He is also a little scared,Even him,I can’t resist the power of Qu Hun Ling,He has never heard of anyone who doesn’t change his face in the face of Qu Hunling,Now I really see。

In the cell,Lu Li has fallen asleep。
Chen Feng’s men broke Lu Li’s chains,And took him away from the tunnel。These things are going on quietly,No one is aware of by any outsider。
When Lu Li wakes up,It’s already the second day。
His body aches,Can’t beat up。Recalling the punishment suffered yesterday。Lu Li just clenched his fists,An angry murderous look in his eyes。
The silver soul bell made him feel terrified,The bell is not only very harsh,And it stimulates deep inside,Stimulate all the negative energy hidden deep。
Really defeated him,It’s not a physical pain,But from mental and inner torture。
But at that time,Wen Lihai helped escape。
He absorbed the memory of Wen Lihai,Wen Lihai has formed a second personality in his body。During this period of time, Wen Lihai’s memories are constantly reappearing,His second personality has become more and more independent。
Lu Li picked up the phone to check the time,He promised Wen Lihai to return to the south to visit his wife and daughter,The ticket he booked is tomorrow afternoon,But there are still some things left in the school。
He got up with difficulty,Stretch the body,After doing some simple exercises,Lu Li’s body fatigue slowly subsided。He closed his eyes and slowly felt,Suddenly discovered that his current supernatural ability has become a lot stronger。
Although Lu Li was very surprised,But he is in a dangerous situation right now,I don’t know how many lurking enemies in another world,Only powerful,To survive。
He finished washing,After finishing the dress,Go to school immediately。
on the way,Lu Li passed through the bustling working crowd,The desire of all,Thought in his supernatural power,At a glance。Now he can feel a wider range,And also more precise。
But at this moment,Lu Li suddenly noticed a familiar flame of desire behind him。That flame is very unique,Same as Chen Feng’s,They are from the same organization,Should be one of Chen Feng’s men。And at this moment,That person should be following him in secret。
If he used to,Basically aware of the fire of desire,But now Lu Li’s abilities have improved a lot again,Even if the person follows far behind,Lu Li can also detect the fire of desire。
Lu Li walks as usual,But when he passed the intersection,Suddenly turned,Walk down a long walk。This street is very narrow,And almost no one in the morning。

Remember the intersection between the original and Dugu Fengyun,He couldn’t help but sighed slightly,Emotion。

When Dugu Fengyun died,He doesn’t believe it at all,Who is Dugu Fengyun?,How can you say that you die?,If it weren’t for the official statement from China,,He would never believe it,But what he never expected was,Such a big country with great status in the world like China can deceive people.,So annoying!
Fukuyama rubbed his neck and slowly climbed onto the chair and sat down,Said while holding his face:“I suspect that Dugu Fengyun can solve the poison,Related to Mo Xiaosheng,After all, he is now a famous genius doctor in Chinese medicine,And the captain of the dark sting team who was also poisoned some time ago,It is said that Mo Xiaosheng was treated by him!”
“I can’t speak my mind!”
Tokugawa snorted,Said,“How old was Mo Xiaosheng ten years ago,How to treat Dugu Fengyun?He has only become famous in Beijing more than a year ago!”
“I don’t know why……”
Fukuyama frowned and wondered。
“Mo Xiaosheng, Mo Xiaosheng,I didn’t expect you to be from the MI Department!”
Tokugawa stood at the window looking out the window,Hate said,“The shame you gave me today,From now on i……I……”
He wanted to say that he would double it back in the future,But when I think of the MI,Thinking of Dugu Fengyun,His aura was immediately reduced by more than half。
Fukuyama seems to see that Tokugawa’s concerns are coming,Sighed lightly,Said:“This Mo Xiaosheng turned out to be a major in the Military Intelligence Department,It’s really hard to touch him now!”
“You can’t move him anymore,This kid is in the Military Intelligence Department,For the MI Department,It’s definitely even more powerful!”
Tokugawa said bitterly,“Who the hell is this little bastard?,Even Hu Fan and other high-level officials don’t understand‘Rigid body’,He knows everything!If not for him,Hattori can definitely fool Hu Fan and the others!”

A book by a Chinese writer,May sell well abroad。

But it’s selling well for this kind,That is absolutely unprecedented!
Don’t go back and read it,I’m sorry for the thousands of enthusiastic fans waiting in line!
First90chapter These crazy people!(Three shifts)
Received the library card,Looking at the pencil sketch of my portrait behind,I know the sustenance that represents the man’s tree,I remembered the bits and pieces of getting along,But connected“like”Never said,Heaven and man are separated forever……
Think of all this,The female Fang Shu smiled shyly at the younger students,But he covered his mouth again,Sobbing softly。
at this moment,The picture freezes。
Immediately the screen turns black,Subtitles began to appear。
The soft projection hall lights are also lit up。
That familiar song also rang again。
“Who married the sentimental you,Who read your diary……”
Zhu Mei tilted her head to look at Zheng Rongrong,I found her motionless watching the movie screen with subtitles,There seems to be a sparkle in the eyes。
Except for Shen Huan’s slightly green singing voice,There is no other voice in the cinema。
Seems a little silent。
The crew members looked at each other,I don’t know what this situation is。

“What weapon do you use?!”

Jack turned around****,Took a breath,Then I glanced at Yueren Wang,Seeing that the king of Yueren is empty in his hands,Can’t help but frown,Curiously asked。
“No weapons needed,Deal with you,Bare-handed is enough!”
There is no expression on Yuerenwang’s face,Said in a very flat tone。
Everyone couldn’t help but change their faces,Li Qianhui, Wang Xuan and others turned their heads and looked at each other,Full of surprise,My heart hangs up,I think Yuerenwang is a little big。
But Li Zhen held his head high,Smiling,A confident look。
“Haha……All of your Chinese martial artists have the same characteristic,Just brag!”
Jack laughed haha when he heard the words of King Yue,“The few Chinese martial arts masters I killed before,They also said the same before the shot,But when I shot the bullet into their head,They can’t speak big words anymore!”
Jack said that his face suddenly sank,Both eyes coldly look towards King Yue,Whispered,“you,not excluded!”
“Be careful!”
After Mo Xiaosheng noticed the little movement on Jack’s hand,His complexion changed suddenly,Hurriedly reminded the king of Yue。
But he said it too late,Just as he yelled out this,Jack has pulled the trigger!
As a sharpshooter,Jack naturally developed a good technique of shooting in the waist and abdomen.,After all, professional sharpshooters like them are fighting guns,There is no time to raise the gun at all,They took the gun out of the waist and turned it around,Then fired quickly at the waist,It’s the time difference!
And he just talked to Yuerenwang,Obviously distracting Yuerenwang,And he took the opportunity to open the insurance,Adjusted the position of the muzzle,Taking advantage of Yueren Wang,Pull the trigger without hesitation!

“I really can’t help it,Uncle’s calf bruised badly,More than half of the flesh is gone,Muscle tissue and skin tissue are all necrotic,Must have high amputation,Otherwise, gangrene of the thigh will be implicated next,And cause other high-risk symptoms。”Zhong Fan shook his head slightly,Say one five ten ten。

In this case,There is no other way except amputation。
“what?To amputate?!”When the holly on the side heard this, his face suddenly changed,I grabbed the form in Qiao Yiyi’s hand and looked at it,Tears burst out again。
She turned around and grabbed Zhong Fan’s hand,Pleading with tears:“Doctors,Please,Please,Think of a solution,If this is to cut off the leg,How can he live the rest of his life?,He is only over 50 years old。”
“aunt,I really tried my best,If the limb is not amputated as soon as possible,Situation could be more dangerous。”Zhong Fan holds Holly’s hand,Whispered。
“Think of a solution,I beg you,I kowtow to you!”Holly said that he would kneel down when his legs bend。
She can’t imagine what would happen to the old man who has always been strong without a leg,I guess it’s worse than killing him。
“mom,What are you doing!”
Qiao Yiyi wiped away tears,Rushed over and took Holly’s arm,Didn’t let her kneel down。
Zhong Fan hurriedly grabbed Holly,Explained:“aunt,Uncle’s situation,Even the gods can’t help it,I really can’t do anything。”
“Can i go in and have a look?”
Mo Xiaosheng hesitated for a moment,Suddenly spoke。
First0117Chapter no in case
Zhong Fan glanced at Mo Xiaosheng,Smile gently,With an apologetic smile on his face,
“Sorry,Our hospital has regulations,People cannot enter the operating room casually。”
In fact, he sneered inwardly,When this is your home,Go in and see if you want。
“Doctor Zhong,My husband is also a doctor,Hope you can make it easy,And I want to go in and have a look,If my dad’s situation is as serious as you said,I am willing to sign。”Qiao Yiyi tried her best to endure the sad emotions in her heart,Said with a choked voice。
“Yiyi,Can not do it,I can’t amputate your dad’s limb,You don’t know his temperament,Didn’t you let him die??!”Holly hurried over and grabbed Qiao Yiyi’s hand,Said in pain。
“mom,If the situation is as serious as Dr. Zhong said,Without amputation,That’s what caused my dad to die!”Qiao Yiyi cried and explained to her mother,Holly doesn’t know medicine,Don’t know the seriousness。

“Are you OK!”Tianyu cares。

Lin Yan slowly got up and turned her back to her, wondering:“Why are you here?You should know that my brother died,Why not come out to save him,Why!”
“This…”Tian Yu lowered his head,She can indeed save Dika,But I don’t know why I saved him。
“We will never be possible,It will never be possible when my brother dies,Your name is Tianyu, right,Indefinitely!”Lin Yan hugged Dika and walked forward。
Just walked two steps and looked back at Tang San and said coldly:“starting today,You are all my enemies,I, Lin Yan, swear to heaven,Don’t kill everyone in the Clear Sky School in this life,Wait for me, Tang San,I will let your friends die by your side one by one。”
“What’s coming for me,If you dare to move my friends, I will destroy your martial arts palace!”Tang San also said angrily。
Lin Yan shocked and sneered:“OK,Then see who succeeds first!”
Tianyu behind him has already burst into tears,I can’t let go of my hand in mid-air。
“Ugh,Yuer, come back,If you are destined, you will meet,Don’t look for him now。”
At this time, Qingsong’s words rang in Tianyu’s mind,Tian Yu slowly put down his hand,Turn around and look at Titan with cold eyes。
With a wave of Titan into nothingness,This scene stunned Tang and his son。
“Titan!”The two shouted,But I dare not do anything to Tianyu,She made them feel nothingness。
Tian Yu couldn’t bear to look at Lin Yan who was going away,I slowly closed my eyes and disappeared in place,And Lin Yan didn’t know what happened next,Holding the bodies of Dika and walking away,Every step of the way, a powerful murderous aura bursts out,I’m full of what Dika said before。
It started to rain in the sky,Looks extremely sad,Lin Yan burst into tears,All my brains are the vows of the three people。
“Big brother,From now on, my friend and I will protect you!”
“Do not seek common life but seek common death!”

The purple-clothed soul master who brought Xu Sheng here came out trembling,Explained“grown ups,Listen to me,We just want……”

Didn’t wait for him to finish,Only hear“Puff”Bang,Xu Sheng grasped the sword of Ice Rose and cut it,A cold light skips,Cut off half of his arm directly……
The half bloody arm fell to the ground,The stump is like a fountain.……
The Purple-Clothed Soul Master covered his arms with a hideous expression,With a painful face“my hand!!My hands!”The other people next to this scene can’t help taking a step back,A deep chill rises in my heart……
The cut just now,They didn’t even see it clearly,Cut off an arm……
The fear in my heart is awakened directly……
Xu Sheng’s cold eyes are always watching him,Step by step,Cold voice“He would even find an accomplice to attack me,You’re really awkward”
I thought I gave him a 100,000-year spirit ring,Can make him put away his thoughts……
Unexpectedly, after all, greed would dominate the reason……
The purple-clothed soul master immediately covered his bleeding arm and knelt on the ground,Rushed pleading“grown ups,Please,Please,Let me go,Seeing that I have done so many things for you!Please,Let me go!”
Xu Sheng gave him a cold look,Lightly“Let you go?Next life”
Another cold light flashed by,A chubby thing with wide pupils fell to the ground……
Xu Sheng at the moment changed his normal,Like a messenger from hell,The thick blood dyed the Ice Rose sword scarlet……
immediately,He turned slowly,I looked at the purple-clothed soul master and others who were trembling next to me,Cold road“what about you?”
The strong breath of death even made the latter unable to resist any resistance.。
The feared people cast the blame on the dead purple-clothed soul master……
Pretending to be angry“This adult,That guy just called us to do it,We didn’t even want to agree!”
Another hurriedly echoed“Yes sir,If not that guy,How could we do it to you!”
“Yes yes!”
“I knew I was a strong man like you,We can’t promise him anything!”

“You pretend to meX,Don’t you just want to compete in front of the salesman named Fang Na?”Qiao Mao said,“but……Humanity is realistic!For your breath,I lost my life on impulse!But believe it or not,Fang Na won’t even look at you,I’ll even forget you soon!”

“but me——”Qiao Mao continued,“As long as I buy ten houses,Come out to protect her,Do you think the sales department will give me this face??Think about it,Do you think Fang Na would be grateful to me?,By the time……”
Speaking of which,Qiao Mao laughed wickedly:“By the time,I want to play that sales,Isn’t it a matter of hooking fingers??”
Qiao Mao told me a Chase,But what disappointed him was,Chu Yi still didn’t react at all,As if I didn’t hear him at all。
“Humph!”Ignored again and again,Qiao Mao finally can’t pretend,Like a wild dog that Xiang can’t find,Walked back to the sales department。
“Ah!Joker!”Chu Yi glanced at Qiao Mao,Sneer。
In his opinion,Qiao Mao is just a jumping clown。
As for what Qiao Mao said,Say to“play”Fang Na and the like,Chu Yi also sneered。
Wait a minute,Chu Yi contact Mr. Pan,After discussing the purchase,that……Fang Na will be in the capital compound“Performance King”!
By the time,Fang Na is in the company,Can definitely walk sideways!
I still need Qiao Mao to protect?
and so……
What Qiao Mao said,It’s all his wishful thinking。
“It’s a bit late today,It must be too late to buy a property!”Chu Yi thought about it,Towards him“Passat”Go,“Go back first!Call Mr. Pan again later,Make an appointment to have a good talk!”

It is the neatly organized nine ten thousand year spirit rings!

Chen Xin can’t calm down anymore,Staring at Xu Sheng’s spirit ring in shock!
Astonished“what!!!This kid actually has nine spirit rings!Titled a strong Douluo level like himself!!!”
And the nine spirit rings he owns are all ten thousand year spirit rings!This terrifying spirit ring matching has far surpassed myself!
It is expected that no one in the entire continent can reach!
Chen Xin stretched out her hand to cover her dull chest,It feels a bit jammed,His calm mood for decades is beginning to shake today……
Secretly“How can this be!He is obviously only a child under fifteen,Actually reached Title Douluo!”
Xu Sheng looked at Chen Xin, who was burying his hair.,Knowing that he should have been stimulated by himself。
His performance just made him very upset,I will definitely not make him comfortable!
Naturally, I have to take this opportunity to fight against Chenxin。
After all, it took six or seventy years of cultivation to break through to Title Douluo.,I met a child who had reached the title Douluo at the age of nine。
This is not something that can be changed by hard work!But true talent!
Ever since……
Xu Sheng takes a step,Cold tone“Xu Sheng,Ninety One Title Douluo!Please enlighten me!!”
Chapter Thirty Seven war,Dusty!
Chenxin gradually calmed down,Raise your head slowly,In addition to the accidental killing of Xu Sheng, there are also a few other feelings in the eyes……
He drew up the Seven Kill Sword silently,Take care of yourself after clenching“Kid,Your name is Xu Sheng, right?I admit your talent is the first person I have ever met!He reached the level of Title Douluo when he was only a teenager……”
“If nothing unexpected happens,Wait for you for ten years,No one on the whole continent will be your opponent!”

A new legend is rising!6Times40+,I believe it’s definitely not Kobe’s limit。Please focus on the Lakers’ next game,Because a rookie like Kobe,Definitely come out every ten years。

Miss this series of performances,We don’t know how long it will take to see the next rookie like Kobe。
Besides, Kobe’s40+journey,Is it over like this??The next game is their old friend Portland Trail Blazers,Fans can look forward to Kobe’s performance in this game。
————Los Angeles Times
《Kobe:Please call me Peter Pan,Not Wonder Boy》
After finishing facing the same class3Number show,Sherif-Abdou-After Raheem’s worldwide attention。Kobe finally accepted our interview after the game。
Speaking of the final dunk,Kobe said he should fly higher,So I won’t knock Rahim down。He was sorry for knocking Raheem down,This is not his intention。
According to the team’s internal staff,Sherif-Abdou-Raheem was not injured,Although he returned to the locker room,Did not play in the fourth quarter,But the team doctor said Raheem’s fall was not a major problem。Just fell into a trance after the game,Brian of the Grizzlies-Coach Winters advised Raheem to see the doctor。
Kobe announced his registration for this year’s slam dunk contest,He said he has prepared a lot of moves for the slam dunk contest,He will surprise everyone。
At the same time he appealed to everyone,Don’t call him Wonder Boy anymoreMAGIC BOYUp,This nickname sounds like a kid who has become a magician。He gave himself a new nickname‘Peter Pan’。
How about this nickname?Do you support this nickname?Please send a return receipt to feedback your views。
————Daily Los Angeles
《Lakers’ King Bomb,Is it the biggest rival of the Chicago Bulls to win the championship??》
Leading his own bull in Michael Jordan95-96Won the season72After winning,Everyone knows that this bull is the strongest in history。They did not disappoint everyone and swept their opponents all the way,Won Jordan’s fourth championship trophy。
This year’s Chicago Bulls maintained72All teams who won the championship,Even signed Chief Robert Parrish on the inside。The team up and down think that the championship is in their pocket。
If Jordan wins the fifth championship,Then his achievements must surpass Magic Johnson,Become the first person in history on the back line。
The alliance up and down will not tolerate this happening,Houston put together a Big Three lineup,The Sonics saved the entire team of the Western Conference champions,The Jazz duo played the most perfect pick and roll tactics,Grant Hill, Jordan’s successor, also played Jordan’s performance at the same level in his early years, etc.。
But the Los Angeles Lakers turned out to be the biggest spoiler,This is something no one thought of。Shaq O’Neal is not the only one who brings victory to the team,This game against the Grizzlies proved it。
Kobe wins43Minute7Backboard9Assist7Steal3Cap,O’Neal won41Minute24Backboard。