I am afraid that。

They also think that this program is excellent.。
http://www.btsushi.cn I didn’t expect the wrong outrageous。
Even the three temples of the gods have the idea of killing people.!“Rubbish,Ridiculous。”
This is a summer evaluation。
At this moment, it is like a slap in the face.。
A look is interested in unintentional falling on the summer。
Now now,If they still don’t understand?,That’s really idiot.。
This young man sitting next to Wang Yixin,Absolutely not ordinary characters,absolute!if not,Wang Yuxin can’t sweep the face for each other.。
It will not propose improved programs after stunning,First time I ask the other party’s opinion。
who is he?
What identical and origin。
One time,Summer has become mysterious in the eyes of everyone。
Only Wang Yuxin,I think this is what should be。
after all,In her eyes,Summer is not the so-called http://www.szlzuswsmyegnw.cn two-piece bookmaster at all。
He is the master of four peak refining,Created a genre。
He is the hottest super genius today.,It is necessary to become a five-product refining master within 50 years.。
“All right,Continue to see these solutions。”
Wang Yixin’s voice came,“I hope everyone will look carefully.,Then we discuss together,Try to split these veto ideas。”
“Yeah,Everyone is serious。”
Someone followed the round field,The atmosphere is also eased。
Next,In the conference room, it has fallen into a real discussion.,Everyone speaks quite rigorous。
After avoiding the vetoed thinking,Start bold assumption,Careful。
Atmosphere is gradually enthusiastic。
sometimes,Everyone will argue in a key issue,Turuming star。
Some suggestions,Let everyone shine in front of him,Think of certain feasibility。
Even after the summer heard,Also feel interesting。

SKTEven too much flowers,DirectlyIGTwo people succeeded,Kill itIGUnder the road。

This wave,SKTDirectly0Change3。
SKTUpper Sinoo is behind this wave,Directly entered a big wave of advantages。
have to say,After this wave of end,Originally still got a good advantageIG,The field is directly in the field.。
even,There is also a little disadvantage。
This disadvantage is not only reflected in the human head and the situation.,There is also a two-side player’s mindset。
SKTJust played a wave of disadvantages,Then you can pull it back directly.,What kind of ability is this??
It’s completely like a general situation.!
even ifIGEveryone is clear,This is just a kind of illusion,But they still don’t want to be affected by this illusion.,Leading some mentality。
Fortunately, it is nowIGThe atmosphere in the team is very good.,Otherwise this happens,It is very likely to cause crash in the situation in a competition.。
In this time,The situation on both sides is continuing to develop。
SKTOf course, I want to continue this kind of hiking,After all, this is for them.,Almost perfect。
butIGIt is unlikely to accept this kind of thing.,The reason for the lineup they elected。
I didn’t demonstrate them.,After the Ueno is in a disadvantage,It’s hard to pull back。
so,In this situation,They only use Deli Wen’s perfect development,To break the current embarrassment situation。
Field12Minute15second,SKTLower road http://www.jllongda.cn a tower announced,This is also the first tower on the field.。
actually,if notSKTWalking in the wild to help two defensive words,It is estimated that the breaking speed of this tower will only be faster.。
After removing this one tower,IGDouble group decisively selected back to the city。
After the supplemental status and adjustment equipment,IGDouble groups directly go to their own road,Saien is always chosen to change the line.。
This wave change line,RemoveIGI want to have a strong development of Deli Wen.,BundleSKTOn the road, one column is also demolished.。
There is another thought:Gorge Pioneer。
Yes,This time point,Just, it is the time to compete for the first canyon.。
This canyon pioneer,Almost unlucks on both sides。
At this time, the time is already early,Ability to get the top of the gorge,Almost inevitably use this canyon,Eat a few layers http://www.sandcat.cn of plating。
Even possible……Can be used directly with this canyon pioneer,Take a defensive tower。
so,After this is clear,There is no need to let go of this canyon pioneer.。
At this time,After pushing a wave of war lines,Dravin and hammering two people choose to go to the gorge averse。
Nothing is hesitant,In the face of the gorge,It will be better with direct way.。
I saw it.IGDouble group went to the pioneer of the canyon,SKTEveryone is of course not to show weakness.。
They next second,Directly selected andIGSame,For the pioneer of the canyon。
Both on both sides are under the line,But they,Already put more energy into the pioneer of the gorge。
They are ready to prepareTP。
Canyon Pioneer,When the two armies confront,Atmosphere is more nervous。
I have been constantly adjusting my seat.,Don’t want to give any opportunities for each other。
IGBe afraid of beingSKTDirectly caught opportunities,Playing a beautiful opening。In this case,Then they have basically no possibility of winning the game.。
In order to avoid this happening,IGAlso do two intentions。
First, let your own keyCCareful position,Don’t give too many opportunities to the other side。two isIGI have been looking for opportunities.,Plan to open the situation with force。

The style is more simple and bright than before.。

Lu Haocheng took Blue Xin to go straight to his room on the third floor.。
His room is a room window for Blue Xin’s childhood.。
The house has been decorated for a long time.,Lu Hao Cheng’s room,Still Lu Hao’s favorite style,It seems that Lu Wei is very heartbreaking.。
Blue Xin sits on the sofa,Looking at the look at the look, some bad men,At that time, I was not happy here.,Could there be a memories belonging to my mother.,He must not leave,Also under the bumbler of Lu Haokai and Qin Ning。
Lu Haokai is a small tyrant,I really like bully.。
Can be a becoming,After Lu Haocheng lesson,He always crying the nose,She is very disdainful to Lu Haokai,Always the drums of the drums, in front of Lu Haokai, the Lu Haokai of Yaowu Yangwei。
That protective scorpion,It’s just that Haojia brother in her heart is the only one in this world.。
“hehe……”Lan Xin laughs,眸 皓 皓,Especially confuse。
Lu Haocheng was pulled back by her laughter.,The eyebrows smiled and looked at his love little woman.,“Blue,Laugh?”
Blue Xin smiles to the face of the peach blossom,Watching him,“I am thinking about the child.,Why do I always care about you?,You can’t always give me a good look.。”
Blue Xin refers to the window,“Do you know how bad you have??You go to school every day.,Want to wake me,Calling the window,Blue,Sun photo ass。Then after waking me,You go to school and go to school.。”
Xu is to remember that it is dusty,When the dust is opened again,Some things are still clearly imprintted in my http://www.jzdjzx.cn mind。
How can Lu Hao Cheng not remember these things?,That time he,Only she will play with themselves。
He pre-school every day,I want to see her side.,I feel very happy all day. 。
He woke up her,She will always move on the small stool before standing in front of the window,Confused,Rushing his window:“Haojia brother,you are so bad,You are a big bad egg,I don’t give you a restful strawberry cake in the evening.。”
Then,Looking at her angry little face,He always happy to go to school。
I will give her a chocolate or a lollipop when it is back.,I am happy when she is.,I forgot a dry two in the morning.,This little girl is teasing in his boring life.。
It is also the only bunch of shines in his life.。
Lu Haocheng sat around her,Her she caught her,Looking at the pretty model of her bright,The bottom of my heart is like this.,“Gimmick,It seems that it is much http://www.cunqh.cn better than I think.。”
NS1172chapter:A reunion
Noddown of Blue New Surprise Point,After coming here,A lot of memories have been hooked again.。
Lu Haoheng bowed his kiss between her eyebrows。
Low in her ear:“Blue,Nice to have you。”
Blue Xin lightly laughs,Looking at him deeply staring at your eyes,Slight,Fast falling in his sexy lips,“Haojia brother,Blue blue is your life is perfect。”
Lu Hao Cheng’s heart was shocked.,Blue Xin without recovery memory has made him love.,Today’s Blue Xin,What makes him love deep into the bone marrow,Want to integrate。
Lu Haocheng is a one who can’t hold the heart.,I kissed her laughing red lips。
The two have been intimately many times,But Blue Xin is still very uncomfortable.,The small face is burning red.。
She hid hiding in Lu Hao,In Lu Haozheng’s eyes,Her delicate appearance is even more。
“Little girl,I really want to eat you.。”He has a good voice in her ear.。
Blue Xin suddenly,Lift your head and stand him,“How do you think about these things in a day??”
Lu Haocheng’s evil charm,That double black flashes with evil spirits,“Looking at my wife, I think this kind of thing is normal.。”He said a look。
Looked the big bed,Although renovated,But this bed is still not changed.。
Lu Hao refers to the big bed,Laughing:“Blue,Remember that you were afraid of thundering when you were young??You will always run over my room,I don’t hurt my quilt,Drill into my arms。Then the water of the water is afraid of watching me.,Haojia brother,It’s thundering,Blue is afraid,Not a few minutes,I am asleep in my arms.,When you were young,I will not be able to avoid it.。”
Blue Xin’s face has some red,She did something like this when she was a child.,Work hard to think about it,There seems to have a confused picture,But I can’t remember it too.。
She shakes her head,Such memories,I really don’t have。
Lu Haocheng smiled and laughed with her soft show.,:“Silly girl,At that time, you are still small.,Can’t remember。”
Blue Xin:“Four years old or three years old?”
Lu Hao Cheng:“Three years old。”

“wait for me,I will come over now.。”

With Shen Xuan finished,quickly,Jiang Xiaotao’s face is a smile that is filled with a slight http://www.ccyhg.cn taste.。
After all, now,In fact, Shen Xuan itself,It has already been completely settled.。
And look at your eyes,At this http://www.sunddin.cn time, Shenxuan is very calm.。
“What happened??”
When Shen Xuan’s words,Jiang Xiaobei is shocked。
“How can you be so fast??”
Jiang Xiaopou is a bit incredible。
But Shen Xuan,It is explained。
“When you call it before,I am nearby。”
“so,I will catch it directly.。”
When Shen Xuan finished,Jiang Xiaotao suddenly realized。
But when you see it here,Jiang Xiaotao is more surprised.。
And Shen Xuan is very curious:“What happened?,Before watching you,It seems that it is very anxious。”
With Shen Xuan finished,Those people around me are brushing。
“This is of course,This thing is really tricky.。”
“That’s right,before this,Let’s everyone,I don’t dare to think about it。”
“Mr. Shen,Approximation of each major chamber of commerce,Let us abdomen。”
When the people around me said to Shen http://www.shenghuizhipin.cn Xuan,This is to let Shen Xuan itself,Some incredible。
slowly,When Shen Xuan looked at the eyes,At this time, Shen Xuan brow wrinkled。
“These,what’s going on?”
“did not expect,They are so fast,Is it started??”
When Shen Xuan’s words,Shen Xuan’s side,Jiang Xiaobei is a bit surprised。
“what,You have already expected it.?”
When Jiang Xiaotao said,Shen Xuan shrugged。
These things,In fact, it is not a matter of turning roots.。
And said it back,In fact,Shen Xuan is very light。
After all, I will follow it.,These things,In fact, it is already almost。
And Jiang Xiaopou is very urgent:“Let’s follow,What should I do??”
After all, now,These things,Have happened。

When back in the living room,Ali has put the cooked breakfast on the table。Xia Jian didn’t have an appetite even though,But I reluctantly ate a little。He is a man,If he can’t hold it,This Ali may fall faster than him。

“Your business is done,Zhang Yong and I escort you to the http://www.daogd.cn airport。Just get on the plane,You should be safe”Ali suddenly whispered to Xia Jian。
Xia Jian drank the soy milk that Ali gave him,Thinking about it in my heart。What Xie Kun said,He can’t care less,What if this is true?
Xia Jian hesitated,It seems that his things are mortgaged in the Longdong Group,Was spread maliciously,That’s why it’s the situation today。
Xia Jian suddenly remembered such a sentence“Guilty”This is what the ancients said。To know,In this case,The ancients have lessons,To spread such words to this world。Doesn’t he Xia Jian know this truth?
Xia Jian’s wisdom,Just analyze the problem,Thinking problem。This is what makes him different from others。Time goes by,Xia Jian sitting at the table,Frown,He can’t think of the best way to solve this matter。
suddenly,His cell phone rang at this time。Xia Jian quickly took out a look,It was Nalanyu who came here。
Why would Nalanyu call him at this time??Xia Jian hesitated,But I got her call。
“Hey Mr. Xia!I have to remind you of something,Now spread crazy outside。Say you have an object,Worth tens of millions,And it’s said that there are eyebrows and eyes”Nalanyu lowered her voice and said on the phone。
Xia Jian sighed,The copper lion,I told Nalanyu from beginning to end。Nalanyu,Took a breath and said:“It seems that the sentence of guilty of guilt makes sense,So I advised my dad,Donated most of his treasures to the city museum”
Nalanyu’s words,Reminded Xia Jian。Nalandeping is so fond of antique collectors,Can donate the baby,Xia Jian should be able to。If this is the case,The danger from him is relieved。
Got this idea,Xia Jian chatted with Nalanyu,Xia Jian found an excuse to hang up her phone。Ali on the side listened to a general idea。She whispered:“You don’t want to donate this baby?”
“I http://www.shadoweffect.cn think,I should do this。Thus,The danger on me is also relieved,It’s a good thing for everyone。Moreover,This baby was originally something outside,Should be placed where it should go”Xia Jian took a deep breath and said。
Ali smiled slightly,No more words。At this moment,Xia Jian received a short position,The information was sent by Lin Wei,Tell him the five o’clock in the afternoon。
Xia Jian glanced at his watch,I found it was almost ten o’clock。So he hurriedly called Naland Ping。The phone is connected soon。Nalande heard Xia Jian’s call。The old man looks very happy。
On the phone, Xia Jian told Nalande that he wanted to donate the bronze lion.。At the beginning,Nalandepin can’t understand,He thought it was a souvenir he gave to Xia Jian。
But when Xia Jian told me what he encountered last night,The old man was silent for a while on the phone http://www.hongsheng-hsh.cn and said:“Good boy,Your choice is correct。Maybe only this,This matter can be calmed down。I have a phone number from the director of the city museum”
Nalandeping said,So I read a phone number to Xia Jian。Xia Jian silently memorized it twice,Then hung up。This has to be done right away,It will be troublesome。
Xia Jianma called the curator of the city museum,Then I elaborated on the difficulties I am currently facing。The curator immediately understood what Xia Jian meant,He told Xia Jian on the phone,They will immediately contact reporters from major media to rush over to complete the matter。
When Xia Jian finishes this matter,Zhang Yong who got the contract came back。Xia Jian glanced at the sealed portfolio,Didn’t watch it anymore,But told Zhang Yong about his donation。

Onlookers in the middle of the rivers and lakes,Some quietly silently、For the left cold,There are also people who don’t move、Just watching。

When you see anything,Hengshan Pai’s Mo Da also stood up:“Does Xiaolin have a challenge,Can be later,Mo people also want to know,Zuo Lezhong’s discussion,Yes, who is negotiated?Mo this Hengshan head,How did I hear it??”
“Dan brother has never seen the end of the dragon.,The younger brother sent a visit to visitors.,However, I have mentioned the Lu Shi, who is theist.……
Hey,Zuo as a lord,Already deeply responsible,The reason why this is,It is http://www.szpzkjycvntdla.cn also because the rivers and lakes are might,Chu Tai Yisheng、Appreciate the good and fined two to reproduce the rivers and lakes、Ming Education,There are also recent wicked valves,Everyone should have heard……A pile、One piece,Order left a must have considered Wuyue Sword。
otherwise……Ah,After all, it is not a family.,Never say next to,Our five-school people,Self-examination,Rejoice,Also big!Brother,I sent disciple、Dawei Yang Handtener,Dramation outside Hengshan City,Some people witnessed,Said to be the poisonous hand of Mr. Mr.,I don’t know if this is really?”
“Tall!Mo Mouk、Sit,How to kill his surname?”Mo Dada denied,After all, it is not what he killed.。
“Oh?That someone said it is,Finding the bodies of the filters,I have heard two Hu……Did you don’t know??”Zuo Cang Zen asked。
When the day Febin saw the song and Liu http://www.yytgd.cn Zhengfeng were seriously injured,I still want to be in front of them.,Reminduric non-smoke,As a result, it was killed by the Chu Deirers.。
Mogada is also in the dark,Although there is no appearance,But I played a song,Is it to send Liu Zhengfeng……
At this time, it was opened.,Don’t be willing to go out of Chu——After all, he thinks that the Chu Tai Chu, who is a small generation of the rivers and lakes.,This is only sent to a song,Best, naturally refused to selfish face……And if you are admitted to death,Also gave the left cold handle!
Fortunately, there is no effect on the left cold.,Just no end guess,Mo Da is also pushing four or five six。
Just like this,Mo Da is not the end,The only trip of Zhuozhen is really and the dozens of disciples in Hengshan and a game,That’s afraid of it, it is difficult to come from Lushan!
See Mo Dadu“You guess guess,How to do”Later,No longer talk,Everyone doesn’t understand,It seems that this left cooling is really ready.,There must be a good play today.。
One of the main caves,At this time, close to the location of the star,make up your mind、No matter what the owner is coming,Have a group first……
Chapter 711 语 嫣 出
“My five-year-old sword is a first,It is the biggest event since my five pauses.。Brother,You and I are the main master,As a big event,Private grievance,As long as I am favored by my five,Personal grievances have only shelves.!
Brother,You don’t have to worry about this matter.,Fei Shi is my brother,After I have a five-party merger,Dog brother and I am also a brother.,Deceased,Why do living people will kill again?,Multiculturalism?”Zuo Chan Zen used death Fei Bin,Have a personal relationship。
Don’t open it again。
“Hen……”A Zi laughed at this time。
Sounds that the sound is not big,But it is clearly incoming surrounding human ear.,One is because the scene is very quiet,I have heard it in two.,This little girl is specially used in a very well-affected sound.。
“Unknown Star House,How can I see my five-school sword??Maybe I can’t see my five-year-old sword??”Hengshan sent Lu Lianrong,At this time, the initiative is coming out.。
Don’t give this eye.,And the sergeant,I am going to speak for speech,But was raised by Azil,I saw A Ziran smiled.:“I am tight about the League Lord.,I think this five Yue Yue is the master.、Wuyue Swordpaign is also good,Both make up.!”
“Oh?How to say this?”Lin Ping knows that Alzi may“Go out”,It will help the pad.。
A Zi said with a very admired tone at this time.:“How is it merged??Lushan has 13 too,A way to live,How can I have to change the 13th?……I don’t know if I have a wife and children in the country.?If it is enough,Our three-six cave、The seventy-two islands may be surnamed left。”
Left cold and Lushan,Search,And the priest of the gas is a laughter.,This“Laozi killed you,Worship you for the head”、That said“Borrow your mother-in-law, we use the future, we are brothers.”,Talking is better than a good,Until the wood, you can’t hear it.,Snort,They pay attention to some effects。
Just Azi this yin and yang strange,Not only revealing the ambition of the left cool,Moreover, it is satirized that the left cold is a condition for the family’s brothers.,I don’t want to tell her more about this time.。
But just at this time,I only see one“No-faceless”Appearance,Cold channel:“The world is really changed.,When the star of the stars,Can also sit with famous gates、Also talk about?Hey,Then I can be a positive principal.!”
Not only the image is creepy,And the sound is also hoarse,Snaked。
Many people find this,Both are shocked,Micro……
“goddess,This person is a white board,No one knows his real name……He has two apprentices.,One is a black killer‘Qinghai one’、One is a Jiangyang thief‘Gray bat’,It is said http://www.hbzzf.cn that he was stabbed in his early years.、I went to my nose ear.,So use a flat mask to cover your face,This is only‘White plate’Nickname。”The elderly is ambiguous on the side.。
A Zi heard,Hearing and hiding from Wang language,Thereof……


Be too fast。
It’s a blink of an eye.。
Surrounded by,Dead and normal。
People are standing,Completely become a humanoid sculpture。
Throwing the cup can blow on the face,A slap will fly out……This is simply the power of the bear,Leopard speed。
Be too embarrassed。
This scene makes everyone changed color,Return of brush,Scalp hairpiece,
Summer taps to recover,Spit out a word,“Roll!”
“You,A good boy,You are waiting。”
http://www.guangzhou86.cn Men who are flying by the ear,Faces printed with five big hands and red swelling deformation,Point point to the summer。
The man who was flying was also standing.,The whole face has been bigger,Also stare at the woman with vicious eyes,“Stinky,I thought I could save you a small white face.
?,Waiting for a round。”
After the end,Two people set up another person,Walk outside。
Summer is resting,Turned to the woman stunned,“What happened。”
The woman suddenly awake,Faced on the face。
She has already instead of summer in the morning.,But it is still shocked by just a scene.。
“Thank you,Thank you……”
She didn’t sit down,Instead, I have a deep bow in summer.,“I just said it is true.,Me……”
She seems http://www.what001.cn to have difficulty,Want to say。
Summer nodded,Did not continue to ask。
He just didn’t have any hero of the hero.,Not even if you are brave,He is still not so idiot。
Those who have life experience know,Many things are right,Not the surface is simple。
The reason for saving each other,Said that even is a little funny in the summer。
He looked at each other pleasing eye.。
Be right。
Just look。
Or may also be called……Intimate。
Not greedy more beautiful,Summer is not so awkward,But a pair of eyes……Simply like an old man。
In fact, I am early in the morning.,He noticed。
So when I started,Finally, I gave it to each other.。
“I listen to them.……You seem to know the three people?”Asked in summer。
“They have a relationship with the tiger,”The woman bites his lips,“You have to be careful,I get http://www.chuandangou.cn a message,Jin Penghai sent a lot of tigers today,Are looking for you,He wants to revenge you
Pause,Also,“The three people don’t know you,But if they call the tiger to retaliate,I will recognize you,You,You will go alive.。”
Summer laughing,Don’t think,Just talk,Suddenly,A snorted voice rang。
“Guardian!No matter what our business,Hell,It is what he is playing.!”

The other two men listen to the people of the land.,I will know Lu Yujun’s identity.。

This Buddha,Who dares to provoke!
The two put it on the earth.,Low head, don’t dare to face Lu Yunjun’s silent black scorpion。
Lu http://www.jogjog.cn Weijun warned:“This is my last time warning you.,If you dare to move the stream,I will let you hurt at the river.!The items in your hands,and also
It is the property under the famous group,One-by one,You are not back to your home.,Remember,the last time。”
Rejuvenating the sweat is erected。
He deeply saw Yue Lingxi。
He will not let go of Yue Lingxi,He is a young master,Never warned by people,Because of Yue Lingxi。
“let’s go!”
Three people,Lu Weijun looked at the little woman in his arms。
“Xixi,Nothing.?”His tone is not gentle。
Yue Lingxi shook his head,Sound lines are slight:“No……fine,Just thank you!”
If there is no time to appear in time,Waiting for her, don’t know what fate??
Lu Yi Jun Yushen Wei,I don’t like her words.。
“Enter the car first。”
Yue Lingxi red face low voice:“My http://www.cchxsgc.cn foot is soft,Can’t walk。”
Lu Weijun:“……”
He smiled,Hold her princess,Walking on the road to the roadside。
Yue Lingxi is not affectionate,Leaning on him,Feel his breath,And the security of his arms,Let her relax slowly。
Lu Weijun put her on the passenger seat,Lu Yujun returned to the driving position,Start the car leaves。
The car passed over two red lights.,To a place where you can park,Lu Yujun stopped the car。
Stand,And Yue Lingxi is just the same。
“feel better now?”The sound line is low and the ear is calm。
Yue Lingxi nodded,Some grievances:“Better。”
Lu Weijun took her hand,Deep staring deeply with her,Her face is still very pale,Blood white lips,Very beautiful。
His exported voice has ducks a lot。
“Xixi,I have encountered this next time.,Remember to ran to people,And call me the first time,I have your mobile number,You can locate your location。Happy
Sheng this kind of child,What is it from small?,Parents have made him very well,Can’t get something that will only be embarrassed,Do not reach the Yellow River,Next time he
Be sure to do it again,I http://www.jinshahaianxian.cn will protect you secretly,you do not need to worry。”
“But you should pay attention to safety,I will pick you up and down this time.。”
Yue Lingxi knows his words not kidding,Yue Yusheng is favored from a small,Father, mother, mother, play,It is necessary for Yusheng.。
Yue Sheng is bad to have a bones.。
Yue Lingxi Road:“Then do you tired?,I usually have a lot of work to be busy.,Take me in the morning and evening,Not more tired??”
Yue Lingxi is reluctant to be accounted。
Lu Weijun reached out and knead her head,“Not tired,You are my future wife,Toner your own wife,What is tired??”

Xia Jian nodded and said:“Then notify in advance,Everyone participating in the conference must be mentally prepared。Bring the information with the information”

Xia Jian’s voice just fell,Lin Wei brought Bai Xiaoru in。Bai http://www.bellivip.cn Xiaoru and Wang Lin、Jin Yimei is familiar with。They said hello separately。Jin Yimei and Wang Lin left。Lin Wei made two cups of tea,And quietly retreated。
Wait for these people to leave,Xia Jian just said with a smile:“Haven’t seen you for a long time,It seems that being a leader is different。I can personally lead the team down this time,It seems that things are not small!”
“President Xia!Are you throwing stones for directions??Actually this matter in Bucheon,I don’t know what。After receiving a temporary notice, he brought people down。But after I got down, I found out,I don’t know what to do,That’s why I came to see Mr. Xia”Bai Xiaoru smiled and said。
First2724chapter Resolutely
Xia Jian smiled and said:“You will really give me a problem。But I can suggest one or two,This time things are a bit confusing,What happened,Really hard to say。Although your reporter has.”
“Okay, Mr. Xia!I understand what you mean。Unexpectedly, a piece of fat in the eyes of everyone,But it’s so hard to eat。I actually felt it on the http://www.hongye663.cn way here,This incident has dragged your Jianhong Group into a very embarrassing situation。But I believe Mr. Xia’s ability,This matter should be handled well”
Bai Xiaoru said and picked up the teacup。
Xia Jian glanced at his watch and said:“It’s almost noon,It stands to reason that I should treat you to dinner,But the current situation,Very unsuitable for the two of us to appear in the public eye together,So this meal can only be owed temporarily”
“Good manager Xia。I did not expect,The water in Bucheon is so deep now。Then you still owe this meal to Pingdu, please!”
Bai Xiaoru immediately stood up,She drank the tea in the cup,Then he waved his hand at Xia Jian and said:“I have to go,The car is parked downstairs,I’m afraid it’s not good for a long time”
Xia Jian nodded,He took Bai Xiaoru all the way to the elevator,Then he turned http://www.seening.cn around and returned to his office。
Standing in front of the window,Watching Bai Xiaoru’s car slowly leave。Xia Jian’s mood at this moment is extremely heavy。He knew,What happened before me is another big test for everyone。
The office door gently pushed open,Wang Lin walked in with a heavy heart。Xia Jian turned around and glanced at Wang Lin,He asked with a smile:“How about a cup of coffee?”
“Okay!You give me a drink!”
Wang Lin said,Sat on the sofa a little tired。Such a situation,Let everyone have a feeling of powerlessness。Especially Wang Lin as the executive vice president of the group,The burden on her is not light。

The driver was moved,Started the car and drove a few tens of meters and then came back and lowered the window and said:“Little brother,Listen to my advice,Just take a look,Don’t bet。”

“it is good。”
Chen http://www.hhhtlxs.cn Xiu walked into the factory gate,Staff from both sides immediately greeted us,Chen Xiu explained his intention,Gambling on Shifang opens the door to do business,Naturally not too embarrassed,It’s just a condition,To enter the gambling workshop must become a member。
The conditions for becoming a member are very unusual:The members are divided into three levels,The middle court needs to be worth 50 million or ordinary urban players or experts can enter,The inner court needs to be worth over 200 million or well-known stone gambling players or experts。
As for Chen Xiu’s current account, there are still more than 20 million in funds just to become a member of the Outer Academy。
Proof of assets,The staff did it in less than ten minutes. Chen Xiu got the members of the foreign hospital down.,Immediately a staff member took him into the abandoned factory。
Looking at the warehouse of more than 3,000 square meters, there are hundreds of stalls on display like polder carpets,There are more or less various rough stones of different sizes on each booth,Chen Xiu was shocked from ear to ear。
“This……These are rough?”
The staff seems to be used to being asked,Said with a smile:“Nature is rough,As for how to buy and sell, you can http://www.vodafone-csc.cn discuss the price with the stall owner……If you want other services,For example, gambling agreements with others can also be conducted in our notary office。”
“Your service is really attentive。”
“Of course,After all, we charge you 100,000 membership fees a year,This service is still available。”The staff member said frankly:“My job number is9527,If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me……If you buy the rough, cut it on the spot,We also provide cutting services,But this fee has to be paid separately,You can buy and sell all the stalls here,Familiarize yourself with the environment,I won’t accompany you。”
“Row,You go ahead。”