“Count the opponents of Yaren carefully,I think no one is his threat!All of us,Cheer for him!”

“Ha ha,I feel weird,Obviously our brother Jiang Shiyu played the best、Break through yourself。Why are Japanese people so shameless,Have to say this award,It seems to be in their bag?”
“Japanese people are like bears,Like never seen the world!Don’t they know,《Gift in Room 7》Did it debut in our Tai Chi country??Speculation and performance of the role,Jiang Shiyu is obviously going to win!”
“The Japanese people are all active,We must also support Jiang Shiyu a lot,He is the best!Can’t be snatched away by Japanese people!”
Whether it’s private or in the media,Japanese benzene and Tai Chi country quarrel again。
If the opponent is someone else,But because of the hatred between the two countries,So this fight for the best supporting actor,Seems to have become more enlarged,The impact is very wide。
Chinese media and netizens,Means that he is very stable。
“Ok,Look at them,How crazy?Best video here、Best director、The best actor and the most seen actress didn’t say anything.!”
“Even if there is no prize, what happened??We have so many nominations,Is already an unprecedented victory,Let alone those previous results,Has proven《Gift in Room 7》Excellent!”
“Yes,Can’t be too optimistic,I think the Oscar nomination this time,I am afraid that the form is greater than the content,Our awards shouldn’t be the same as before。”
“I think so too,Maybe the best film has some hope,Oh,correct,The best original script is basically stable。”
“I think,We are on the best actress,Very potential!Look at the best actress candidates,Who can have our little princess so good?”
“I upstairs said that I couldn’t agree more!Yang Shu’s performance is definitely historical!Don’t you often say,Old man、Disabled、little girl,Is the easiest to get an Oscar award!Yang Shucai9Years old!”
“Kneeled upstairs,Common sense in martial arts got Oscar,There is no sense of violation at all!”

“But you won’t do it for my tree,Give up the whole forest,right?”

“You want to hear the truth,Still lies?”
“Although I know the truth is cruel,But you still tell the truth。”
“The truth is,I never thought there was only one woman in this life。”
She broke away from her embrace,Looked at me in surprise:“How many boats do you want to pedal?Isn’t this a scumbag??”
I sneered:“What is a scumbag?If you coax you,Put you in bed,Deceive your feelings,That’s a scumbag。Now i tell you everything,The choice is yours,How would you call me a scumbag??”
“Besides,In my status,I can surely pursue any girl in this school。even,Some girls will cry and beg me to be with her,You’ll understand in a few days。”
Xiang Qingru’s heart is in chaos,Stutter:“I,I feel a little unacceptable,I go back and think,first,I’m leaving。”
I watched her leave,Saying such cruel words as soon as I snatched the girl’s first kiss,It’s really something,A little disappointed,But more of relief。
I don’t need to think about her anymore,She is willing to follow,I can promise to be nice to her,But if she doesn’t want to, forget it。
to me,Whether it’s coaxing、cheat、grab,There is only one person who has to be tied to the side by any means,That is Zhong Manxia。
Tired back to the dorm,This mental battle is more tiring than playing court,I think I can rest now,The phone rang again,I lamented:“Are you going to stop doing everything today?!”
After answering the call,I refreshed,Because this is from the private detective Wang Qiangdong who has not heard from for a long time:“President Jiang,These days I follow Xia Jinsong day and night,Some information to report to you。”

“Thirty-six counts for the best,Otherwise it will be even more embarrassing。”

Huh!While my wife and mother-in-law didn’t find it,Attention is not on my side yet。
Liu Yu runs directly,Don’t dare to stay here ashamed。
And Lu Yingying,Was also shocked by the sudden scene。
React right now,Took La Linyu’s hand,Sign over。
“what happened?”
Seeing the eyes of my wife motioning to me while talking,Lin Yu asked in a low voice。
“How do you know the yellow bureau?
Isn’t he the one who admitted the wrong person??
A friend of yours,Can there be such a big relationship?
Even asked the Yellow Bureau to come out and apologize to me?”
Even now,Lu Yingying still can’t believe what she saw。
“It’s all true,Because of Huang Ju’s father,I rescued three days ago。

“Grandma bear,The one who robbed me last time,Let me be in front of the whole company,Embarrassed。”

Chapter 298 Xie Yilao
“Xie Yilao,I don’t want to fight with you,I’m afraid of you,But don’t want to cause trouble,But don’t you think,I fear you。”
Bai Ze heard Xie Yilao’s words,Anger。
“Humph!In this case,Then give me a punch。”
Xie Yilao heard,Raise hand,And he fought at Bai Ze。
“court death!”
Bai Ze heard,Raise hand,Greeted the past directly。
Subsequently,Two people,That’s it,Fight。
The owner of this barbecue shop,Never expected,Drove well by yourself,Someone drank too much,In own place,Fight。
“You guys stop me,To roll aside,Don’t hit in my shop。”
See this one,BBQ shop owner,Suddenly angry。
“rest assured,Something broken,Original price compensation。”
Heard what the boss said,People who drink with Xie Yilao,Look at this boss,Cold road。
“Yes,Something broken,Wait a while,My boss,Compensation for the original price。”
another one,Hear,Also followed。
“it is good,In this case,Then you just hit,”“correct,My oven,Have used it for a long time,But always reluctant to change,Put that thing,It’s broken too。”
The boss who heard this,Excited instantly。

After all it might,It was also the last time he talked to his granddaughter……

Then Qian Daoliu strode hard and walked towards the secret room……
Seeing Qian Renxue didn’t follow,He turned his head and looked at Qian Renxue who was still standing behind him,Whisper“Koyuki,Don’t be in a daze,Go and complete your ninth exam with grandpa!”
The corners of Qian Renxue’s eyes were flushed a bit,Still holding on to not crying,Without expression on cheeks“Ok”
quite a while,The two finally reached the secret room……
Qian Renxue’s pupils flickered a few times,Cold tone“grandfather,Now the Wuhun Empire is unified,These are unnecessary!”
Qian Daoliu glanced at Qian Renxue,Kindly“Koyuki,Grandpa can’t live for a few days,Can open up your path to God in the end,Already satisfied!”
Qian Renxue was silent,Did not speak……
Qian Daoliu looked at the angel statue in front of him,I slowly closed my eyes,I read a series of words“The great angel god!…………”
next moment,This angel statue seems to be activated,The six wings behind him burst into golden light,All shining on the bodies of Qian Daoliu and Qian Renxue……
immediately,Qian Daoliu burst out his only soul power,In front of him,A golden vortex slowly bloomed……
He took a deep look at Qian Renxue next to him,Open road“Koyuki,After grandpa left,Take care of yourself!”
Even if my granddaughter is going to become a god,He still can’t let go……
Qian Renxue swallowed her delicate throat,Staring at Qian Daoliu,But always choose silence……
Stop talking,Qian Daoliu released his Seraphim Martial Soul,Then his face calmly walked into the golden whirlpool……

Tang San lowered his head with lingering fears,The situation just now was too dangerous。

Xuanyu hand with insufficient strength,May not be able to take that terrifying fang。
And the mandala snake is extremely poisonous,It must be too late for treatment。
“Just remember.”
Tang Chen waved his hand dismissively,Throw the dragged prey aside。
“teacher,you are back?”
“what?What’s wrong with this wing?It turned out to be an entity?”
Yu Xiaogang came here respectfully,But after seeing the wings, I became curious。
I want to reach out and touch,But was kicked away by Tang Chen mercilessly。
“I said you want to die, don’t find me,This is an external soul bone,It is very poisonous,If you scratch, you must die。”
Tang San quickly backed away frightened,He is in awe of the poison。
Yu Xiaogang also has lingering fears,The original dissatisfaction has disappeared。
“Thanks teacher.”
“This external soul bone,Where did it come from.”

at this time——

Suddenly someone slammed on the accelerator,Then a sudden brake。
A big car stopped beside Chu Yi and the others。
Big Ben up,Walked down a figure that was a little flowing。
Su Zimo couldn’t help frowning slightly——She doesn’t like this kind of flowing strangers very much。
Lin Jiameng took the initiative to greet her:“what?Strong brother,You got a new car?”
“AEMercedes-Benz,Nothing!”The strong brother said obviously。
“Brother Qiang, you are so humble!Big Ben!Not a big deal?”Lin Jiameng said kindly,Then he looked at Chu Yi again,Said stingingly,“Unlike some people,Driving a broken car,Just show up everywhere!”
“Oh?”Brother Qiang glanced at Chu Yi’s car,There is also a bit of disdain on his face。
in fact,He deliberately slammed on the accelerator,Park the car aside,It obviously means showing off the new car。
“but……This Passat,Why does it seem a little strange?”Brother Qiang is slightly confused,But didn’t think too much——No matter how rich his imagination is,Never thought,The true value of the Passat parked in front of him!
“correct!”At this moment,Lin Jiameng said again,“Our strong brother,Still buying a house in the Haitang Garden opposite!”
“You bought a house opposite?”Chu Yi said in surprise。
The whole Begonia Garden,All his houses,The real estate certificates are all piled up in a cardboard box in his house!this“Strong brother”How did you buy the house?
Lin Jiameng didn’t hear what Chu Yi meant,I thought Chu Yi was enviously exclaiming。

But Boston is still difficult!

Suppose the two teams are now on a par,You win to the end,I win to the end,The Pacers, not the Celtics, will make the playoffs in the end!
Because in terms of the difference between the two sides in the regular season,Walker3ratio1Take the initiative firmly!
“but.Still can’t be careless
Even with a 95% success rate,It is close to zero after rounding
Besides, how can it be so easy to win in the end??”
Xu Xuan thought seriously,I still can’t relax my guard,Because the enemy did not relax,They can’t relax!
4month12,Pacers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder。
at the same time,Boston Celtics vs. Cleveland Cavaliers。
The schedule on both sides is basically the same!
but.After seeing the lineup sent by the Cavaliers,,Pacers fans are impatient。
“What the hell?The Big Three did not come?”
“Ah!Don’t talk about the Big Three,EvenJRNever came.”
“I heard it was sick?Still sick together.”
“FAK!How could such a coincidence happen?ThisTMMing played my Dayin City,Obviously these guys are pretty good the day before yesterday,Got sick on this day?”
“Report!Report!There are actors here!!”
Of course I said so,The Cavaliers did nothing to do with the actors,After all, it has been confirmed to enter the playoffs like this,Even the teams that have determined the second place generally choose to let the main players in the final stage of the regular season“Reasonable rotation”,this isNBAThe official default。
and so,This is not an actor,I can only say that the Celtics are lucky.

Seeing this, Li Chenfeng also shook his head secretly,“Unexpectedly, this famous girl named Feiyan of Zhao Guo turned out to be Prince Zhao Jia’s person,No wonder you want to retreat behind the scenes。Just look at her deep roots in love,I just don’t know if it’s a person……”

He doesn’t know what Zhao Jia is like,I only know that the Prince Zhao is already in a dire situation,Now the other party draws to himself,Just to find foreign aid。
In this case,This girl Feiyan followed him,I don’t know that there will be a good result in the end。
“Feng Xiandi,What do you think of Miss Feiyan?”
After the ceremony,Zhao Jia didn’t look at the two women again,Instead, he said directly to Li Chenfeng。
“Ok?”Li Chenfeng looked over in surprise。
This is really surprised。
Is it true that my previous speculations were wrong?This Feiyan is not from Prince Zhao?
But when Li Chenfeng turned his head and looked over,I found Feiyan who was standing there listened to him,A pretty face turned pale in an instant,The whole person is struck by lightning,Stupid there。
Maybe I felt Li Chenfeng’s gaze,She quickly lowered her head,For fear of being seen by the two,It’s just that the trembling body still shows her mood at this time。
Seeing Li Chenfeng here, I still don’t understand what happened,When I look at Zhao Jia again,I have taken a little contempt in my heart。
“艹!To win others with her own woman as a gift,You are really not afraid to put a hat on yourself!”
of course,In Zhao Jia’s heart,Just a woman in the dust,Isn’t it normal to give someone away??
And this practice is common among the various nobles in the Warring States Period.。
However, Li Chenfeng still feels that this kind of thing of giving away his own woman as a gift is very disgusting。and,You only give Feiyan but not Snow Girl,Do you want to save the new one for yourself??
What do you think of Laozi?
Thought of here,Li Chenfeng’s mind changed,Then looked at Feiyan, who was still looking down and hiding his painful expression,And the snow girl who panicked beside her,Tao:“These two women have the look of a country and city,Otherworldly,Dance art is the best in the world,Is the rarest and most beautiful dancer in the world。
See you today,The wind is really amazing,I don’t know if Brother Jiawang can cut love,Give my brother a chance to kiss Fangze?”

Don’t look at that8Days seem to be fruitless,But in fact it is really rewarding,It’s just that everyone’s harvest is different,Some people are the harvest of their determination,Some people are the harvest of their own strength,Some people are gaining their survival ability, etc.。

Similar to iron fence and Huang Lei,In fact, they are more always firm,Also has a more combative energy。
Both of them like challenging things,The nonchallenging rebellion is not very interesting,Just like now,The harder this guy’s mouth is, the better,This is a challenge for them,After all, both of them are thinking about how to let each other let go。
“Are you going to say what good is it for you not to say,Don’t you know you have been caught by us now?I will send you to the police station to see what to do?”
Song, whose surname is Song, said with a certain atmosphere, it’s a threat, right?,His threat really didn’t play any role,The other party doesn’t eat this set at all,It’s just that Song whose surname is Song is the same as Zhang Bai’s Bai,For these two people, it doesn’t look at all,So Huang Lei feels helpless,Too tough on the way,It’s not good to be tough to this level,Even if two people know what’s going on,Tie Lan and Huang Lei didn’t say much about this,Mainly because I don’t think it is necessary,Moreover,Even if it is necessary,It’s not worth having any opinions and opinions on these things at this time.。
Since Song, whose surname is Song, took the initiative to question,Then let this guy behave well,This can be regarded as a test and exercise for him,If this guy doesn’t even have this ability,Then it really makes people feel sad and headache。
“Hey,I can’t think your mouth is really hard,I spoke like this,You are still indifferent to what I said,Whose mouth is a good thing,After all, this means you are a very powerful person,It’s considered loyal,Have you ever thought that this will ruin your life,Do you really want to see this scene??Is there nothing worth keeping you lingering?”
The surname Song Zi thinks that there is no problem with this kind of cross-examination,He has already hit the opponent,Use this method to make the other person think about those who make him think about it,Something he is worried about,He should know this time,Be lenient,Strict resistance,Otherwise, what awaits him will be torture,There are also various life imprisonment, etc.,Anyway, the other party should start to be afraid at this moment。
Then when he found that the guy in front of him was indifferent,Nothing,Like when I didn’t hear,He knew he seemed to be wrong。
Originally,He thought he,This time it will definitely let the other party relax,It’s just that it’s really not the same thing now,The other party didn’t put him in the eyes at all,This makes Song, whose surname is Song, feel very bad。
“I seem to be too good to talk,So far you still haven’t put me in your eyes, very good, very good,I like people like you,After all, special and special,Confident in these things,I appreciate you a lot to me,Appreciation doesn’t work,You have to tell me your value,I won’t keep you if you are worthless,I will send you away,From now on your life will be dark。”
He thinks this time he should be nagging with each other,Let the other party know where the error is,Don’t offend him no matter what,Otherwise it’s him who can’t eat。
After he said all this, he realized that the person in front of him still didn’t take him seriously,He is not in a beautiful mood at this time。。
Originally,The hard work is to make the other party look at him with admiration at this time,But it didn’t play any role,On the contrary, it got the contempt of the other party。
“OK,Since you don’t say it, forget it,Pull you down,Anyway, any pain I will suffer from chasing after all,You asked for it……”
Chapter Two Hundred and Sixty Seven Don’t waste time
“You have to remember,We didn’t do anything to you,You don’t cherish opportunities,In the end, it was the last bad luck,That’s your own problem, know?”
“But don’t complain about this kind of thing,Or what do you say about this kind of thing?,I think this is a very hate and dislike behavior。”