Gangster is not dead!

Not only dead,The gangster also cut a knife。
And the blog of the player is all in the corner of the wall.。
Just in the moment he is going to change the bullet,Summer bird appears。
On the screen,That looks like a clumsy figure,Suddenly left,Just land,One hundred and eighty-degree transformation orientation,Right,Transform。
“This is a jump……”
“What should he do??”
Everyone swears,In this moment,They clearly have a feeling of high flash。
Then,They saw the gangsters have arrived in the police.,The knife in hand suddenly。
Yes,Is a heavy knife,Squat down。
Just listen“puff”Sound,Blood rendering,Show prompt above the screen。
Knife head!The whole game map is dead!
NS626chapter Plug-in
No one dares to believe in your own eyes。
First team in Qinghai University,Master with super strong guns and consciousness,It turned out to be a knife。
This knife,So simple and simply。
That moment’s revolution,Straight to shock people。
in the game,This is a shame!
More intimate is,After killing people,The other party painted on his body。
And play a line:“This is the so-called team master?Rubbish!”
This line of words,Only players hanging up and watching can only see,But even without dead money and other two players,Also seen through the teammates’ screen。
“Nima is looking for!”
Qian Fan six team members face iron green,Hit。
As the first team of the overall strength of Qinghai University,Hold44Player,A headed head,A shameful knife……
“Trough,Who is this big cow??”
“never heard of that98There is such a big god in the team.。”
“Cow,Too cow is forced。”
Short mistake,Many people shouted with Mc.。


“……”Four men’s face red,All evil spirits are looking forward to competitors。
Summer is staying。
Although this woman is good,Be the best。
Can not make these men for a seat,Big player?
Have the money……Why don’t you take a business class and head?。
First2226Chapter Strange things
Summer can’t understand the four men’s。
But do not hinder him to see the lively。
Just——Look at it,The expression on his face is getting more exciting.。
His front row,And several men in the back row,Also stand up to bid。
Be right。
Nowadays, it has already reached 80,000.。
Just for a seat。
And this is noted in the summer,Whisless of these people,All clothing,Temperament。
Even some people clearly carry bodyguards……You dare to believe?
They all take economic class,You dare to believe?
This seat has been fried to 120,000,You dare to believe?
Summary can’t touch your mind in summer。
He wants to ask the fat wife,But this guy does not take care of him.,But the evil is constantly increasing price。
finally,When he added it to 180,000,Surrounded by men, they are somewhat.。
“Hum!Fight with me,You are still far away.。”
The fat wife is not painful at all.,Even,“Laozi has changed this seat from the first class.,In fact, I still make it.。”
Whereast……made money?
I really want to ask him in the summer.。
When you are dull,The fat brother has taken a check this from his arms.,Remove it after writing,Hand over summer。
“Brother,Give you。”
“Uh,Thank you……”Even if you see more than you know,Experienced countless big wind big waves,Still some hair。
After passing through the check,Immediately and fat old brothers。
However, he just sat down,Another man next to you,It is also his initial opening bidding.,“Friend,Can you change a seat??”
“Uh……good。” Summer staying in summer,Very happy。
Fourth place and the fifth man,At the same time,“Friend,I bought this seat.……”Summer blinking,A human animal is harmless,Very innocent eyes,Looking at the third man。

“Li Tianzhi。”The instructor answered。

But the old man ignored the instructor,But turned his head and asked Gu Changfeng,“Must sue him,We are on mission,Any individual has no choice but to obstruct without any reason,Warned not to listen,We will take decisive measures。”
“Feng Lao,There is a misunderstanding here,Young man can’t speak,Is it clear why,Warn him again,Really don’t listen,Take another step?”
“Then just ask。”Feng Lao is upset,But also a little suspicious,People with supernatural powers are often far more capable of responding to abnormal phenomena in nature than ordinary people,Don’t anything really happen then,He won’t carry this pot。
Boom、The muffled sound comes from the underground palace a few miles away,Very rhythmic,Li Tianzhen can clearly sense,But other people don’t have this ability,According to Li Tianzhi’s speculation,If Jia Chou come a few more times,It is very likely that the octagonal stone platform will be completely destroyed,There is no time left,Li Tianzheng shouted the unicorn beast in his divine consciousness,“Is there any large-scale transfer of magical powers?”
“What’s the matter?”Qilin Beast is very impatient。
“Remove these mortals,It would be better if they can erase their memories after entering the valley。”
“Eat radish and worry about it,An ant-like mortal cares about me?”
“Can’t say that,These people came here because of me,You should do me a favor。”
“Why should i help you again?”
Li Tianzhi,This unicorn beast has always been proud、Extremely vicious,If it’s not for the spirit,This guy doesn’t even care about himself,No energy to argue,Don’t help,Li Tianzhi suddenly became wise,Shouted at Hu Dehai,“Bring Yingzi out,run!”
Everyone,Unexpectedly, Li Tianzhen followed his arm closely,He grabbed the old man’s collar,Secret force,Make it immobile,Then he carried it on his shoulders,Take a big stride。
“stop!”Gu Changfeng and others never thought that Li Tianzhen would suddenly attack,In the scolding sound,The instructor groaned while running,Li Tianzhen’s ass thing,I’m going to cause another big disaster this time,I’m afraid I won’t finish it in this life,Hu Dehai is unknown so,I froze for a moment, turned my head and ran towards the green tent behind,The others are confused,But I’m worried about Li Tianzhi,Have joined the ranks of catching up。
Li Tianzhen rushed towards the direction outside the valley,Soldiers continue to intercept,But because of the old man taking hostage,No one dared to shoot,Li Tianzhi’s body is amazingly fast,After shaking in two directions, they rushed through the crowd in an incredible way,So the soldiers who intercepted became chasers,Soon the valley boiled。
“Run away,Escape,Earthquake!”Li Tianzhen shouted loudly while running,Must create an atmosphere of panic,Otherwise most people don’t understand,Confused。
More and more people join the chasing team,Many people actually don’t know why they want to follow,What’s even stranger is that almost all the commanders throw rats,I don’t know if I should restrain my subordinates,So a spectacular sight appeared in the valley,Li Tianzhen carried the old man and ran in front,The team behind is chasing,And run faster,It’s like a rapid march in the field,But more desperate than that。
Out of the narrowest part of the valley,Suddenly open up,A column of military vehicles stopped not far away,Li Tianzhen doesn’t care about three seven twenty one,Dodge,Avoid guards,Jumping into a jeep with the old man on his back,Fiddle,Catch fire,Run away。

“President said good,However, since the words have been said so,So let’s everyone,What is good for them??”

“Since things have been here,So next,They are dead.。”
“This is nature,if not,Don’t I think that we are still here with them.?”
This,With those people around you,You have said that I am in my words.,Don’t forget to say this。
As for Wei Song Mountain,While seeing it here。
In fact, Wei Songshan itself,I didn’t care so much.。
Although things have been,But for this matter,In fact, Wei Song Mountain’s heart,It’s quite clear.。
But just like this,In fact, here,Weushan itself,It is very thoroughly。
“very good,But since now,It has been completely settled to do this.,Then this matter,Continue to start!”
The first thousand two hundred and thirty-five rounds to our performance
“Are you ready??”
Shen Xuan looked at the Xia North,Can’t help but say。
And Shen Xuan’s side,When I saw this, I saw it here.,The face is even more exciting look。
After all, these things,In fact, it has already been arranged.。
As for now,I plan to start starting from what.。
actually,Look in Xia North,at this point,But it is already placed in it.。
“Do you feel relieved,It has already been arranged here.。”
“Next, as long as you,So everyone else,Can start at any time。”
When this is said in Xia North,Here,At this moment,Shen Xuan,Poor is very light。
In fact, all this,Shen Xuan has already set this idea to do this.。
So see these places,In fact, for Shen Xuan,At this moment,Shen Xuan itself,It is completely unfinished so much.。
“But next,Since I have already set this idea to do this.。”
“So no matter how,These things,Can’t fall, it’s eyes mind.。”
When Shen Xuan said on this,At this moment,Shen Xuan’s side,Those people of the Daxia Chamber of Commerce,It’s all agreed.。
After all, I will follow it.,Such a thing,I plan to start starting from what.。
In fact, here,Their heart,It’s a burst of jump.。
As for what is going to start now。
In fact, here,How can they be unclear??
“If it is really because it is now,So other things,In fact, it is not particularly important.。”
“Although it is said,But now,Let’s everyone,It has fully occupied this。”

Su Sei Ming:[ Nothing brother friendship。]

Muzi:[What brotherhood?In front of the interest,Brotherhood is worthless,All right,brother,good luck,I am going to meet.。]
Mu Zi lifts the sweat that does not exist on the wipes。
This is really can’t blame him.,His yesterday, I think of Ou Jing.。
Su Sei Ming:[Pseudo-brother!]
NS,Lu Haoheng and Ou Jing, I know what happened.,No one ignores him。
Blue Xin after eating,Plan out to go shopping,She drove alone, she went to the Mall of the Penghu Villa.,Want to buy a small basket and fruit plate,Her studio has to add something。
She just arrived in the red light intersection,Stop the car,There are pedestrians in front of them.,She is waiting for red lights,Look down on the phone,Anless is very unhappy,She also wants to receive her husband。
Blue Xin comforted her a few words,Looking at the green light,I want to start the car,Suddenly I saw a lot of people around the sidewalk. ,It seems that there is an incident.。
NS1886chapter Dizzy girl
Rear screen is a whistle,Blue Xin made a double flash,Go to see what is going on。
Population,Have a girl fainted on the ground,Surrounding many people ,But just onlookers。
“Bamboo,This little girl,I don’t know if it is true or hurting.,There are quite a lot now in the young party.。”
“is not that right,I have to see the news two days ago.。”
Blue Xin listened to the discussion of people around,No matter,Take a closer look,This girl is the girl who is encountered in the supermarket yesterday.。
Blue Xin asked people around:“Have a first aid phone??”
A aunt just took out the old-age machine to call:“Little girl,I just want to call.。”
Blue Xin:“……”She is not small.。
Blue Xindao:“I sent her to the hospital.,No need to play。”
immediately,Let the people around a hand,Hold the girl to her car。
Blue Xin looked back at a girl,She today,Wear a black professional dress,Face is pale,It’s poor curling.。
She closed the double flash,Launch the car to send the girl to the hospital。
Blue Xin found the nearest hospital,Go to the hospital,I am busy looking for medical staff to help.。
Push girl after entering the emergency room,Pay a payment,After paying, it is waiting outside the emergency department.。
Patient in the emergency room from her,Many people come,Children can see each other。
The walkway is full of strong disinfection,The pale light makes people feel stressful.。
Blue is on the wall,She can feel the cold touch。
She lows her head,Occasionally often passed the patient’s painful 呻吟 and yelling。
Doctors and nurses have hopped from her,Surprising atmosphere。
Blue Xin is somewhat,Simultaneously look down on mobile phone,Automatically isolated around the world。
About twenty minutes,The first aid doctor came out。

Although they don’t know inside you .,There is also basic judgment。

No one is optimistic about a punch without a record。
嗡嗡。 In a snoring,Summer mobile phone ringtones are urgent。
Is a strange number。
Summer is not turned on immediately。
Instead, I hope。
I saw Zhang Jiuzhen looked at him.。
Just is different from。
This moment, Zhang Jiu,Hand out of his mouth,Yang played a move to let him answer the phone。
His hands do not call。
Summer eyes are getting more and more cold,Killing is getting colder and cold。
He has a deep breath,Slowly turn on the phone。
Take a touch,It is a good voice that is like a bleak like a sight.,“Summer,Is it very surprised?,Is there an angry??”
“Who are you?。”
The opposite person smiles,“How is summer so forget?,Don’t we have seen it in this afternoon?,I personally go to the invitation of the horses.……”
“I know it is you.。”
Summer interrupted him directly,“I ask who you are.!”
Although it is the same sentence,But the meaning。
“My name is Zhang Wenmao,Zhang Wenli is my brother,You will fight him.,Also scrapped his gas sea!”
Zhang Wenmao’s voice is full of gas,“You said,How can I deal with you??”
Summer eyes squint,“What do you want??”
“Husband is really sitting there to watch the game,Don’t leave,Don’t call,Don’t think about the woman who saved you,Once you have any power,Laozi shot her.!”
Zhang Wenmao,“After the appetizing dishes have passed,Nine do will let you participate in the boxing,And you must also promise him。Otherwise,Your woman will die!”
Listening to the murderer of Zhang Wenli opposite,Slowly expand in the eyes of summer,No longer calm。
He has a deep breath,Faint,“Good,I promise you,But you have to tell me,Who is dealing me?,Don’t say what you have revenge for your brother.,Don’t say anything, you are sent by Xu Wenle.,Not even if Zhang Jiu wants to deal with me.,Say,If you don’t say,Then let’s take two scattered,You can kill the moon,But I swear in the summer,Even if it is the poor billy, Huangquan,I will also give you a thousand knives.!”
“嘿嘿……Do you think I am afraid of death??I am not afraid!”
Zhang Wenmao is not happy,But after it is finished,Also,“You have already died to the top,Tell you also。”
Toned,His voice is full of cruelty,“Many people involved,Several families with Beijing,, For example, the white home you submerged,And you have killed ancient houses,In addition to them,There is also a hidden family,So you are satisfied??”
Merely,He complains to laugh,“Surnamed,You are dead!”
Summer doesn’t speak。
Viewing the direction of Jino Rong,At this moment, I laughed with a few hidden families.。
It seems that the eyes of summer,Read down,I rushed to laugh in the summer,It hurts the wine glass。
Just,When he touched to the smuggling of the killing,Can’t help but。

Jones is outspoken,Let Xia Jian feel embarrassed。Chinese people are dealing with matters between men and women,There is always a little restraint compared with foreigners。Of course,If something like this meets someone like Wang Youcai,He really couldn’t ask for it。

Xia Jian lowered his head,Took a sip of coffee,Suddenly said with a smile:“Miss Jones!I didn’t say hello to you in advance about Lu Ying last night,I did it wrong,Here i apologize to you“
“Don’t need Mr. Xia,She should help you with this,I won’t blame you“Jones said with a smile。
Xia Jian took a breath and said:“Thank you Miss Jones,Where’s Lu Yingren?Why didn’t you see him?“
“She went abroad early this morning,Because there is something that needs her assistance。Hey!Mr. Xia,Should I change the name between us?,So polite“Jones said,Turn the topic。
Xia Jian was stunned and said:“OK!I’ll just call you Jones,You call me Xia Jianhao,Don’t have any Mrs. Mrs.“Xia Jian’s words made Jones laugh。
Xia Jian looked at Jones like this,The heart that I was holding then let go。He thought that Jones was asking him for a crime,I didn’t expect that she wouldn’t mention what happened last night“
Two people sitting in the garden,Talking happy topics,Drinking freshly ground coffee brought from Africa,Xia Jian suddenly felt like he was in another world。
“Xia Jian!Do you have a girlfriend?”Jones suddenly asked such a question。
Xia Jian was taken aback,Immediately said with a smile:“I am a person with friends all over the world,Not only have more girlfriends,And there are a lot of boyfriends”
“Don’t fight,I ask you what you mean, you understand,Just answer me honestly”Jones chuckled,Two beautiful eyes staring at Xia Jian。
Xia Jian hesitated and said:“There are so many girlfriends,But there is really no way to talk about marriage”What Xia Jian said is the truth,I didn’t mean to deceive Jones at all。
“Ha ha!Why are you talking about girlfriends,About to talk about marriage?This seems to be two problems!Can’t marry a woman,Don’t talk about girlfriends?”Jones asked a little puzzled。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“This is a concern,That means we are more traditional,Not like you,In personal life,Has a lot of space”
“is it?Don’t you like our larger private space?”There was a big smile on Jones’ face。
Xia Jian smiled,He did not speak。Because he felt that discussing such a topic with Jones,It’s not a result of the discussion,Because their location and country are different,Jones may not understand this。
Jones saw that Xia Jian stopped talking,She took a breath,As if he had made a lot of effort:“My mother is chinese,So some of my thoughts are similar to her。Like wearing a cheongsam,It really reflects the temperament and beauty of our women。And what she said about fate,I think it’s interesting”
Xia Jian kept nodding,He thinks Jones is right。But one thing he is not very white,Jones told him these things for no apparent reason.?

I heard Mo Xiaosheng mentioned Yin Er,Said another word,Also mentioned Duoli,Yueren Wang’s heart beats wildly,

Since Mo Xiaosheng said that,Mo Xiaosheng must have seen Yin’er。
“okay,Stop teasing you,Brother Yue!”
Mo Xiaosheng smiled and shook his head,Then shouted at the door,“Brother Li,come in!”
His voice fell off,Then the door of the ward was pushed open,Li Zhen smiled and walked in,And behind him is a small figure hiding。
Because Mingcheng wants to return the car to the military intelligence office,So after Mo Xiaosheng and the others got to the hospital,Mingcheng drove away,So only Li Zhen and Yin Er came in at this time。
Yuerenwang is a bit unclear, so,Turning his head suspiciously, looking towards the door,See that Li Zhen came in,I can’t help but wonder。
“Uncle Yue!”
At this moment a clear voice came,Then there was a small head poked out from behind Li Zhen,Looking at King Yue with a smile。
Yueren Wangxun prestige,After he sees the face he cares about day and night,Body trembled suddenly,Light and shadow flash in the eyes,Obviously some can’t believe my eyes!
“Yin……Yin Er?!”
Yueren**Hoarse,A pair of emotionless eyes was suddenly filled with tears,Then he stretched out his trembling hands to Yin’er in front of him,The expressions are still full of unbelievable,Thought I was dreaming。
“Uncle Yue……”
Yin’er’s eyes flushed,Cried out,Pounced,Hugged Yuerenwang’s neck,Crying,“Uncle Yue,I miss you so much,Uncle Yue,I miss you so much……”

Ultimate meaning:Bare feet!

JRAlmost knocked over。
At the moment of the conditioned reflection of the electric flint,JROut of the line of sight, he caught a glimpse of a peerless figure, swiftly passing to his left side,Like a tornado。
Hula la!
“Out of position。”
JR’S brain responded,Reflexively trying to reach out to stop Xu Xuan,But just raised my hand,I felt like I hit a truck head-on on my left shoulder,Whistling over,The whole world began to spin around。
JRDid not give up。
but,ShumperbyJRMore alert,inJRThe defense came up at the moment of losing position,JRAlso readjust the rhythm,Chased up。
The defense is still not broken!
“The ball is too stable!”Zhang Gongyi’s full praise:“It’s Xu Xuan,I have to lose this ball for another person。The difficulty factor of the action simply breaks through the sky。”
“But I still can’t make it,Pity,The Cavaliers are very defensive,JRThe joint defense with Shumpert is also very tacit,They may have considered a scene that would be passed by Xu Xuan,So the patch is very timely。”
“Did not receive the serve,George·Hill took it,No one in front of Hill.But Hill doesn’t seem to want to shoot。”
“Not much time,4second,3second,Hill is still hesitating!”Yu Jia explained loudly。
But just before his voice fell for a second。
Hill suddenly jumped up.

“Final half31Minute,Please enjoy this performance!”

“Great player,Great performance。I don’t know what the current mentality of his opponent Lakers is.?”
“Young team,It’s easy to collapse to the end。Kobe has never experienced such a dilemma, right?,Hope he can stand up,Counterattack。After all, the future of NBA,Still belong to young people like Kobe Shaq。”
“Change!The Lakers have changed!”
“One shark, one subject, three shots!coming!Their strongest offensive system!This system ranks first in the league in scoring efficiency during the regular season!Swept the Sonics!”
“Although because Houston has an Olajuwon one pillar Optimus,The Lakers’ lineup does not have much effect on them,But now the bull is different!”
“O’Neal singles out Langley,Everyone knows what the result will be!Just give O’Neill enough space,Then the Bulls’ inside lane will be beaten!”
The second half started soon,Lakers adjust lineup,Soon there was an exclamation。
Here comes the killer!
The Lakers’ lineup is a killer move at critical moments!
Bulls ball rights,First ball,Pippen for the sake of safety,Or give it to Jordan。
Jordan singles out Bowen,Continuous turning and shaking,Then lean back,Drifting and throwing the ball in。
Michael Jordan feels the same!
“Michael this,I’m afraid it will break the record。”
“Not necessarily,Maybe the Lakers can’t hold on until he breaks the record。”
Kobe advances with the ball!
never give up!
Even if my opponent walks like a god,Even if the current score is already there13Points gap。
But Kobe has never been discouraged,Never give up is his style of play,Rising from the abyss is his belief。