I heard Mo Xiaosheng mentioned Yin Er,Said another word,Also mentioned Duoli,Yueren Wang’s heart beats wildly,

Since Mo Xiaosheng said that,Mo Xiaosheng must have seen Yin’er。
“okay,Stop teasing you,Brother Yue!”
Mo Xiaosheng smiled and shook his head,Then shouted at the door,“Brother Li,come in!”
His voice fell off,Then the door of the ward was pushed open,Li Zhen smiled and walked in,And behind him is a small figure hiding。
Because Mingcheng wants to return the car to the military intelligence office,So after Mo Xiaosheng and the others got to the hospital,Mingcheng drove away,So only Li Zhen and Yin Er came in at this time。
Yuerenwang is a bit unclear, so,Turning his head suspiciously, looking towards the door,See that Li Zhen came in,I can’t help but wonder。
“Uncle Yue!”
At this moment a clear voice came,Then there was a small head poked out from behind Li Zhen,Looking at King Yue with a smile。
Yueren Wangxun prestige,After he sees the face he cares about day and night,Body trembled suddenly,Light and shadow flash in the eyes,Obviously some can’t believe my eyes!
“Yin……Yin Er?!”
Yueren**Hoarse,A pair of emotionless eyes was suddenly filled with tears,Then he stretched out his trembling hands to Yin’er in front of him,The expressions are still full of unbelievable,Thought I was dreaming。
“Uncle Yue……”
Yin’er’s eyes flushed,Cried out,Pounced,Hugged Yuerenwang’s neck,Crying,“Uncle Yue,I miss you so much,Uncle Yue,I miss you so much……”

Ultimate meaning:Bare feet!

JRAlmost knocked over。
At the moment of the conditioned reflection of the electric flint,JROut of the line of sight, he caught a glimpse of a peerless figure, swiftly passing to his left side,Like a tornado。
Hula la!
“Out of position。”
JR’S brain responded,Reflexively trying to reach out to stop Xu Xuan,But just raised my hand,I felt like I hit a truck head-on on my left shoulder,Whistling over,The whole world began to spin around。
JRDid not give up。
but,ShumperbyJRMore alert,inJRThe defense came up at the moment of losing position,JRAlso readjust the rhythm,Chased up。
The defense is still not broken!
“The ball is too stable!”Zhang Gongyi’s full praise:“It’s Xu Xuan,I have to lose this ball for another person。The difficulty factor of the action simply breaks through the sky。”
“But I still can’t make it,Pity,The Cavaliers are very defensive,JRThe joint defense with Shumpert is also very tacit,They may have considered a scene that would be passed by Xu Xuan,So the patch is very timely。”
“Did not receive the serve,George·Hill took it,No one in front of Hill.But Hill doesn’t seem to want to shoot。”
“Not much time,4second,3second,Hill is still hesitating!”Yu Jia explained loudly。
But just before his voice fell for a second。
Hill suddenly jumped up.

“Final half31Minute,Please enjoy this performance!”

“Great player,Great performance。I don’t know what the current mentality of his opponent Lakers is.?”
“Young team,It’s easy to collapse to the end。Kobe has never experienced such a dilemma, right?,Hope he can stand up,Counterattack。After all, the future of NBA,Still belong to young people like Kobe Shaq。”
“Change!The Lakers have changed!”
“One shark, one subject, three shots!coming!Their strongest offensive system!This system ranks first in the league in scoring efficiency during the regular season!Swept the Sonics!”
“Although because Houston has an Olajuwon one pillar Optimus,The Lakers’ lineup does not have much effect on them,But now the bull is different!”
“O’Neal singles out Langley,Everyone knows what the result will be!Just give O’Neill enough space,Then the Bulls’ inside lane will be beaten!”
The second half started soon,Lakers adjust lineup,Soon there was an exclamation。
Here comes the killer!
The Lakers’ lineup is a killer move at critical moments!
Bulls ball rights,First ball,Pippen for the sake of safety,Or give it to Jordan。
Jordan singles out Bowen,Continuous turning and shaking,Then lean back,Drifting and throwing the ball in。
Michael Jordan feels the same!
“Michael this,I’m afraid it will break the record。”
“Not necessarily,Maybe the Lakers can’t hold on until he breaks the record。”
Kobe advances with the ball!
never give up!
Even if my opponent walks like a god,Even if the current score is already there13Points gap。
But Kobe has never been discouraged,Never give up is his style of play,Rising from the abyss is his belief。

Kyuubi opened his big mouth towards Ino,Swallow Ino directly into his mouth。

“Are you OK,Ino。”
Sasuke looked at Ino who was sluggish beside him and said。
“It should be the failure of ninjutsu,Caused Ino’s mental trauma.”Shikamaru’s body began to tremble,“Oops,I can’t hold on anymore.Everyone quickly get out!”
With Shikamaru’s voice falling,The demon fox man also roared like a beast,Break free of Shikamaru’s ninjutsu,Crimson steam drums continue to emerge from the demon fox man。
The demon fox man is lying on the ground,The leaked crimson chakra formed the shape of a fox。
“Monster Fox.It’s really a monster.”Shikamaru solemnly looked at the demon fox man lying on the ground and roaring like a wild beast.。
“The demon fox man should have lost his mind,Be careful everyone。”Sasuke stared at the demon fox and said,“Zoriana,Ino asks you to take care of it temporarily。”
The irrational demon fox man looks up to the sky and screams,Spray a tail beast jade towards everyone in front of you。
“Get away!”
One-tailed beast jade,Destroyed nearly one-tenth of the buildings in Konoha Village。
“Everyone okay。”Shikamaru looked around with lingering fears and said。
“Nothing.but,Ning Ci seems to have died in the attack of the demon fox man just now。”
Fauer’s jar holds Zoranna in her left hand,The sluggish Ino with his right hand said。
Shikamaru nodded,It is acceptable for him to die only one person in an attack of the kind just now。
Chapter One Hundred Seventy Four Suzuo Nenghu bracelet
The entire Konoha Village has become a paradise for demon foxes。

So Zhang Xun stabbed his old friend He Wenzhong with his elbow.,“Lao He,Did you see?Today’s actors are so shameless?In order to climb the famous director,Dare to use any means!”

“Is not this nonsensical?”He Wenzhong also saw it,But he was very calm,“That’s it already!More monks and less porridge,In order to have a chance,They dare to do anything embarrassing!”
“Ha ha。”
Zhang Xun sneered,“If it’s in our place,This kid must be locked up!”
“You said it’s not our time now,Just rest。”He Wenzhong’s Lazy Way,“What you love me,What he sent by Xin Changkong is not a resource given by the country,But their company,What are you worried about?”
“Hey!You said such a good work,How did you meet this stinky boy??”Zhang Xun is still upset:“Both say that Lu Xiaofeng and Chu Liuxiang are peerless geniuses,I don’t think they have a good vision!”
“This is a bit extreme。”He Wenzhongdao:“Shen Huan is an unborn mathematics genius、Basketball genius,This is universally recognized。As for Chu Liuxiang,Work for him——Write this,Don’t you think he is bad?”
He Wenzhong intercepted his words:“All right,Let’s stop complaining,Awards will start soon,Sit for four hours,Hold210,000 yuan home,Buy something for grandchildren,Isn’t that good?Why bother yourself?”
What he said,Zhang Xun just shut up angrily。
The award party started right after。
Hosting the party are four famous hosts from Huajing TV。
Two are more stable,Two young and lively。
It must be top-notch in terms of hosting skills,The best media university in China is in Huajing,Those students can’t enter China TV,It must be on HJTV。
So from the word Zhengtongyuan、Adaptable,They did a good job。
But it lacks a lot of entertainment factors——Even younger,I only dare to make a little joke,Far from being as crazy as the hosts of the Four Heavenly Kings。
One year down,About what shows and TV shows can tell,Actually everyone knows。
Compared with the performance of the actors,TV series and show ratings and influence,There is no excuse,Win is win。
《Huan Zhu Ge Ge》Must be the biggest winner。
It’s no wonder that except for Teacher Chu Liuxiang,Almost all of them appeared。

“Dong Yang,You are an internet genius,But the entertainment industry,You really don’t understand!”

“I laughed,Where’s his confidence,Dare to speak like this?”
“Also brings a new era?Is it a bad movie era??Look at the pretentious plot、Stiff performance、20Performance……All this makes me feel,Too horrified。”
“Yes,Especially we just watched《Huan Zhu Ge Ge》with《Love through time and space》After such an excellent TV series,Look again《Youth》,It’s like being fed a tuoxiang abruptly!”
“Didn’t Boss Yang tell me??Professionals still need to be done by professional people,You are not this material,Don’t come to the muddy water!”
“Who said no?Look at Teacher Chu,Has he been proud?Has he swelled?This is the real big shot!”
Look at these comments,Yang Kai was so angry that he yelled,Put on a trumpet and argue with others online。
But where is the simple little princess the opponent?
Defeated in twos and fives。
Then she can only call back sullenly,Comfort dad。
Unexpectedly,Yang Feng is in great condition,Not affected at all。
Boss Yang did not pay his salary for two months that year,Still a happy person every day。

Sun Dahe said it all,No pay for this movie,Just take care of food and accommodation,Nothing else。

Schedule issues are easy to handle,I will make time for anything。
Highest pay3000Wan’s actor,Can have such a positive attitude,Can Zhu Mei not use it??
Not to mention this,Remuneration cost pressure has decreased sharply,One Sun Dahe alone can increase5000Million box office。
5A superstar with a actor in hand,The influence is so big!
First232chapter Actor choice(Four more for subscription!)
What does Zhu Mei think,Shen Huan knows very well。
Said before,Zhu Mei is different from the King of Sunglasses,She in some ways,Still take into account the cost of the producer,There will be a certain degree of compromise with the market。
Someone who doesn’t know how to compromise,It doesn’t exist at all。
The king of sunglasses in China,And the Coen brothers in Hollywood,In fact, they can be willful on many movies,But I will never be willful in all movies。
Occasionally, there are one or two dramas that show both market performance and reputation,Is a guarantee for their status。
otherwise,The boss who likes trophies,Faced with their huge losses and never compromised,Would you still like it??
So the actor participated,It’s very appropriate for Zhu Mei,It is also necessary。
“Not Teacher Xu。”Shen Huan’s leisurely way,“Aunt May,Do you think Guo Hanging can’t?”
“Guo Hang!?”
Zhu Mei was completely shocked,“Xiaohuan,You’re not kidding?”
Guo Hang is《love letter》Inside the protagonist’s friend Ye Mao’s actor,Also a student who graduated from Shanghai Opera,But after graduation3No filming for years,Then went to act4Drama of the year。

“Do not worry,I will manage the company well,You are here to take good care of the old lady。”Ai Chen nodded seriously。

Shen Luoluo didn’t think so much,Just head down,Nodded silently,Ai Chen looked at the time,It’s almost there,Left the hospital and went to the company。
And here,In a small town on the foreign border,There is a family,Exquisite small western house,People coming and going in the house,Constantly in and out。
To be precise,Doctors who come and go keep coming and going。
“Doctors,How is she?Why it’s been so long,Still no news?”
“Mr,Don’t worry,This lady has no life safety,It’s just that she still has a minor surgery to do,Because the plane fell,When the last explosion,Some debris from the plane pierced her body,Now we need to take those things out,Wait a moment。”The doctor explained seriously。
“Ok,Thank you,Thank you。”
Another hour passed,The doctors who came and went all stopped their work,The reason is,The lady lying on the bed,She is no longer in danger,I can wake up in about three or five hours。
“Mr,This young lady woke up in a few hours,Please wait patiently for a while,If there is anything else,We are downstairs,Just call us。”The doctor said。
“Ok,Thank you guys,You guys have a rest,I went in with her。”That man finished,I hurried in。
In the room,All the sheets and covers on the bed have been changed,Now it’s a clean bed sheet covered,And just below,Covered a girl,Delicate face,It makes people feel distressed without a trace of blood。
Fan Yi looked at the person on the bed,Sit next to her,Hold her hand tightly。
The plane accident,He is also on the plane,But he finally fell down,Fell directly into the water,He knew that Shen Mange was there,Later after landing,He was frantically looking for the whereabouts of Shen Mange on the shore。
But it’s okay,When he found Shen Mange,Shen Mange is still alive,He quickly took Shen Mange to the nearest town,Which is the town where they live now。
This is when he was investigating in this small town,I bought a small western house,It still works a bit now。
“Song,You wake up quickly。”Fan Yi took Shen Mange’s hand,Keep talking,Hope Shen Mange can wake up。
Lying on the bed,Shen Mange,Not as reported,No one survived,Shen Mange and Fan Yi are two exceptions。
Fan Yi fell into the water,When Shen Mange was found,Indeed alive,Shen Mange was brought here by Fan Yi,Have had surgery for nearly 20 hours,This saved Shen Mange’s life,so far so good。
“Song,I beg you,You must wake up。”Fan Yi keeps talking,Shen Mange felt that someone was always chanting his name in his ear,But the harder she tried to open her eyes,The more I can’t open my eyes。
Shen Mange is dreaming,While trying to open my eyes,Just struggling。

“You may not understand this one,After all, you were just an ordinary person before。”

“But don’t worry,I will teach you how to start the first practice。”
“But before that,I will pass on you first,Our Liyumen School’s introductory exercises and practice secrets。”
Finished saying this,From the body,Take out an introductory exercise book and hand it to Lin Yu。
Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty Nine Sanitation
Lin Yu who got the exercise,Just take a look,I’m speechless。
Because of this technique,It’s not even a beginner。
Can only say yes,Initial practice,It’s just an introduction on how to prepare。
But also,A sect that doesn’t even have a strong cultivation base in the late stage,Getting started,Even if it’s valuable,It’s not worth where to go。
“Look at the familiar things first,Wait for you to get familiar,Just tell me。”
To know,I watched it for three days,Only then can I understand the exercises。
Lin Yu,Although the roots are very good。
But no matter how good,It’s impossible to take this introductory exercise at a glance,I understand?

“Count the opponents of Yaren carefully,I think no one is his threat!All of us,Cheer for him!”

“Ha ha,I feel weird,Obviously our brother Jiang Shiyu played the best、Break through yourself。Why are Japanese people so shameless,Have to say this award,It seems to be in their bag?”
“Japanese people are like bears,Like never seen the world!Don’t they know,《Gift in Room 7》Did it debut in our Tai Chi country??Speculation and performance of the role,Jiang Shiyu is obviously going to win!”
“The Japanese people are all active,We must also support Jiang Shiyu a lot,He is the best!Can’t be snatched away by Japanese people!”
Whether it’s private or in the media,Japanese benzene and Tai Chi country quarrel again。
If the opponent is someone else,But because of the hatred between the two countries,So this fight for the best supporting actor,Seems to have become more enlarged,The impact is very wide。
Chinese media and netizens,Means that he is very stable。
“Ok,Look at them,How crazy?Best video here、Best director、The best actor and the most seen actress didn’t say anything.!”
“Even if there is no prize, what happened??We have so many nominations,Is already an unprecedented victory,Let alone those previous results,Has proven《Gift in Room 7》Excellent!”
“Yes,Can’t be too optimistic,I think the Oscar nomination this time,I am afraid that the form is greater than the content,Our awards shouldn’t be the same as before。”
“I think so too,Maybe the best film has some hope,Oh,correct,The best original script is basically stable。”
“I think,We are on the best actress,Very potential!Look at the best actress candidates,Who can have our little princess so good?”
“I upstairs said that I couldn’t agree more!Yang Shu’s performance is definitely historical!Don’t you often say,Old man、Disabled、little girl,Is the easiest to get an Oscar award!Yang Shucai9Years old!”
“Kneeled upstairs,Common sense in martial arts got Oscar,There is no sense of violation at all!”