s eyes,A trace of panic flashed in Nangong Yunxi’s eyes,Mouth wide open,Almost suffocated,Where are you still talking?,Quickly patted Mo Xiaosheng’s arm,Obviously it is soft。
“how?Young Master Nangong,Are you begging me for mercy??”Mo Xiaosheng raised his eyebrows。
Nangong Yunxi was so suffocated that she was rolling her eyes,Immediately nodded vigorously。
Mo Xiaosheng can really choke him to death,Snorted coldly,Then let go。
Nangong Yunxi immediately covered her chest,I coughed hard with my head down,Gasping,I feel like I’m walking around a ghost door。
“Young Master Nangong?”Mo Xiaosheng glanced at him,Lightly,“Now please tell me,Who is the bug?”
First0408Zhang seems to like you

Mo Xiaosheng turned his head and took a look,I found it was a man in his 30s,It seems that he knows himself,But I don’t have much impression of him in my mind。

“President Mo,You don’t remember me?You are such a nobleman, how forgetful you are,I’m the manager of Quansheng Department Store,My name is Bai Wei!”The man quickly introduced himself to Mo Xiaosheng。
After what he said,Mo Xiaosheng suddenly realized,Hurriedly:“Oh,He is the son of Director Bai of the Food and Drug Administration!”
Mo Xiaosheng just remembered,Bai Wei came here last time to sign the overlord contract,Just hit Jiao Yuan,As a result, Jiao Yuan called his Laozi Baichengye,Fixed him severely。
“Not bad,It’s me! It’s me,President Mo,I was looking for you,I didn’t expect that you happened to be there today,Great!”Bai Wei’s face is quite excited。
“Find me?”Mo Xiaosheng was a little surprised,I don’t seem to have contacted him before。
“Correct,Walk around,Come in and say。”Bai Wei quickly pulled Mo Xiaosheng into the meeting room,At the same time instructed an employee to say,“Call you Mr. Bai。”
After a while,Bai Xue came in,Smile:“White manager,How come you have time to come to us?”
“Of course it’s about business!”
Bai Wei leaned back on the chair,Said grievingly。
“how,Is Quansheng going to increase its purchase??”Bai Xue suddenly became interested。
“Is not,In my name to discuss business with you。”Bai Wei smiled,There was a trace of evil in his eyes,“I plan to personally,Buy 10% of your company。”
“so much?”

Carlos explained。

“How could it be meaningless,Let’s hold on for one more day,More people will be rescued……”
Carlos interrupted Garithus,It also aroused the curiosity of Lordaeron soldiers who were watching around。
“Correct one of your cognitive errors。”
Carlos gave a confident smile,Very infectious。
“On strength,Our alliance still has an absolute advantage。In Arathi,I have an army of 70,000,As long as Uther is not a fool,Climb now to Menethil Harbor。Just integrate power,Those undead are not our opponents at all。”
Carlos’s rhetoric is very encouraging,But Garithus is the honest boy after all。
“But does this conflict with our abandoning barriers??”
First751chapter I predicted your prediction
“But does this conflict with our adherence to barriers??”
Garithus’ problem is also a puzzle for most of the team。
This out-and-out Lundaron army couldn’t understand why Carlos gave up the only strategic place east of Lordaeron.。
After all, the undead natural disaster,Mobile nightmare,To fight against a vast number of bones in a sudden disaster,Many soldiers will not be able to adapt for a while。
So in terms of psychological expectations,Most people tend to use strong fortifications at the barrier gate to fend off the enemy。
But what can Carlos do?
Be a big prophet and tell everyone that Dalaran cannot be kept,Alsace will lead East Turkistan to the north to defeat Quel Silas?

Jimmy Lin seems to have guessed it,Since Brother Biao specially appointed Lin Zhihao for an interview today,There is a high probability that something went wrong。

“Messed up?Brother Biao,You said so relaxed,I gave you a million。”
Brother Biao picked up the glass of wine in his hand,Drink it all,Said:“No way,I guess it’s hard stubble。”
Jimmy Lin frowned,“What hard stubble?”
Chapter Sixteen Hit the ground
Brother Biao glanced at Lin Zhihao,Sighed。
“My twenty-something brothers,Are in the hospital。”
“No, Brother Biao,They are more than you?”
Brother Biao shook his head,Extend an index finger。
“Just one,So i said,Encountered hard stubble。”
Lin Zhihao heard the words,All over,The people under Brother Biao have been with Brother Biao for a long time,Many people even carry two or three lives in their hands。
and,Brother Biao sent more than 20 people,Was cleaned up by one person?
Lin Zhihao suddenly became angry。
“I give you so much money,You fool me?”
Brother Biao smiled bitterly:“They all come out to eat,If Chen Biao takes the money and doesn’t do anything,,Can I get to this point??”

“Yes,Second elder,You have the best relationship with the elder,I should be able to predict it?”

The second elder of the Clear Sky School sighed silently“If the Qianyu Soul Guidance Device is not unexpected, it should be a Level 9 Soul Guidance Device.,After being attacked by the Great Elder’s eighth spirit ability, they were unscathed.,I’m afraid………”
Just as they talk,The Great Elder of the Clear Sky School was suspended in the air out of thin air,Looking down at Qianyu below, it is so solemn“Seventh Spirit Ability!The real body of the dragon!”
moment,Behind it, the dragon with a huge body has doubled again,It seems to have completely blocked the entire sky,Shocking power keeps emerging……
Ninth Spirit Ability!Feather Dragon Strike!
I saw the shape of the dragon behind him began to change,The body that was originally like a python gradually stood up,Subsequently,Two sturdy arms and two heavy thighs came out of his body.……
The flesh and blood of the back are constantly squirming,The huge dragon wings slowly stretch out,Golden light burst out all over……
Become a real dragon queen,Its attack power and defense power are several times stronger than before!
“Roar!”A huge dragon chant resounded through the entire Clear Sky School!
The disciple of the Clear Sky School below looks at the domineering and mighty divine dragon above,Shocked“Oh my god,That is the ninth spirit ability of the great elder,Feather Dragon Strike!It is said that you can make your dragon martial soul a real dragon for a short time!”
Another Haotianzong disciple swallowed,Out channel“Not only that,It is said that after the great elder used this spirit ability,Can actually compete head-on with a Super Douluo one level higher than himself!”
“That guy is miserable now!Actually angered the great elder to this point!Waiting to see his desperate expression being destroyed,Hahahaha!”
Xiao Yu stared at the sky“Transient into a true dragon form??”
His tenth-level defensive soul guide,While escaping the Holy Spirit,They are two level ninety-nine limit Douluo,Ye Xishui,Long Xiaoyao,A Level 98 Super Douluo,Use the ninth spirit ability together to defeat it instantly……
Want to resist this trick,Shouldn’t be difficult……“

Tang Chen takes back the cover of the universe,Turned into streamer and turned to his forehead。

This thing is very easy to use,It contains the sense of the sea god,Several skills are very powerful。
“Someone is coming again,hide!”
“Tu Dun:The Art of Hidden Rock!”
Seven close to the rock,After a wave of ripples, it magically disappeared in place。
And at this moment,Ghost Douluo flashed through the forest with black smoke。
“It’s really hard,Frontal Chrysanthemum Douluo Chase,Search behind Ghost Douluo。”
Tang Chen’s figure reappeared,Pointing to the direction of Ghost Douluo。
If it’s not within the scope of Wuhun City,,He doesn’t mind fighting against Title Douluo。
The seven rushed towards Wuhun City,The goal is the Douluo Enshrine Hall outside the city。
The Papal Palace is more of a face,And Bibi Dong is currently not showing hostility。
Instead, those who worship the elders,Sent someone to hunt down,Is he being bullied??
“Li Xi,Open up!”
About five miles from the worship hall,Tang Chen found a secret place and stopped。

Three days later,Wuming led Lin Wu to the original place of the Demon Sect。

Ruined wall,Very dilapidated,Both Wuming and Lin Wu are familiar with the old place of Demon Sect,The nameless lives here because of Liansheng,Also fought here,The reason why this is like this is because of the nameless。
Lin Wu was originally a disciple of the Demon Sect head,It is the last generation of Sect Master of Demon Sect,Naturally familiar with the old place of the demon。
Came to the Demon Sect Hall gently and skillfully。
“He is inside?”Lin Wu asked。
“Yes,He was trapped in the hall by my sword”Anonymous。
“Lotus,I’m coming”The nameless voice is mighty,Incoming Hall。
“No sound,Because the voice of the trapped person cannot be heard”
Liansheng has been trapped here for nearly a year,He went from pain to despair in a year,From hunger to numbness,I even wanted to devour the corpses of the remaining people of the Demon Sect many times to satisfy my hunger,He warned himself over and over again,I meditate over and over again to control my mind,Don’t let yourself be overcome by hunger,Cannibalism after all,It’s beyond Liansheng’s bottom line。
Just when Liansheng is about to break the bottom line,Just when hunger is about to overcome oneself。
“Lotus,I’m coming”Voice came,Suddenly wake up Liansheng from the confusion。
“Ke Haoran”The light in Lotus’s eyes skyrocketed。
The kicking footsteps slowly spread to Liansheng’s ears。Liansheng frowned,Two people?
Wait until Wuming brings Lin Wu in,Found the lotus high platform,Baoxiang solemn,Although hungry and skinny,But the spirit is pretty good。
“You finally came”Liansheng smiled and said to Ke Haoran。
“I just came to see,Are you dead,I’ll lend you something by the way”Anonymous。
“What to borrow?Gourmet Dafa and the Lotus Flower”Wuming said to Lotus。

The Wizards accepted the rebound,Lose a good game,But at this time, I can’t worry about it,Pacers quickly returned to defense,Wall turned away to speed up and wanted to score a layup,No need to find Bill now,He is enough!

At this moment,
Behind him suddenly a stormy sea surged,Flew towards Wall with teeth and claws,So fast and so fierce,There is no time and space for reaction at all,Seems to have been waiting here early,Waiting for his self-investment,Complete swallowing instantly!
It’s Paul·George!
Block again!
First372chapter Lore!Nine consecutive victories!
By the way, Xu Xuan did not expect pickled peppers to be so vigorous at critical moments,Two consecutive blocks!
Boost morale!
Too much morale!
Wall did not expect,By the time he thought about it, it was too late!
7Seconds,Enough to launch a wave of offensive!
Xu Xuan is at the forefront,Although there is no ball in hand,But not much,Xu Xuan just rushed through halftime,Hill’s pass is here!
“damn it,Slow down,Slow down,Wait for me!”

“Master Xie”Feng Yunshuang three respectfully said。

“Although I give you three yuan into one,But I don’t want you to practice according to the three elements of the hero,Wugong is the best that suits you,I hope you can use the Sanyuan Guiyi Cheats as an opportunity,Create your own ternary unity,Or your own swordsmanship、Knife、Boxing etc.,Give you three months,Breakthrough Master,It will be the day when my Sword Sect becomes famous”Wuming said and waved to let the three leave。
Three people leave,Nameless in the room with his eyes closed。
At this moment,Jian Chen came in。
“Chener,Are you coming to be a teacher??”Wuming asked。
Since Wuming and Absolutely No God returned safely from a decisive battle,I haven’t seen Jian Chen for a long time。
Jian Chen seems to be avoiding meeting with the nameless,Actually it’s normal to think about it,Wuming is very kind to Jianchen,Hand in martial arts,Nurture adulthood,Even his own sword hero sword was given to Jianchen,But Jian Chen was impressed by his heart,Although nothing happened in the end,Didn’t even mention his poisoning。But it doesn’t mean that Jian Chen can be treated as nothing happened。
It’s been a month since Jue Wu Shen’s battle,Jian Chen has spent the whole month in suffering,Jian Chen is not sure if Wuming knows he has been poisoned,The heart seal on my body has not been lifted,Jian Chen didn’t realize that his best solution now is to tell Wuming everything,Let Wuming help him solve things,Jian Chen is like a kid who made mistakes,I just subconsciously don’t want the master to know his own scandals。
After adding a month,Nameless Pointing Nie Feng and Bu Jingyun,Basically never had any intersection with Jian Chen,Even Qin Shuang came to Zhonghua Pavilion two days ago,This gave Jian Chen the illusion that his master was taken away。Some anger in fear,Complex emotions make Jian Chen know what he is wrong,Subconsciously like to come to the nameless。
“master,I,I”Jian Chen is silent,I opened my mouth several times in a row without speaking。
Unknown,After just thinking about it, you can understand Jian Chen’s concerns:“Chener,One can be treacherous,Can be vicious,But there is one thing he can never commit,Do you know what it is?”
“Disciple,Don’t know,Please master”Jian Chen thought for two seconds,Means not knowing。
“One can never be stupid,Stupid makes you proud,Stupidity makes people confused about themselves, but also makes others confused,Master, I have to go out tomorrow,You go back first,Come to see me after thinking about it”Anonymous tone,Let Jianchen go back。
chapter Five:Finding the Dragon Vessel in Lingyun Cave(New book seeking collection and recommendation)
Early next morning,Wuming didn’t wait until Jianchen,Instead, the butler Fu Bo sent a letter。
Letter written by Jian Chen,With the letter came a sword,Hero sword。
“Revered Master
Master is on top,Shao’s disciple Jian Chen, look at the distance and worship,master,Tuer used to go out,Desperately captured by the Godless Absolute Palace,After being desperate, I planted a heart-to-heart mark on my body,Disturbance and loss of mind,Zeng poisoned the master,Fortunately, God blessed,The master’s magical skills have never been injured,The disciple returns toss and turn,Can’t sleep at night,I don’t know how to tell the master,What the master said to his disciples yesterday,Disciples,The disciple knows that the master has already known the truth,But I didn’t blame the criminals,I’ve been waiting for the disciple to admit his mistake。

——The advantage of this is that the company can use professional operations to gather people’s hearts,Let those hundreds of remnant fans stay away,Can continue to give her krypton gold。

The disadvantage is,Handed all the fans to the company,If Qu Wan’er terminates the contract with this company next time,Those silly fans basically have nothing to do with her。
When a traffic is gone,That’s equivalent to being a general without soldiers,Is a terrible thing。
But she has no choice now。
Hand over these leftover fans to the company,It’s better than letting these leftover fans be led by no one,It’s better to walk away slowly。
Life is suffering, but there is no choice。
She agreed to Ye Wenwen’s proposal,Thinking in mind:“To be a flow is too unstable,I still have to charge myself more in the future,Improve one’s own strength,Try to be a real singer,Singer with a masterpiece that can be out of the circle。”
Capable singer,Can live well without a fan,Can still live with dignity,Free enough。
Really envious。
Just say it again——Really need that kind of strength,Who would choose to do traffic??
Just like the authors,If it’s not really desperate,Who is going to write about the Internet??
Isn’t it more fragrant to move bricks??Isn’t it more dignified??Isn’t the economic value higher??
I sighed deeply in my heart,Qu Wan’er made a decision,You must work hard to enrich yourself in the future。
In the case of insufficient strength,Don’t think about terminating the contract with Haoran Culture Company。
——That would make her really nothing。
Chapter Four and Two family