But it’s just a little bit。

He didn’t want to change his lifestyle because of that little guilt,Sacrifice one’s own happiness。
“most,In other respects,I will compensate her well。”He thinks so。
Chapter Three Six Four Furnishings
After Guo Miaomiao came back,Didn’t go to work right away,But rested at home for a few days。
Anyway, she has a rather detached position in the company,Whether to go to work is not that important。
Did not go to work for two or three months,The company did not have any problems。
She is not very familiar with finances,Be the chief financial officer,Those who supervised the company on behalf of Gu Mu,Make them worry。
She really can’t help much in business,The role is almost equivalent to the stone lion in front of the bank,Just a deterrent。
Rested for a few days,It also greatly eased Fang Hao’s lovesickness during this period of time,Then she went to the company to do her decoration。
after get off work,Did not go home,But let Fang Hao go to Gu Mu’s house to join her。
Plastic surgery was successful,Of course you need to show your face in front of Gu Mu。
Fang Hao is not so willing to go to Gu Mu’s house,Always feel uncomfortable。
But Guo Miaomiao made such a request,He is not easy to refuse,Can only pass。
In the past,Gu Mu is chatting with Guo Miaomiao,His wife Zhao Jiajia is also there。
Zhao Jiajia saw Fang Hao,Smiled and greeted him,And then said to him:
“Your mask factory is doing pretty well,My cousin and I praised you several times,Say your appearance,Let him bear much less criticism locally。”
Little one mask factory,I wouldn’t have received such praise,But the problem is that after closing those polluting factories,There is only one mask factory that performs well。
In a closing tide,Fang Hao’s Haoqi mask factory is not only turning losses into profits,Also expand production,Hiring another one or two hundred workers,It proves that keeping the green mountains and green water is the golden mountain and silver water. The direction of governance is correct.。

This banquet,Really worth it!

First1086chapter No one can please everyone
In the Huajing food circle the next day,An interesting anecdote spread。
“Can you believe it,The scallions can be made into a dish individually?”
What they are talking about is the private kitchen for the boss。
Of course it’s not just about green onions,12Catty grass carp,Can be so fresh and tender,It’s really rare。
usually,The meat of grass carp is firmer,So it’s often used to make sweet and sour fish。
Like this is steamed,It really has to be good meat,Dare to do this。
Otherwise it will taste old and chaotic,Even if your fish is big,Will never be welcomed。
In fact,Those delicious and valuable fish,Usually not heavy。
Now this grass carp is doing the opposite,It really makes people feel a little weird。
The picture of the clean fishbone taken by the owner,Also breathtaking。
Eat up all the dishes on the dinner table,It’s been many years ago,I’m paying attention to keeping a little bit now,So that I am rich。

Shan Ju smiled:“Think about how many people in this society you can see wearing masks,You know if the market is good。”

Fang Hao asked again:“solve100Employment issues for multiple employees,Can you leave a love in others’ hearts??”
“100I feel a little bit less,”Single judo,“But their factory has a large reserve land,If land is to be acquired for the establishment of a high-tech industrial park in the future,Selling is a lot of money。Just lose a few years,I think you can make money in the end。”
Chapter Three and Two Six Mask factory
Fang Hao quickly calculated。
solve100Employment of multiple employees,Although it’s not a big love,But there is more or less affection there。
In a year, you lose several million,If the operating rate is not high,Just pay basic salary,An underdeveloped area100How high is the basic salary of multiple employees?。
The main thing is,That place belongs to the future high-tech industrial park,Since that factory has a relatively large area,Cover for a few years before selling,You can also make money back,Maybe you can make more money。
——Jinshan Investment Company100Billion in infrastructure investment,That is outside the plan100Billion,It will definitely bring a big boost to the local economy。The land price back then is definitely different from the current land price,In the high-tech industrial park,I won’t lose no matter what。
Unless the stall rots。
But that possibility is very low。
Since they want to use this as a political achievement,Must be done。
Even if the term here ends,I will also care about the follow-up development。
Earn money,And get a small favor,This deal is done。
So I asked Shan Rou:“Take that plate,How much is it?”
“The boss’s asking price is3000Ten thousand,I think I can cut some more。”Single judo。

Liu Yan disagrees,He said immediately,“If he wants to reveal our identity,Then we have already exposed。If he is a person of fantasy and dust,That should be worrying!This matter is indeed risky,But this time is a great opportunity,we.”

“enough,We should be safe,Do your own thing!”suddenly,Chen Feng interrupted Liu Yan and shouted。
“team leader!”Liu Yan asked,Why is there such a good plan,The captain is still fearful。
“I have already explained,Never worry about Lu Li’s affairs。He can even resist the song soul bell,The mood is very popular,We are now going to join the floating fantasy,The situation is already precarious,One step wrong,It will lead to death,If Lu Li becomes an enemy again,By his means,The risks we face will increase a lot。Let it go,No more mention!”Chen Feng said decisively。
If he had agreed with Liu Yan’s plan before,This is indeed a brilliant plan。
They can not only pull Lu Li into the water,To distract them from both Floating Fantasy and Nichen,Secondly, I can take this opportunity to blend into the fantasy,more importantly,You can find out the details of Lu Li through the hands of Fuhuan and Nichen。
Chapter Thirty Fight again
This is a solution to three birds with one stone!
but,The people they face are not ordinary people,But Lu Li who once let them fail。Chen Feng asked himself for so many years,Faced with many very powerful enemies,Never failed like last time。
For the enemy Lu Li,His instinct tells him,Everything must be stable,Not sure,Never shot easily!
Lin Yuan saw that the captain strongly opposed this,I finally let go of my heart。
But she and Chen Feng have different starting points,She just didn’t want the relationship between their team and Lu Li to continue to deteriorate。At that time,She found out that she got along briefly on the plane,In fact, Lu Li is not very hostile to them。

but,worry about what,What then。

I just worried about the company,Door of own office,Was pushed away。
“Manager Zhao,Oh no,problem occurs。”
This person,Belongs to Zhao Long’s old men。
Mr. Zhao,It’s a habit。
now,Lin Yu is away,Naturally, he called Mr. Zhao directly。
“What happened?”
Zhao Long saw that his old subordinate ran in,Doubt asked。
“The head office executive who came to the company a few days ago,What kind of party,The address is in the lobby of our company,Time is tonight。”
This old man,Anxious。
“Get this one in the company lobby?”
“Recklessly,It’s just a mess。”
Zhao Long who heard this,Angry。
“This person,It’s just a mess。”
Zhao Long’s subordinates who heard this,Followed by anger。

Her assistant sighed helplessly,Then started calling to change her schedule。

After calling Annina,,Mo Xiaosheng personally grinds the medicinal materials bought by Li Zhen into pills,Then put Luo Yilin down with warm water,Then sit next to her and stay with her。
Luo Yilin has been in a coma,The flush of skin has spread to the arms,And some very inconspicuous red rashes vaguely appeared。
“Mr,Yilin has not been infected for long,Why are the symptoms so severe?”
Li Zhen looked solemn,Frowned and asked in a deep voice。
Mo Xiaosheng’s face is solemn,Low channel:“It may be because the patient she is taking care of is the most serious,and,I suspect,The virus has mutated,Faster infection,The symptoms are more serious。”
“Master,A few foreigners came outside!”
At this time, Dou Xinyi hurriedly walked from outside the hall and shouted,“Said it was for you!”
Mo Xiaosheng’s heart moved,Immediately got up and walked out quickly,I saw Annina standing in the hall with two assistants,The bodyguard who accompanied her stayed outside the hospital。
Anina took a look at the entire medical clinic,He immediately smiled after seeing Mo Xiaosheng:“ink,Your medical clinic is pretty good,position……”
Did not wait for her to finish,Mo Xiaosheng rushed over and grabbed her hand,Pull her inside,Anxious,“Come with me and have a look!”
Anina felt the warmth on Mo Xiaosheng’s palm on her arm,I can’t help but red,Let Mo Xiaosheng pull her in,After entering the room, I saw Luo Yilin lying on the hospital bed。
“Anina,You help me see……”
“she was,She is a viral infection!”
Didn’t wait for Mo Xiaosheng to speak,Anina’s face suddenly changed,Immediately interrupted Mo Xiaosheng’s words,Squatted in front of Luo Yilin,Reached out and checked the condition of the skin and mouth under Luo Yilin’s neck。

“Nearly half?”

Mo Xiaosheng couldn’t help taking a breath,It’s also an extremely unexpected,To know,The Military Intelligence Department represents the highest level of China’s combat effectiveness.,The people inside pick up one randomly,The special forces composed of normal people like the Dark Sting Group are not at the same level.,This is also why Li Changming wants Mo Xiaosheng to find someone from the Military Intelligence Department to help Mo Zizhen.。
And can cause more than half of the casualties of the two squadrons of the MI,It also shows that this big demon is extraordinary,Even better than Mo Xiaosheng’s first impression,More terrifying!
“Mr,Do you know who is in charge of this mission?”
Ming Cheng sneered,Cold voice,“The self-righteous Yuan He who drove you out of the MI!”
When he said this,I can’t help but feel so happy,The big talker,Now I slapped myself!
Mo Xiaosheng frowned upon hearing this,Remember when Yuan He mentioned the attack on Qiandu Mountain,Full of disdain in his tone,Seems to think that as long as there are more people,Don’t talk about catching the big demon who lives in Taoist temple,It’s no problem to flatten the entire Qiandu Mountain,Now he really got stuck because of his arrogance!
Mo Xiaosheng thought that the Military Intelligence Department had already damaged so many people in the hands of this big demon.,Can’t help but sigh,“Brother Ming,Didn’t I warn you before I left?,If you can dissuade them,Just dissuade a few words,wait me back,Can give them some meaningful suggestions!”
“Humph!Those white-eyed wolves are also worthy?”
Ming Cheng snorted,Said,“What a great credit you made for them,They don’t still say that you are removed?Since they are so good,Let them solve it by themselves!”
“It was his decision to remove me from the military,Nothing to do with other colleagues,Not because of him,Just anger other people!”
Mo Xiaosheng shook his head,Sighed heavily。
Although he also has great opinions on Yuan He,But he knows,Those casualties are innocent。
Ming Cheng saw Mo Xiaosheng’s face full of sadness,Said coldly at him:“Mr. Mo,Now you have nothing to do with the Military Intelligence Department,No need to be sad because of them,What you should consider now is Miss Luo’s safety!”
Mo Xiaosheng nodded solemnly,Then it seemed to remember something suddenly,Hurriedly asked,“correct,Brother Ming,This mission,Did Ye Bing participate??”
“Ye Bing?”

Because of Lin Yun’s kindness,That illuminates my originally gloomy life。

But Lin Yun is still not happy。
“Too kind,Will be bullied。”
Qin Shi heard this,Park the car on the side of the road。
After putting on the handbrake,Qin Shi looked at Lin Yun seriously,The eyes are full of perseverance,Shocked Lin Yun。
“you…What to do。”
Qin Shi said:“Wife,Tell me the truth,When i’m not by your side,Have you been bullied by anyone。”
Qin Shi suddenly asked,Makes Lin Yun a little confused。
Although most of the time,Qin Shi is with Lin Yun,But Qin Shi was still worried,Since Lin Yun asked that,Then ask clearly。
“No ah…I just think,Character like me,Is it too weak?。”
Qin Shi grabbed Lin Yun’s hand,Put it on my heart。
Qin Shi’s heart beats very powerfully。
“You are not weak,Be kind,You don’t have to worry about anything else,This kindness,Is your very precious thing,You have to keep,As for the remaining troubles,I’m all there。”
“Are the kind people being bullied??I’m not as kind as you,Bully,It will end badly!”
Lin Yun looked at Qin Shi,My eyes are a little moist。
I have never been so firmly protected。

People’s eyes are sharp,So many people feel that way,That shows that he is indeed a little too mature。

Maturity is not a bad thing,But too mature,That’s not a good thing。
Just this image,Has made him feel ashamed。
And based on what he learned,Jiang Li’s family conditions seem pretty good,Is a rich daughter。
Only such a rich and adopted girl can become a moonlight clan without any burden,How much salary is spent,When it’s not enough。
His economic advantage,In front of such a rich and adopted girl, there is nothing left。
Girls with well-off families,The pursuit of money is not so strong。
He has no looks。Destiny book
Can impress each other,Only character。
The character here does not refer to moral level,But the degree of consideration and obedience to women。
Speak a little bit more,That is the concentration of licking dog nature。
As the saying goes——If not for no choice,Who wants to be a licking dog?
The goddess is washing around,He dare not say anything,I didn’t even dare to look twice,Can only be crooked in my heart,Counseled like an innocent little virgin。
——Ok,Actually,He is a little virgin。

His courtyard is still beautiful,It’s just the little children in the yard who insist on standing every day,Became the young man with a healthy body now。

“Ben Lei Fist!”
In the courtyard,A cold shout,Resounded suddenly。
An agile shadow suddenly appeared in front of a stone the size of a millstone,Wrong feet,Half slanted,Right fist shot out like a sharp arrow。
Muffled,Flying stone chips,Spider crack,From where the fist touches the stone,Spread。
A densely packed cracked stone hit by a punch,Make a crunching sound,A moment later,Finally shattered。
Looking at what I have achieved,The handsome face of the teenager,Full of joyful smile。
Two months,I finally mastered this yellow-level advanced fighting skill, Thunder Fist.,And Ben Lei Quan after Dacheng,I didn’t disappoint Li Chenfeng,The power is comparable to some mysterious rank fighting skills。
I am only the ninth stage of fighting,But the destructive power of that punch just now,Has almost reached the level of a fighter!
“Brother is great!”
Just when Li Chenfeng was measuring the power of his punch,A crisp girl’s voice came from the side。
Heard this voice,The corner of Li Chenfeng’s mouth suddenly showed a smile,Turning around, I saw a little figure leaping towards me,Stretch your hands forward like a conditioned reflex,I took a small body in my arms。
“Haha,Yan Ran,Brother is not good?”Looking at the sister in my arms,Li Chenfeng asked with a smile。