Buron and dreams,Even if you are very uncomfortable,But I have to give up the intention of the continued pursuit.。

And at this time,Due to this wave of operation,And once again blown a pot。
“This wave,IGThe process of handling the double group is too perfect.。actuallyJDGHave been good enough,butIGThe processing of the double group is indeed impeccable。”
Miller directly sighs,This wave process is indeed, as he said。
noJDGCan’t do it.,ButIGTreatment is too line。
The doll is also followed.,Rapida picked up。
“In fact, this wave,JDGOriginally, it is very chance,Buron is a bit too anxious.,If you are not so urgent,The result is still two。”
Long hair point head,First agreed,But then he said his opinion。
“It is indeed the case,But this is http://www.fxccmy.cn alsoIGDouble group,in particularqgOn the basis of perfect processing,Will let the results of the road become like this。”
Illustrate the words of everyone,Pass microphone,Also conveyed to the countless audience after the screen。
“Oh shit,Classic renewal is coming,How do I feel that this scene is so familiar??”
“Hold,Me too,This scene is beforeIGIs there anything happened in the game??”
“I think so,Dream backS8Ah, this is。”
“Ha ha ha ha,A dream backS8,I am dizzy.。”
“Take care of him unfamiliar,After watching the operation, it will be,Palace treasure this wave of blood fucking!”
“That is indeed,This is undeniable,Especially the beginning of the dreamR,He is not the first time,I thought that Guo Bao responded slowly.。”
“Hahaha,Me too,As a result, the green hair was shown.,It is estimated that people are stupid.。”
“Ha ha ha ha,JDGBe too urgent,This wave is downgankFailure green hair at least 50%。”
“That is indeed,But the flying in Casa also couldn’t understand.,It’s not so broken.?”
“brother,CashaRno problem,Just face the palaceEflash,She responds slowly。”
“Of course,ThisEflash,I want to react every time.,It is indeed a less likely thing.。”
“really,flyRno problem,Just because of the Palace Tai Shi,It is too much to have problems.。”
In this wavegankAfter the end,The situation is more intensified on the field。
Chapter 216 Forward
In this wave of dreamgankAfter failure,The first small dragon on the field,also beenIGDirect income in the capsule。
JDGBe in touch withWEas well asFPXIn the competition,The reason http://www.wchats.cn why it is able to win。
They rely on,In fact, it is not the top rhythm of the former mid-mid-mid-mid-term.。It is the exquisite treatment of a group battle in the middle and late,Operation decision。
Even so,They are in those games,It’s very dangerous to hit the middle and late stages.。
Even one degree,JDGIt is necessary to be killed by the rhythm of the two teams.。
It’s hard to rely on a sigh of relief,JDGI went to this step today.。
so,In this game,JDGI don’t want to think about the previous game.,So passive。
They want to play rhythms in the early stage,Then control the situation firmly in your own hands.,Thus win the game。

Springs fast jump between trees,Come onto the temple。

One flying bird in the sky。
“Pocket,I have received a message,Spring has received the task of the fire temple”A musical flashes,Half said halfway。
“Oh,Still very fate”I turn over my face to show a smile.,But in his eyes, it exudes cold light.。
“he’s mine”A some cold voice sounded。
Look at the place from the voice,And standing there is a big sakura。
Sasukes are significantly higher,Under the body wearing a http://www.jgyynk.cn pure white dress,A deep blue pants。
The back of the kimono is a small Yuxi Bo family.,Deep gray arm covers his forearm to extend to palm。
Waist cloth is a purple rope belt,The back is still inserted with a straight knife of a purple scabbard。
He is looking forward to the pocket,Looking at the sun, it is a bit dull sun.。
“certainly,However, the big Snake Pills said it is to live.”Do you still carry a smile on your face?。
“Do you want to order me?,pocket”Sasuke suddenly turned back,A black scorpion is cold staring at the pocket。
“No no,I just remind you,If you have an unexpected big snake pill, you will be very unhappy.”Say a big face。
“Oh,I will have an inch,If he is unjust, I will kill.,That is not my business”
Finish,Sasuke disappeared in the original place。
“Step up,I want to give him a grand http://www.jzessz.cn welcome ceremony.”
Pocket support eye mirror,The look instantly becomes cold。
Spring is a long time,Finally arrived in the temple。
The fire temple covers a large area,It is also the largest temple in the country of fire.。
There are two huge gods in the door.,One left one right,Ereasting on both sides of the door,It looks very majestic。
Under the leader of the road,Spring through the cloister,Come to a Buddhist Hall,I saw the host of the fire temple.,Land。
Land landing is serious,Robe,A piece of cloth written on the waist。
Nothing is not too big,It should be in more than 30 years。
He used to guard one of them,Spring can also perceive a touch of Chakra fluctuations。
However, the legendary land has mastered the Talent of Xianban.,I heard that it is related to natural energy.,But if you don’t know if you?。
His teacher has the inheritance of Xianke,Springs are not curious about this。
It’s just that his own Chakra is not huge.,Can’t cultivate Xianke,Even if the reincarnation of the eye can store Chakra,That is not in the body of the spring.。
Therefore, Xianke became the option for Spring.,Only ways to restore physical potential after watching,I will consider Xianke。
“Hello master,I am on the wooden leaves,Demonstration to investigate the causes of neighboring ninja”Spring。
“Hello,I am a temple of fire.”Land landed handshey。
“Landland master,Can you talk about the specific situation?,I really start investigation.”
Spring is still trying to know the task.。
“It’s late now,Spring, I have to endure with me.,Let’s talk on our road”Landed。
“OK”Spring does not refuse,He also wants to know if there is a space in the temple of the fire.。
Zhai Tang is a very good place to get information。
“Just recently,The surroundings around our fire are harassed by Ninja,Although we also have a certain power,But not good at investigation,So I invite the spring.”The land laid with the spring。
Spring is shocked。
Will not be a horse bar,Even if this person is not this time.?

I saw this golden boxing still in the air.,And his wrist is tightly buckled with one hand.。

Gold boxing roar,Another punch,Brought a snoring。
Summer is just just gently,But did not let http://www.paulblack.cn go,Still buckle each other wrist。
The gold boxing is again yet,The legs of the legs are connected,It is still easy to avoid by the summer.。
On the way again,He still holds his wife’s wrist。
This is soaked in the eyes of everyone.。
Since you can’t get the other party,Come down and play.,How is it still in the air?,No effort,How to play?
They don’t know,Not the gold boxing, don’t want to come down,In fact, he does not come at all.。
He is opposite this high-thin thin youth single-handed wrist,Just like him in the air。
The heart is full of stormy waves。
Just when he tried to continue,Suddenly,Step forward,Round another arm,Five fingers。
A punch。
噼噼啪 鸣 音 不 于。
When this boxing bombards in the chest of the box。
Everyone sees,This boxing is the strong http://www.fzscg.cn muscle of the upper body,It’s like a general,Creeping with the thoracic part。
Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa……
At the same time,His body is also issued in the 噼 噼,Followed by a scream。
It’s just that this is only a half syllable.。
Fladder,He was thrown on the ground by the summer like a garbage.。
He is very‘Comfortable’Attitude lying there,Just look at your eyes,Full face is not credible。
Ordinary people don’t understand what is going on。
But people who have a little insight will be clearly clear,I am afraid that the bones of this golden boxer are broken.。
The face of the Western strongman standing next to Zhang Jiu is not condensed。
And the people in the second floor are also facing each other.,Everything is seen in the eyes of each other and jealous。
They can’t see the doorway,But this golden boxing is moving in the ground, but also shows a lot of problems.。
This is a fierce golden boxing,It was actually killed by a punch.。
。Wonderful book house

Some old blood spray。

Immediately, I watched the summer.,Stand up and walk forward。
at the same time。
Ear home。
A statue is standing。
The face of the statue is very vague,The whole is deep and the air is deep and atmospheric.。
If it is a look,Will find,Originally in the surface of the statue,Actually engraved rice grain size pattern with symbols。
Dense,Extremely complicated。
These symbols are like water waves,Some like a shape。
Some represent the pattern of five lines。
There is also a position of gossip。
The statue of the characters except the blurred face,His clothes,Hair,Boots, etc.,All consists of dense numbers。
This statue,It is engraved with the five elements of gossip http://www.solerose.cn and Qimen.。
The more you concentrate,More felt extraordinary。
Underground,Make people’s sights could not be blurred。
It seems that it has been integrated into this world.。
It is almost returned in the morning.‘reason’,Just look at your eyes,There is a rhythm that can’t be said。
At this moment。
Just in the front of the statue,Establish a loose black dress、Woman with a mask。
She looks up at the statue,Long time。
as if,She also became a statue。
After a moment,Her own state,It turned out to be exactly the same as the statue.,Like ancient anges, I am here.。
嗖嗖 嗖嗖。
At this time,Four residuals are flashing。
They look at the black woman standing in front,Look at each other,The face is shocked and doubts。
They are the guards of the ear.,Every strength is strong。
However, I don’t know when the black http://www.sxdfzj.cn woman is coming.。
Exactly,It is now the time period of their daily cultivation.。
“who are you……”
One of them immediately。
Speech,The black woman suddenly turned back to the sleeve。
Four parsley face,Each is low and drink。

This is not Chen Erniu?Zhao Hong was shocked,Hurriedly turned on the light in the room,She turned her head for a moment,Almost yelled,I saw Wang Youcai looking at her with a smile。

“Aren’t you in jail?How come out?“Zhao Hongqiang suppressed his beating heart,Asked surprised。
Wang Youcai does not wait for Zhao Hong to greet,Sat down on the chair first,Then he smiled and said:“It’s not easy,I want to go in,I’ll go in,Don’t http://www.iotsecu.cnwant to stay,Just say hello“
Zhao Hongyi listen,Also got a rough idea,Feelings, this guy was made by family members,He was so embarrassed to come here to buy things,Zhao Hong thought of this,There was a feeling of disgust in my heart。
As the saying goes,Smiley,Since everyone is here,No matter what he does,She has to ask before talking,So Zhao Hong smiled and said:“Congratulations!“
“No need to congratulate,I came to you to talk to you about something“Wang Youcai said,Two lustful eyes glanced hard on Zhao Hong’s tall chest。
When I saw Wang Youcai’s eyes,Zhao Hong couldn’t help but change his face and asked:“what’s up?“
“Look!You didn’t accept me before,Because of Xia Jian,This kid is better than me,But isn’t he a murderer now??You should give up!“Wang Youcai smiled again。
Did this guy go to jail and be stupid?,Hehe twice when he http://www.hhhtlxs.cn speaks。Zhao Hong hated Wang Youcai’s brows and said:“Do you think too much,I never said to marry Xia Jian,Even if Xia Jianzhen became a murderer,I, Zhao Hong, won’t marry you Wang Youcai,You just die this heart!”
“Alright!Who don’t know if you think about it,Tell you the truth,According to internal sources,Xia Jian is chasing death,Not long,He will be caught back,It’s not a peanut thing yet”That’s it for Wang Youcai,Can’t help but laugh。
Zhao Hong said coldly:“Are you stupid in jail?!Xia Jian’s matter is not conclusive at all,Even judge him,It’s just a defense,Not to be shot,I said what are you proud of?“
“You can’t wait for him!You’ll be really old if you wait any longer“Wang Youcai was anxious,I said this by the way。
Women are most taboo when others say she is old,Zhao Hong is no exception,I saw her staring and roaring:“Get out”
First0517chapter Love her
http://www.industrialgloves.cn Zhao Hong!You don’t be so horizontal,Look at you who are almost thirty now,If a woman can’t marry at the age of 30,,What an old man”Wang Youcai stood up,Said coldly。
This sentence pierced into Zhao Hong’s heart like a knife,Wang Youcai is right,She will be thirty years old once this year is over。If someone else says this,,She can barely accept,But from Wang Youcai’s mouth,She was very uncomfortable to serve。

Liao Wenjie puts the beads of a spider stroke,give a thumbs up:“sharp,In the 20th year, it was practiced by you into a golden body.,Unlike me,I will not die in less than a year.。”

He takes a deep breath,I read a few Buddhas.,This only presses the thoughts who want to get out.。
“Fahai,I am serious,Twenty years……wrong,Twenty year is so far,You are sure to be shorter when you practice gold.,This top-level,Really let me envy and hate。”
This sentence is the truth,People know,Liao Wenjie is very clear that you can practice the reason for the golden body.。
The first is the start of this Unit,And 蜈蚣 精普 披 多 多 端,He kills Pudu Cihang,The above people will be a reward,In the Cihang House,I sent him to him.。
Here is a small causality of white clouds.,If you come to the palm, there is no white pass.,Survey is also especially fast。
In addition, it is the golden gold at the system.,No system,Single is a few decades who are not bad.,The magical power of the law is even more far away.,No big firing,May be practiced for a lifetime。
Qualification is as he is still,The law is only ten years,Even more short time is practiced in Jin Jigong.……
Liao Wenjie has reason to suspect,This goods is actually who who is reincarnation,Come to the world,Dram。
If you don’t make a mistake,Young、Little white snake is his hardship,pass,Practice road,but,Heart magic interference,In this life, no inhummity。
Listening to Liao Wenjie,Really sell self-selling speech,Fahai continuously read the Buddha,Have reason to suspect,His magic is not spider essence,But Liao Wenjie。
First saw,He takes people,Good and evil do not divide Liao Wenjie as the devil。Despite awake,Didn’t lead to the magic bar,It also species a seed。
Spider estrole,He and Liao Wenjie have divergence on the problem of demon,There is no Liao Wenjie Dharma.,Magic, this germination。
Decorated 20 years of King Kong is not bad,Contrast the push to practice the golden body,Heart microic acid,Surprisingly, I didn’t cut off the seven emotions.,It’s just a greedy idea than ordinary people.,Magic breakdown。
A set of combined fists,Fahai, three hits,Although the flesh is safe,The mind is deeply sensible。
Besides,This is three punches.,I shouldn’t have any more next.?
Sky thunder,heavily clouded,Black pressure is like iron block,Wind coil is gloomy,Make the law sea,His mood now is the same as God。
Morning sunrise,Spring breeze is suitable for morning transport,After the appearance of Liao Wenjie,Increasingly black,I can’t see the sun,Villain,Blow, he will fall at any time。
Flash rowing thousands of miles,Thunder fracture,The rain flipped under the blown roll of the storm,Put the law。
Liao Wenjie set red umbrella,Ask if the law is a total,The latter shook his head,Preparing to thank you,Suddenly,Outstanding amazing killing。
“Liao brother,The front bamboo forest has http://www.592lxwz.cn a monster,Take me……”
No waiting,Liao Wenjie holds his shoulder,Shakehead:“Not urgent,Let’s take a look again,Similarly a pit,You won’t think of it three times today.?”
Reason,Let’s take a look again。
Nice point,Head rain,Liao Wenjie with red umbrella around and shoulders,Soon, deep into the bamboo forest,Found the demon source。
One green one white giant is entrenched in the bamboo forest,Red long talk throughout,It seems like the flame bloom in the night,Four 黄 黄 放,Lantern is like a hemp。
The law is looking into two snake demon causing,Only one thing,Fortunately, Liao Wenjie stopped,Otherwise, he is likely to be within one day.,Complete three links in the same pit。
Bamboo forest rainstorm,But can’t stop the eyes of the law,He is very clear,A beautiful village in the bamboo forest is produced,Shutdown is ruthless,Two snake demon, the body is http://www.tuolianwang.cn shining, it is difficult to get it。

But the more you now,At this time, Lei Tianming is an active activity,Don’t forget to continue to say this。

“Just now,In fact, I feel that I feel,Not enough。”
When Lei Tianming’s conscious looks at the eye,On the side of the eye,Lei Tianming is not forgotten to continue。
But just here,Lei Tianming,Some people around those people see this,It’s excited.。
“Thunder,The things here have been solved.。”
“Let’s,Still reporting to the young master。”
As people around you are talking to Lei Tianming,This,Lei Tianming looked at the eyes。
obviously,In fact, such a thing,It looks at them,It is not intended to be more than enough.。
And Lei Tianming,It is very calm。
“it is good,Immediately report to the boss。”
“But I think,Boss should,I have already known it early.。”
When Lei Tianming said,Those people around http://www.lpfamily.cn you see,I feel very funny。
After all, this little bit of little things。
In fact, they are very clear.,What is the impact,Not particularly large。
At this time,Lei Tianming is looking forward to,Just don’t know now,what’s going on。
Let’s start with one hundred and sixty-three chapters.
“OK,I already know。”
Shen Xuan looked at the eyes,Very calm。
In Shen Xuan’s side,Surroundings,It is a brush to look at it.。
obviously,In fact, here,When they watched the brush。
The more now,In fact, for these things,Their heart,How can it be unclear?,What do you need to do next?。
And this time,Shen Xuan watched his eyes,The more like this,In fact,Shen Xuan is very calm。
slowly,When Shen Xuan’s consciousness looked at the eye,I want to continue to say something.。
at this time,Shen Xuan’s side,The warrior http://www.yifeitea.cn of a war temple came here,I said to Shen Xuan.。
“Leader,What you do before?,Everyone is all already arranged.。”
When the warriors around the warrior,Shenxuan at this time,Then the next conscious looks at the eye.。
Don’t say anything else,But this thing,Instead, let Shen Xuan’s heart make a lot of jumps.。
“very good,In fact,Since things have been here,So this kind of thing,I feel,Let’s everyone now,Can start at any time。”
When Shen Xuan said on this,The more like this,More to make these people feel very good。
But just like this,In fact, Shen Xuan looks like,He thinks this look,Still not enough。
“Do not,some things,I think you all,Still thinking too much。”
“Now look at,These things,Temporarily still not enough。”
When Shen Xuan said with his eyes,This is to let the surroundings, the more you are curious and not。
Why is the best end?,But I want to say this.。
In fact, their hearts,The more you look, the more it is not understood.。
And just this,In fact, here,Shen Xuan itself,It is very calm。
“Only now,If it is really like this,So in fact, I feel,We can get started with Wujia.。”
When Shen Xuan’s words,It is also the soldiers of those who are around the war temple.,Completely exported。

Lin Feng’s figure walked into it,Distance to nearly 100 meters,The golden big venk is followed by Dongxing and his love.。

Half time,A round of a round of 30 meters was successful by Lin Feng。
Empty in the palace。
Lin Feng took a ice bed with the ice of Tianshi.,Put the body of the willow into the ice bed,Willow’s figure is lifelike,It’s like falling into sleep.。
“good,In this way,She can maintain a few decades。”Golden big snake draws a few words:“You only need to find the blood of Phoenix in the future, you can let her wake up.。”
“Thank you, thank you.。”Lin Feng said honestly smiles。
“Don’t thank me,Give me more younger brother in the future.,Let me command.,what,The guy is not bad。”The golden big snake draws a few big characters.,The tail pointed to Dongxing。
“I rubbed,Golden Brother,In the future, you will cover your younger brother.。”Dongxing 嘿 嘿 嘿 着,He dares with this snake.。
It is simply a demon in his eyes.。
“Come,Take your point root。”The golden big snake once again draw a few words.,Its tongue looks back,It seems http://www.zhencaijipin.cn that the boss。
“I rubbed!”Dongxing 骂 骂,What are this world?,He really doubts that this snake is not a mixer.。
But in my heart,Dongxing smiled and walked up,Ignite a smoke,In the mouth of the golden big tack。
Golden big snake smoke,Swallow,A pair is very enjoyable。
“I have to smoke for Laozi.!”Lin Feng took a word。
Golden big python roll up tail direct flash,Dongxing also smiled and went out,Anyway the channel grows?,They have place to smoke。
“Maple,Where did you find this best?。”Love is not angry, watching Lin Feng Road。
“Talk long。”Lin Feng did not hide,When the things that are about to talk about,Three old elders including midnight。
“You are too old this time.,The martial arts master is in the power of the bronze level or in the level of gold,Both are big people,I died three times.,I estimate http://www.tongshuntc.cn that the moon bell will send a big person to come here.。”Love looks。
“fine,They can’t come up with my head.,Who can think of me to practice non-toxic gods to such a realm?,And I want to let the non-toxic god disappeared,It will disappear。”Lin Feng said with a smile:“As for this golden big snake nature is not bad,Is a friend who can get something。”
“Ok,You can grasp it.,At least it provides you with a new clue。”Love。
“Yes,I feel more hopeful.。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Love,Everything is handed over,You don’t have to worry,I will work hard.。”
“You can’t borrow your teacher’s forces??”Love suddenly opens the mouth,People are selfish,Love is also the same,She knows that there is a super power behind Lin Feng.,If you can use the way,Maybe it can save it.。
“Love,To be honest,I am a very ordinary college http://www.yundingyingshi.cn graduate.,Everything is from my adventure,I’m not behind me.,I said that all this is just to integrate your face.。”Lin Feng silently。
I don’t know why,He is in the willows who are life and death,He dares to say lie。
“what?You get the adventure?”Love 姨 言 失。
She can’t believe Lin Feng。
“good,I practice it for ten days.。”Lin Feng’s face revealed a bitter smile:“I have a perspective function,So, I can gamble,I have a peerless prescription,I can formulate many holy springs.。”
Emperor Warm Ween Sky Was。
It turns out that this is the truth of things.,It is no wonder that Lin Feng looks like a person without rivers and lakes.,Handling a lot of things very sad。
“Love,sorry,I have concealed a lot。”Lin Feng apologizes。
“Silly,In fact, you should always hide,Such secrets you must hide for a lifetime,Even in the belly。”Emotional:“You should not tell me。”
“But,I am glamorous,I should not lying.。”Lin Feng face with bitter smiles:“And you are her,It’s like a child,I can lie to you.。”
“Love, I didn’t hear it.。”Love sighed。
“Yes。”Lin Feng does not matter。
“So saying that your practice is very short.,Ten days have a fighting force comparable to the martial art?Do not,You can hunt the power of the martial arts level.。”Love is like a monster looks like Lin Feng.:“How are you practicing??”
“I have a holy spring, it is easy to practice the former two realms.,The third realm is my breakthrough in my life and death crisis.,The fourth realm is that I have a master of perspective and the big days.,This can easily go to the second pulse,The current realm is a seven-star harvesting Dan.,The power is again doubled, and it is expense.。”Lin Feng sizes。
“even so,Also very against the sky,You can master the third realm within a short time,It’s very can’t afford it.,In the future。”Love,Even now, this achievement will make others struggle for a lifetime.。
Even in millions of martial arts practitioners,There are not a few struggles to this point.。
“Maybe。”Lin Feng Road。

Social attention is very high。

In such a situation,Domestic Chinese medicine,Have to fight。
So,The focus of society is getting higher and higher,Not only the TV station live broadcast,There are also dozens of large network media platforms broadcast。
Minglin is implicated,Not because he is a person。
In fact, in the workplace,Few people know his identity。
on the contrary,Although it is only forty years old,But in the medical field,It is also a lot of famous doctors.。
He is not only proficient in Western medicine,Very deep research on Chinese medicine practitioners,And in the field of the two,Have a major breakthrough。
Let Mingli are really famous,It has been diagnosed with the national leaders.。
This time the Chinese and Western Medicine,Ming is pushed to the stage。
Can you always go now,He also didn’t make a clear statement。
Various questions and dissatisfaction also come。
After he said,Smile,“Not that I don’t want to go,It is 50 patients.,Rely on the good news,80% accuracy……”
He shook his head。
Not for your own medical skills,But there are many uncertainties.。
Toned,His look looks http://www.yiyangfangchanwang.cn forward to,“Xiao Tian,Your medical skill must be very high.?”
“I still have to say it。”
Summer has no reason,“The old uncle wants me to fight.?”
“Yes,If you go,I’ll go as well,Let’s join hands,Kill the dog。”
Summer meditation,“When is the ring??”
“Three days later。”
Summer lifts the head,Conscientiously,“Uncle,I am not sure if I have time?,if so,I am going with you.。”
“Waiting for you this sentence。”
Ming I can’t help but take a palm,“Now there is time,Our grandfather exchanges exchanges and exchanges Chinese medicine experience。”
“it is good。”
for the rest of the time,Four people have fun,Atmosphere is quite harmonious and harmonious。
Ordinary until 6 pm,Xia Xue called the phone,Let summer take Liu Qingqing to participate in banquets。
The two bid farewell to the father and Minglong,Leave http://www.sasann.cn the old house again,Straight Ben Jing’an private club。
Jingan Private Club,One of the four generals of Beijing。
It is also the only private club in China in China.。
Most of this is the house of the prince of the Qing Dynasty.,Blue brick,Carved beam,Palace lamp,Entroy,Let people go back to the ancient intentions of the Royal Golden Jade Bowl。
This banquet,Northern Land Group。
More straightforward,This banquet is a dusty。
As one of the three beautiful capital,Dusty fairy not only has a peerless face,The influence is second only to Summer Red Clothing。
Young people who are invited in Beijing will participate,Even if you are invited,Will also send a gift,It’s so so that the dust is known to have such a person.。
Today is the days of the establishment of the Nordi Group……Or,Is a day worth celebrating。
Because in three days ago,The entire Northern Land has been included in the Northern Land Group。
Originally, all the land and entertainment venues of Xiao Xinyu,They have been done in the hands。


Golden fine sand flows with the wind,Topography change。
I get away from the car horses,Stay away from the hutter,Summer is alone in the desert。
He has already gone near all day,But still did not encounter the natural disaster such as dust storm。
Decided to continue。
The danger of the desert does not have to say。
Long walking,Will make people forget the changes in space。
A golden color,As if walking in the end of the world。
Occasionally a big wind blow,The sky of Huangsha covering the sky。
Golden http://www.fanhaodaquan.cn dunes instantly,Into the moment,Strange appearance in another direction。
After the wind,The desert is like a piece of artful artwork,exquisite、peaceful,Endless danger。
Even if you don’t meet the dust storm of the natural disaster level,Summer also feels the greatness of nature。
It is not the ability to fight.。
Don’t say what is your strength.,In front of the power of nature,Everything is so small。
Even if he also fell a few times。
Most dangerous,He caught a wide range of flourish sands,The square is collapsed two kilometers.。
If he does not respond in time,Rely on the speed of people,Almost funeral。
During the day,The temperature here is very high,But at night,It is a sudden drop of temperature。
Summer is like suffering,Step by step。
On the third day,Finally, I met a very violent dust storm.。
Huangshalian,Heavenly yellow sand,Shake the sky and sunshine,As if the end of the world is nearly near。
Heaven and earth,Windy roar,Feisha peers dance in the sky,瘴 瘴 天,Stalk。
There is no boundaries in the sky,Normally。
As http://www.qeqts.cn if the sky is angry,Tear everything in the dark。
Walking here in the summer。
Even if he opens a whole body machine,Trying to integrate into the storm,But it is also difficult。
Even if he suffocator,It’s soon defeated the sand of the sky.。
At the end,His whole person was involved in a thick tornado,Volume on the sky。
He is like a rooted straw,It was involved in the end of the world,In the wind of helping,Float。
Breaky tore,There is also a dense sandstone hit, like a heavy rain, never stop。
There is also a big pressure,Make the capillaries on the surface of the summer skin crackled。
He was rolled out half,I don’t know how many blood is spit out.。
But,Summer face is still ancient。
He closed his eyes,Still attempting,Integrate into the outside environment with gas machine。
Countless http://www.120asd.cn failed,Countless times。
finally,He stabilizes the center of gravity in the air。
And with the huge spinning of the huge spins on the ground。
Powerful,Let your mind become peaceful。
Try again,Let yourself under this environment,Entering the essential situation。