But Boston is still difficult!

Suppose the two teams are now on a par,You win to the end,I win to the end,The Pacers, not the Celtics, will make the playoffs in the end!
Because in terms of the difference between the two sides in the regular season,Walker3ratio1Take the initiative firmly!
“but.Still can’t be careless
Even with a 95% success rate,It is close to zero after rounding
Besides, how can it be so easy to win in the end??”
Xu Xuan thought seriously,I still can’t relax my guard,Because the enemy did not relax,They can’t relax!
4month12,Pacers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder。
at the same time,Boston Celtics vs. Cleveland Cavaliers。
The schedule on both sides is basically the same!
but.After seeing the lineup sent by the Cavaliers,,Pacers fans are impatient。
“What the hell?The Big Three did not come?”
“Ah!Don’t talk about the Big Three,EvenJRNever came.”
“I heard it was sick?Still sick together.”
“FAK!How could such a coincidence happen?ThisTMMing played my Dayin City,Obviously these guys are pretty good the day before yesterday,Got sick on this day?”
“Report!Report!There are actors here!!”
Of course I said so,The Cavaliers did nothing to do with the actors,After all, it has been confirmed to enter the playoffs like this,Even the teams that have determined the second place generally choose to let the main players in the final stage of the regular season“Reasonable rotation”,this isNBAThe official default。
and so,This is not an actor,I can only say that the Celtics are lucky.

Seeing this, Li Chenfeng also shook his head secretly,“Unexpectedly, this famous girl named Feiyan of Zhao Guo turned out to be Prince Zhao Jia’s person,No wonder you want to retreat behind the scenes。Just look at her deep roots in love,I just don’t know if it’s a person……”

He doesn’t know what Zhao Jia is like,I only know that the Prince Zhao is already in a dire situation,Now the other party draws to himself,Just to find foreign aid。
In this case,This girl Feiyan followed him,I don’t know that there will be a good result in the end。
“Feng Xiandi,What do you think of Miss Feiyan?”
After the ceremony,Zhao Jia didn’t look at the two women again,Instead, he said directly to Li Chenfeng。
“Ok?”Li Chenfeng looked over in surprise。
This is really surprised。
Is it true that my previous speculations were wrong?This Feiyan is not from Prince Zhao?
But when Li Chenfeng turned his head and looked over,I found Feiyan who was standing there listened to him,A pretty face turned pale in an instant,The whole person is struck by lightning,Stupid there。
Maybe I felt Li Chenfeng’s gaze,She quickly lowered her head,For fear of being seen by the two,It’s just that the trembling body still shows her mood at this time。
Seeing Li Chenfeng here, I still don’t understand what happened,When I look at Zhao Jia again,I have taken a little contempt in my heart。
“艹!To win others with her own woman as a gift,You are really not afraid to put a hat on yourself!”
of course,In Zhao Jia’s heart,Just a woman in the dust,Isn’t it normal to give someone away??
And this practice is common among the various nobles in the Warring States Period.。
However, Li Chenfeng still feels that this kind of thing of giving away his own woman as a gift is very disgusting。and,You only give Feiyan but not Snow Girl,Do you want to save the new one for yourself??
What do you think of Laozi?
Thought of here,Li Chenfeng’s mind changed,Then looked at Feiyan, who was still looking down and hiding his painful expression,And the snow girl who panicked beside her,Tao:“These two women have the look of a country and city,Otherworldly,Dance art is the best in the world,Is the rarest and most beautiful dancer in the world。
See you today,The wind is really amazing,I don’t know if Brother Jiawang can cut love,Give my brother a chance to kiss Fangze?”

Don’t look at that8Days seem to be fruitless,But in fact it is really rewarding,It’s just that everyone’s harvest is different,Some people are the harvest of their determination,Some people are the harvest of their own strength,Some people are gaining their survival ability, etc.。

Similar to iron fence and Huang Lei,In fact, they are more always firm,Also has a more combative energy。
Both of them like challenging things,The nonchallenging rebellion is not very interesting,Just like now,The harder this guy’s mouth is, the better,This is a challenge for them,After all, both of them are thinking about how to let each other let go。
“Are you going to say what good is it for you not to say,Don’t you know you have been caught by us now?I will send you to the police station to see what to do?”
Song, whose surname is Song, said with a certain atmosphere, it’s a threat, right?,His threat really didn’t play any role,The other party doesn’t eat this set at all,It’s just that Song whose surname is Song is the same as Zhang Bai’s Bai,For these two people, it doesn’t look at all,So Huang Lei feels helpless,Too tough on the way,It’s not good to be tough to this level,Even if two people know what’s going on,Tie Lan and Huang Lei didn’t say much about this,Mainly because I don’t think it is necessary,Moreover,Even if it is necessary,It’s not worth having any opinions and opinions on these things at this time.。
Since Song, whose surname is Song, took the initiative to question,Then let this guy behave well,This can be regarded as a test and exercise for him,If this guy doesn’t even have this ability,Then it really makes people feel sad and headache。
“Hey,I can’t think your mouth is really hard,I spoke like this,You are still indifferent to what I said,Whose mouth is a good thing,After all, this means you are a very powerful person,It’s considered loyal,Have you ever thought that this will ruin your life,Do you really want to see this scene??Is there nothing worth keeping you lingering?”
The surname Song Zi thinks that there is no problem with this kind of cross-examination,He has already hit the opponent,Use this method to make the other person think about those who make him think about it,Something he is worried about,He should know this time,Be lenient,Strict resistance,Otherwise, what awaits him will be torture,There are also various life imprisonment, etc.,Anyway, the other party should start to be afraid at this moment。
Then when he found that the guy in front of him was indifferent,Nothing,Like when I didn’t hear,He knew he seemed to be wrong。
Originally,He thought he,This time it will definitely let the other party relax,It’s just that it’s really not the same thing now,The other party didn’t put him in the eyes at all,This makes Song, whose surname is Song, feel very bad。
“I seem to be too good to talk,So far you still haven’t put me in your eyes, very good, very good,I like people like you,After all, special and special,Confident in these things,I appreciate you a lot to me,Appreciation doesn’t work,You have to tell me your value,I won’t keep you if you are worthless,I will send you away,From now on your life will be dark。”
He thinks this time he should be nagging with each other,Let the other party know where the error is,Don’t offend him no matter what,Otherwise it’s him who can’t eat。
After he said all this, he realized that the person in front of him still didn’t take him seriously,He is not in a beautiful mood at this time。。
Originally,The hard work is to make the other party look at him with admiration at this time,But it didn’t play any role,On the contrary, it got the contempt of the other party。
“OK,Since you don’t say it, forget it,Pull you down,Anyway, any pain I will suffer from chasing after all,You asked for it……”
Chapter Two Hundred and Sixty Seven Don’t waste time
“You have to remember,We didn’t do anything to you,You don’t cherish opportunities,In the end, it was the last bad luck,That’s your own problem, know?”
“But don’t complain about this kind of thing,Or what do you say about this kind of thing?,I think this is a very hate and dislike behavior。”

Constantly raising the image of Shen Huan,Use of his brand awareness,Can also be fully implemented。

therefore,These vice presidents rushed to China in person,I want to discuss with Shen Huan about the next specific cooperation method。
Even if Shen Huan told them,I only play the playoffs for one season,That doesn’t matter。
Fans who live in anticipation,It’s impossible to forget Shen Huan this year。
The Lakers are doing well,They will think of Shen Huan’s words,Will the grade be better。
The Lakers are not doing well,They will even think of Shen Huan,The achievement is definitely not what it is now。
James is doing well,People will compare him with Shen Huan。
Durant behaving badly,People will compare him with Shen Huan。
Curry’s three-point shooting percentage has increased or decreased,Shen Huan has this mountain standing there,Waiting for him to compare。
All of the above,Are all facts about to happen。
AsNBAThe most dominant and powerful superstar in history,Shen Huan is not in the arena,Jianghu never ignored him。
Especially when people really want to play the playoffs,That is more worthy of discussion and expectation。
The topic is so high,There is no second person。
And with such a high degree of topicality and popularity,For a brand,Isn’t it the best advertising??
Countless basketball fans,Even fans who are not very iron,Will be in the next season,News accompanied by Shen Huan,See the advertisements of these international brands。
This for a company,Is the best sales opportunity!
Shen Huan also understands this truth。

He is also a little scared,Even him,I can’t resist the power of Qu Hun Ling,He has never heard of anyone who doesn’t change his face in the face of Qu Hunling,Now I really see。

In the cell,Lu Li has fallen asleep。
Chen Feng’s men broke Lu Li’s chains,And took him away from the tunnel。These things are going on quietly,No one is aware of by any outsider。
When Lu Li wakes up,It’s already the second day。
His body aches,Can’t beat up。Recalling the punishment suffered yesterday。Lu Li just clenched his fists,An angry murderous look in his eyes。
The silver soul bell made him feel terrified,The bell is not only very harsh,And it stimulates deep inside,Stimulate all the negative energy hidden deep。
Really defeated him,It’s not a physical pain,But from mental and inner torture。
But at that time,Wen Lihai helped escape。
He absorbed the memory of Wen Lihai,Wen Lihai has formed a second personality in his body。During this period of time, Wen Lihai’s memories are constantly reappearing,His second personality has become more and more independent。
Lu Li picked up the phone to check the time,He promised Wen Lihai to return to the south to visit his wife and daughter,The ticket he booked is tomorrow afternoon,But there are still some things left in the school。
He got up with difficulty,Stretch the body,After doing some simple exercises,Lu Li’s body fatigue slowly subsided。He closed his eyes and slowly felt,Suddenly discovered that his current supernatural ability has become a lot stronger。
Although Lu Li was very surprised,But he is in a dangerous situation right now,I don’t know how many lurking enemies in another world,Only powerful,To survive。
He finished washing,After finishing the dress,Go to school immediately。
on the way,Lu Li passed through the bustling working crowd,The desire of all,Thought in his supernatural power,At a glance。Now he can feel a wider range,And also more precise。
But at this moment,Lu Li suddenly noticed a familiar flame of desire behind him。That flame is very unique,Same as Chen Feng’s,They are from the same organization,Should be one of Chen Feng’s men。And at this moment,That person should be following him in secret。
If he used to,Basically aware of the fire of desire,But now Lu Li’s abilities have improved a lot again,Even if the person follows far behind,Lu Li can also detect the fire of desire。
Lu Li walks as usual,But when he passed the intersection,Suddenly turned,Walk down a long walk。This street is very narrow,And almost no one in the morning。

Remember the intersection between the original and Dugu Fengyun,He couldn’t help but sighed slightly,Emotion。

When Dugu Fengyun died,He doesn’t believe it at all,Who is Dugu Fengyun?,How can you say that you die?,If it weren’t for the official statement from China,,He would never believe it,But what he never expected was,Such a big country with great status in the world like China can deceive people.,So annoying!
Fukuyama rubbed his neck and slowly climbed onto the chair and sat down,Said while holding his face:“I suspect that Dugu Fengyun can solve the poison,Related to Mo Xiaosheng,After all, he is now a famous genius doctor in Chinese medicine,And the captain of the dark sting team who was also poisoned some time ago,It is said that Mo Xiaosheng was treated by him!”
“I can’t speak my mind!”
Tokugawa snorted,Said,“How old was Mo Xiaosheng ten years ago,How to treat Dugu Fengyun?He has only become famous in Beijing more than a year ago!”
“I don’t know why……”
Fukuyama frowned and wondered。
“Mo Xiaosheng, Mo Xiaosheng,I didn’t expect you to be from the MI Department!”
Tokugawa stood at the window looking out the window,Hate said,“The shame you gave me today,From now on i……I……”
He wanted to say that he would double it back in the future,But when I think of the MI,Thinking of Dugu Fengyun,His aura was immediately reduced by more than half。
Fukuyama seems to see that Tokugawa’s concerns are coming,Sighed lightly,Said:“This Mo Xiaosheng turned out to be a major in the Military Intelligence Department,It’s really hard to touch him now!”
“You can’t move him anymore,This kid is in the Military Intelligence Department,For the MI Department,It’s definitely even more powerful!”
Tokugawa said bitterly,“Who the hell is this little bastard?,Even Hu Fan and other high-level officials don’t understand‘Rigid body’,He knows everything!If not for him,Hattori can definitely fool Hu Fan and the others!”

A book by a Chinese writer,May sell well abroad。

But it’s selling well for this kind,That is absolutely unprecedented!
Don’t go back and read it,I’m sorry for the thousands of enthusiastic fans waiting in line!
First90chapter These crazy people!(Three shifts)
Received the library card,Looking at the pencil sketch of my portrait behind,I know the sustenance that represents the man’s tree,I remembered the bits and pieces of getting along,But connected“like”Never said,Heaven and man are separated forever……
Think of all this,The female Fang Shu smiled shyly at the younger students,But he covered his mouth again,Sobbing softly。
at this moment,The picture freezes。
Immediately the screen turns black,Subtitles began to appear。
The soft projection hall lights are also lit up。
That familiar song also rang again。
“Who married the sentimental you,Who read your diary……”
Zhu Mei tilted her head to look at Zheng Rongrong,I found her motionless watching the movie screen with subtitles,There seems to be a sparkle in the eyes。
Except for Shen Huan’s slightly green singing voice,There is no other voice in the cinema。
Seems a little silent。
The crew members looked at each other,I don’t know what this situation is。

“What weapon do you use?!”

Jack turned around****,Took a breath,Then I glanced at Yueren Wang,Seeing that the king of Yueren is empty in his hands,Can’t help but frown,Curiously asked。
“No weapons needed,Deal with you,Bare-handed is enough!”
There is no expression on Yuerenwang’s face,Said in a very flat tone。
Everyone couldn’t help but change their faces,Li Qianhui, Wang Xuan and others turned their heads and looked at each other,Full of surprise,My heart hangs up,I think Yuerenwang is a little big。
But Li Zhen held his head high,Smiling,A confident look。
“Haha……All of your Chinese martial artists have the same characteristic,Just brag!”
Jack laughed haha when he heard the words of King Yue,“The few Chinese martial arts masters I killed before,They also said the same before the shot,But when I shot the bullet into their head,They can’t speak big words anymore!”
Jack said that his face suddenly sank,Both eyes coldly look towards King Yue,Whispered,“you,not excluded!”
“Be careful!”
After Mo Xiaosheng noticed the little movement on Jack’s hand,His complexion changed suddenly,Hurriedly reminded the king of Yue。
But he said it too late,Just as he yelled out this,Jack has pulled the trigger!
As a sharpshooter,Jack naturally developed a good technique of shooting in the waist and abdomen.,After all, professional sharpshooters like them are fighting guns,There is no time to raise the gun at all,They took the gun out of the waist and turned it around,Then fired quickly at the waist,It’s the time difference!
And he just talked to Yuerenwang,Obviously distracting Yuerenwang,And he took the opportunity to open the insurance,Adjusted the position of the muzzle,Taking advantage of Yueren Wang,Pull the trigger without hesitation!

“I really can’t help it,Uncle’s calf bruised badly,More than half of the flesh is gone,Muscle tissue and skin tissue are all necrotic,Must have high amputation,Otherwise, gangrene of the thigh will be implicated next,And cause other high-risk symptoms。”Zhong Fan shook his head slightly,Say one five ten ten。

In this case,There is no other way except amputation。
“what?To amputate?!”When the holly on the side heard this, his face suddenly changed,I grabbed the form in Qiao Yiyi’s hand and looked at it,Tears burst out again。
She turned around and grabbed Zhong Fan’s hand,Pleading with tears:“Doctors,Please,Please,Think of a solution,If this is to cut off the leg,How can he live the rest of his life?,He is only over 50 years old。”
“aunt,I really tried my best,If the limb is not amputated as soon as possible,Situation could be more dangerous。”Zhong Fan holds Holly’s hand,Whispered。
“Think of a solution,I beg you,I kowtow to you!”Holly said that he would kneel down when his legs bend。
She can’t imagine what would happen to the old man who has always been strong without a leg,I guess it’s worse than killing him。
“mom,What are you doing!”
Qiao Yiyi wiped away tears,Rushed over and took Holly’s arm,Didn’t let her kneel down。
Zhong Fan hurriedly grabbed Holly,Explained:“aunt,Uncle’s situation,Even the gods can’t help it,I really can’t do anything。”
“Can i go in and have a look?”
Mo Xiaosheng hesitated for a moment,Suddenly spoke。
First0117Chapter no in case
Zhong Fan glanced at Mo Xiaosheng,Smile gently,With an apologetic smile on his face,
“Sorry,Our hospital has regulations,People cannot enter the operating room casually。”
In fact, he sneered inwardly,When this is your home,Go in and see if you want。
“Doctor Zhong,My husband is also a doctor,Hope you can make it easy,And I want to go in and have a look,If my dad’s situation is as serious as you said,I am willing to sign。”Qiao Yiyi tried her best to endure the sad emotions in her heart,Said with a choked voice。
“Yiyi,Can not do it,I can’t amputate your dad’s limb,You don’t know his temperament,Didn’t you let him die??!”Holly hurried over and grabbed Qiao Yiyi’s hand,Said in pain。
“mom,If the situation is as serious as Dr. Zhong said,Without amputation,That’s what caused my dad to die!”Qiao Yiyi cried and explained to her mother,Holly doesn’t know medicine,Don’t know the seriousness。

“Are you OK!”Tianyu cares。

Lin Yan slowly got up and turned her back to her, wondering:“Why are you here?You should know that my brother died,Why not come out to save him,Why!”
“This…”Tian Yu lowered his head,She can indeed save Dika,But I don’t know why I saved him。
“We will never be possible,It will never be possible when my brother dies,Your name is Tianyu, right,Indefinitely!”Lin Yan hugged Dika and walked forward。
Just walked two steps and looked back at Tang San and said coldly:“starting today,You are all my enemies,I, Lin Yan, swear to heaven,Don’t kill everyone in the Clear Sky School in this life,Wait for me, Tang San,I will let your friends die by your side one by one。”
“What’s coming for me,If you dare to move my friends, I will destroy your martial arts palace!”Tang San also said angrily。
Lin Yan shocked and sneered:“OK,Then see who succeeds first!”
Tianyu behind him has already burst into tears,I can’t let go of my hand in mid-air。
“Ugh,Yuer, come back,If you are destined, you will meet,Don’t look for him now。”
At this time, Qingsong’s words rang in Tianyu’s mind,Tian Yu slowly put down his hand,Turn around and look at Titan with cold eyes。
With a wave of Titan into nothingness,This scene stunned Tang and his son。
“Titan!”The two shouted,But I dare not do anything to Tianyu,She made them feel nothingness。
Tian Yu couldn’t bear to look at Lin Yan who was going away,I slowly closed my eyes and disappeared in place,And Lin Yan didn’t know what happened next,Holding the bodies of Dika and walking away,Every step of the way, a powerful murderous aura bursts out,I’m full of what Dika said before。
It started to rain in the sky,Looks extremely sad,Lin Yan burst into tears,All my brains are the vows of the three people。
“Big brother,From now on, my friend and I will protect you!”
“Do not seek common life but seek common death!”